Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snapshots of the last week of 2011

1. I had dinner with my buddy Cameron. We discussed, in great length, all the things we want to do with our lives. There were just so many great things to do that  Cam exclaimed, "It's so awesome I just hate it!" Yes, that is how we should feel about life. Thumbs up.

2. This afternoon I was grumpy. Ya'll know I hate New Years' Eve. All I wanted was to shower and do my fingernails and toenails. ALL I wanted. So I showered and then sat down to pamper. And you know what? I was out of nail polish remover. The worst. So I had to get dressed. And get a little ready. And I went to the store. And bought some nail polish remover. And then came home and polished and glittered until I was happy. The end.

3. The annual Spainhower family Christmas party was last night. I have been informed, don't you worry, that Christmas is over, and that I should call it a "holiday" party, but whatever. The party was as awkward, familiar, and silly as ever, but a lot of people were missing. Which was sad (namely Shawn and Anna, Stephanie, Uncle Kerry, and Andrew and Mallory). But a long-lost uncle showed up. With his new girlfriend (who looked severely young. I asked my aunt how old she was and she said, "um, about 10. hahahaha). And a baby. It took quite some undercover interrogation to discover whether or not the baby, let's call him Eduardo, was long-lost uncle's or not. He isn't. Anyway, little Eduardo liked to run into the center of the gift exchange circle and do little dances. This earned him this comment, from Elise: "Eduardo is my favorite cousin." Elise, apparently, isn't super fond of her other cousins, who have been around for years.

4. My hatred for any type of jelly or jam was renewed on Thursday at lunch. I got a grilled turkey, swiss, and cranberry sandwich at the cafeteria. Little did I know that there was also some sort of orange jelly on the sandwich. I gagged and almost puked. It was nasty. I tried to eat it, I swear. But I couldn't. And I tried to scrape off the jelly. Couldn't do that either.

5. Tuesday evening was spent in a haze of tv shows. That I have sworn never to watch again. Because I get too sucked in. And it doesn't feel healthy. Favorite quote from said tv show: "It's like I'm in a boy band, and I'm the fat one." -brother "It's pronounce Fatone." -sister

6. Whenever I need feminine inspiration I watch Legally Blonde. It happens, oh, maybe twice a year. Today is one of those days. And you know what? I want to go to law school just so I can say, "Am I on glue or did we get into the same law school?" when someone thinks I'm being dumb or ridiculous. I want to be an Elle Woods champion. And I want to wake up to that "Perfect Day" song EVERY morning.

7. I'm sick of 90% of my music. Well, probably more like 99%. My week was spent trying to enjoy what I have. My purchased list has gone cold. There hasn't been anything new and great to download recently. I settled in on The Killers by Wednesday, and semi-enjoyed "Smile Like You Mean It" and "Jenny Was A Friend of Mine" for three days.

8. I came back to Provo from St. George on Tuesday. I had to drive all the way to Fashion Place Mall to drop off my grandma. I got my first glimpse (but did not go inside) of the first H&M in Utah. I still curse at the fact that I haven't been to that store yet. Sheesh. Anyway, Stephanie had to get some make-up at the beautiful semi-new Nordstrom, so I HAD to go inside... in my traveling clothes. With no makeup. And kind of dirty hair. It was an atrocity. That store is very shiny. And full of shiny people in beautiful attire, with pretty hand bags and perfect hair. And then there was Audrey. Ick. Never again.

9. Sunday was Christmas. And it was lovely. Andrew and Mallory were in town and they hung out with us most of the day. I got a straightener and HELLO a sewing machine. And on Monday I sewed an apron. IT SCREAMS AUDREY when you see it. It's blue and white striped seersucker fabric with a big bright yellow pocket. Can you get more Audrey than that? I don't think so. Let me tell you, though, my mother is a miracle. She never uses patterns. Not like aprons are hard to sew anyway, but we just cut out what we wanted and sewed it together, and the apron is adorable.

Happy 2011.

Friday, December 23, 2011

JB and Stevie

Is it a problem if I think his diamond earrings are kind of hot? It's reminiscent of JT circa 2000. Just saying.

More please.

I went to the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour presented by Cirque du Soleil last night. And so begins my detailed exposition.

1. IT WAS WAY TOO LOUD. A lot of the time. Sometimes, though, the too-loudness was enlightening. It really was a different experience listening to Michael at that heightened volume. Let's put it this way: Michael used to record his music, and then everyone would leave the studio because he liked to jam to his demos SO LOUD that no one else could stand the loudness. He liked to feel the room vibrate. So, maybe, last night I got a little taste of what Michael heard, or wanted to hear, when he recorded his songs. And for that, I loved the loudness. I could feel it. And honestly, it sounded a little bit different than I was used to. It's like I could hear different tones and qualities in his voice. It was amazing.

2. There was not nearly enough Michael in the show. Sure, the whole thing was set to his music. And there were moments that were very tribute-esque. And a lot of the choreography (like for Smooth Criminal, Beat It, and Thriller), was exactly how Michael did it. But really, I would have loved a lot more Michael on the screen. A lot more of him. The best parts of the show were the ones where Michael was the most prevalent--- well, that may be a lie. But that's because it was a circus show. The most amazing parts were the ones where the trapeze people did the craziest stunts. But my favorite parts of the show were the ones that were Michael heavy. There was a moment when Speechless turned into Will You Be There, and I didn't know if I could take anymore without throwing up from amazingness. Stephanie screamed involuntarily and her arms flopped around in the air like, I can't take this anymore! It's too much! (In a good way). It all just kept getting better and better, but really, I could have watched a video montage of Michael (like the one at the beginning of the show) and been happy with my $60 ticket. That's how much I enjoyed the Michael in the show. And there should have been more of him.

3. The show started out kind of slow, and honestly, I was a little bit excited for it to be over, so I could drive home and then pretend it was awesome and tell everyone about it (kind of like I'm telling about it now, except there is no pretending going on. I promise). But there was point where I got lost. Totally lost. And unaware of time or anything around me. That's what a good show/movie/whatever is supposed to do. Involve you so much that you are lost. I don't know at what point this happened--- but I do know that when "Gone Too Soon" played and I thought the show was going to end, I felt a distinct sense of loss. I wasn't ready for it to end. Good thing they pulled a Return of the King and had like 4 fake endings, and the show didn't end for a while, because I probably would have lost it if it actually ended then. The show ended on Man in the Mirror, and it's like Michael said in This is It; "you have to be completely nourished by it." And I was. But then it ended and my mom broke the 18th cardinal rule of Audrey. She actually spoke the words, "so what did you think? Did you like it?" MOTHER! YOU HAVE TO LET IT SIMMER! It is impossible for someone to have a developed, reliable opinion on something that they just saw-- when they don't even know what they just saw yet! Here's a hint: NEVER ask me if I liked a movie RIGHT when it ends. I at least need to sit through the credits and gather my wits before I can say anything. And I don't want to hear your opinion either-- it will force me to make a premature decision about whatever it is that I just saw. Sitting in silence is much preferred in this situation, or else conversation about something totally unrelated is acceptable. Luckily, when my mother asked this illegal question, Stephanie forcefully slammed it down--"mother! Audrey doesn't want to talk about it yet! Don't you know her?"

4. But I do have an opinion now. It was fantastic. And I got the chills multiple times. And I didn't want it to end. And it was too loud, and there should have been more Michael. But Earth Song was incredible. Smooth Criminal took my breathe away. Dangerous was mesmerizing. I thought I was going to faint during I'll Be There. During Human Nature there were aerialists with light up suits that changed colors. During Beat It there was a human-sized glittery glove on the stage that came to life and danced. And I am going to make one just like it for Halloween next year. I almost shed a tear during Childhood. I Just Can't Stop Loving You was one of those moments where you wonder how what you are seeing is possible (involving two aerialists that held each other up with one rope 30 feet in the air).

5. Last, they used a lot of the same footage and concepts that are featured on This Is It. Which means that they did a lot of stuff the way it was planned to be done during the actual concert series in 2009. Which means that this was the closest I could ever possibly get to actually attending those shows that never happened. So that was amazing. It was cool to see the whole scenes that were just hinted at in the movie. Incredible.

So I loved it. But I did have this nagging, mournful feeling at the back of my throat for most of the show. I just wish that I could have seen him perform live. I just wish that I could have.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"he just keeps slamming dunks!"

Please oh please give me children like this kid!!!!

Glambert is the 3 P's


I love pop music. This is kind of why. A little techno. A little glam. A little operatic. And a lot of synth. The only thing we're missing is a classic blend of funk and soul.

This song was brought to you by Dr. Luke.... and Glambert, of course.

And check that album artwork. A masterpiece.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

And so it goes.

1. I took a personality test once (okay, I've taken more than one personality test...), and one of the results told me that I, "enjoyed planning things more than actually executing them."

I gasped at the truthfulness of this statement. And at that point (it was probably several years ago), I was very much a planner who never carried out the plans. I thought about things that I could plan. I thought about all the fun things I could do. I made lists... all day. 

I still do that. I make lists of things to do-- parties to have-- specific plans for things. Vacations to take, future careers, characteristics of my future husband or children. Things I will do as a mother, things I want to do in my life before I die, stories I want to write, hobbies I want to have, how I will decorate my house, etc. 

And I derive so much joy from the plans. From the lists. 

So much joy, in fact, that I don't need to see most of the plans come to fruition. It's called imagination, people. And I have it. And it always looks way better in my head than it will in real life. If I never carry out said plans, I will never be disappointed. And I will be protected. And safe. And very, very happy. 

2. Do not cover the King of Pop. You will fail.

Very rarely have I heard a good Michael cover. Very rarely. I happen to remember one in history. ever. It was David Cook's "Billie Jean" on American Idol in 2008. And it was only good because it was different enough. And because David Cook has little bit of style. It was a magic moment.


I just got done watching the X Factor tribute to Michael Jackson. All the contestants performed MJ songs, and I think that my opinion of their performances can be best summarized through the faces of Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson, who were in attendance of the show.
I particularly appreciate Blanket's reaction. He's like, "what is going ON??"
And he is bored stiff. adorable.
3. I am currently sitting alone in my apartment, fighting the urge to watch tv on netflix; something that  I've been doing a little bit too much recently. I'm also fighting the urge to eat everything I can see. I want chocolate, I want candy. And I also want friends. All my roommates are gone for Christmas, which would explain why I am sitting alone on a Sunday evening-- Sunday is usually the busiest, most social day of the week. But Provo has been abandoned. I can see a once chuck-full parking lot looking pretty lonely outside my window. And the sky looks grey, as if it is going to cry because BYU is no longer in session and the clouds can't look down at all the happy, smiling BYU kids. I'm still here, you clouds!!! Smile at me!!! Or better yet, run away and leave the sun to warm Provo up to a good 90 degrees so I can skip work tomorrow and lay out all day. That would be rad. I'm leaving for St.G on Wednesday night. And I am excited... most particularly for Thursday night, which is totes going to be awesome....

4. Because guess what??!?!?!?!?!! I'm going to the Cirque du Soleil MICHAEL JACKSON IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR SHOW!!!! I'm so excited I will probably pee my pants. And then lose my voice from screaming.... before the show even starts.

5. So..... prediction. Matt Carlino is going to be BYU basketball's new "it boy." It'll take a couple of years, but it'll happen. The kid is going to be a big deal.

6. Also, Jimmer scored 21 points in his preseason NBA debut. Just saying.

7. Dearest Timmy Tebow, thank you for playing on my fantasy team this year. And thank for scoring 26 points today. And thank you making religion cool to those outside Mormon world because every guy thinks you are rad and every girl thinks you are hot. Because you are. a babe. Love, Audrey

Hello Tim Tebow. You look like you are having a very nice day.

That is all. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 years

5 years ago, today, my big brother came home from his mission. This morning (at like 6:20 am), while on the bus to work, I saw the date on my phone, and texted him right away.

He tried to act surprised that I remembered the date--- and honestly, I doubt that he remembered. 

But I counted down the days until November 16, 2006 like a mad woman. I told him, this morning, that this day, 5 years ago, was one of the best days of my life. It really was. I missed by big brother more than I can say. It was one of those painful things that you are obligated to be happy about-- he was doing the right thing, but I just wanted him to come home!

I remember one night while he was one his mission-- about 3 months before he came home-- he called. It was midnight. I answered the phone and FREAKED OUT. He was calling because he had really bad asthma. And he was scared because he couldn't breathe. So he called to talk to my mom. She told him what to do. 

I missed my brother so much that night. 

And  frankly, I missed him a lot all the time. I wrote him more than anyone else did. And that is the truth. Every week. Sometimes twice. Or three times. I just always had so much to say. Unfortunately, (yes, I've already shed tears about this) I used my email account to email him so that I could do it at school (during graphics class). And then when I graduated.... my account disappeared. And so did the emails. Oh that just makes me so mad. SO MAD. But I do still have quite a few of them from my hotmail account. I'm just going to paste a small sample below. These emails were a constant confirmation that Andrew was the still crazy, random banana brain that is my brother. But I could see a change for the better, too. You'll see what I mean. :)

May 23, 2005
"im so proud of you for throwin water on innocent bystanders.  i hope you ran away really fast.  did you know my friends and i used to pull up to red lights and throw water balloons in peoples cars?  but that was the apostate andrew.  now i'm saint andrew.  the hurricanes are coming next month. oodillaly how exciting."

And that would be the whole email.  The WHOLE thing. But I loved it. It's SO Andrew.

And then, 
April 17, 2006
"...thats why knowing of something greater and more constant is so important.  thats why missions are awesome.  i would love to write you a quote about that so you could use it in your graduation speech but it would be too religious and not politically correct.  how are you coming with ideas about that anyway.  im so excited for you.  dont let yourself get nervous.  get up their knowing that you as an individual are so much greater than the situation you are in.  and for the rest of your life you will be able to look back and smile on the memory know matter what is said.  give a speech of hope on a topic that your whole class can relate to.  unity, hope, and memories are the keys.  if you can relay a message that brings a feeling of unity into the gymnasium then youve done an excellent thing.  gotta run"
This is why I love my brother. Anyway, for some reason, I just wanted to share. I try to tell people how great Andrew is, but nobody really gets it, because they are not his sister. Every girl needs a big brother to take care of her, and I'm just so glad that God gave me Andrew.  And I'm just so glad, that exactly 5 years ago, he came home to his family, safe and sound, having served the Lord so well. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

So I have this roommate

Her name is Lorina Lee Binning. And she is cool. And she just bought a fantastic camera that I have taken advantage of several times since she spent her savings on it.

A couple of weeks ago we did a photo shoot in Provo Canyon. Lorina already posted her favorites of these on her blog, but these are MY favorites.

I have adorable roommates, you guys. I just love them. But don't worry Rachelle, Lene, Dani, Andrea, Kaitlin, Ashley, Genevieve, Sarie, Ann, and Lynne, I still love you guys too. A lot.

hehe Meghan. We are sharing a funny joke without you.

Halloween is more fun all the time.

When you are a young adult/college student, Halloween is the best day of the school year (except for maybe reading days and the DAY AFTER finals are over. And except the first day of school. Because I love that day. And probably big athletic events. And other days. But anyway.)

Since I graduated from high school I have had a BLAST at Halloween. Freshman year me, Moe, and Jen made my favorite costumes of all time. We even went trick or treating. That may or may not have been a good idea for 18 year olds. Junior year my roommates and I were Greek goddesses, and is a blast and a half. Last year we threw a bomb party, that I think it might be my favorite party of all time.

AND THEN THIS YEAR. We threw another party. And it rocked. It was even bigger and better than last year (except I think I actually had more fun last year... but whatever).

Instead of posting a million pictures... you should just check out the album on facebook. It's open to the public... because there are so many millions of people in the album that I don't know. I had to make it available for everyone. So anyway... here's the link.

But how about a tasty preview?
Juliet, Gypsy Woman, Sandy, Marilyn

This, again, was one of those parties that stressed me out to the max. I should have started preparing DAYS before I actually did, and I really did kind of have a panic attack the night before. At that point I was ready to get the party all set up and then just come home and go to bed, purposely missing the whole party. Thankfully, I didn't resort to that dramatic refusal of fun. But really. I was anxious about everything. I always am. But then it's always worth it. And so much fun. And really, the only reason everything even worked out was because of the amazing friends that I have. Joey, Meg, Lorina, Edward, Ben, Drake, Mike, Rachel, Sara, Dawna, etc. helped so much. So amazing. I love them. :)

Peace and blessings. Peace and blessings.

A Media Update. Because that's what I'm good for.

1. I realized, today, that you all are probably just DYING to know what I have to say about "Under the Mistletoe." haha. Well, the diagnosis is good. I think that the album is just perfectly everything that I wanted it to be. It's Bieber at his finest. Some of my favorites are "Only Thing I Ever Get This Christmas" (I'm just going to say that the Bieber is growing up...), "Christmas Eve" (sweet sweet R&B), and "Christmas Love." They are some of the many original songs on the album. The standout cover on the album is "Santa Claus is Coming To Town," and it's stand-out quality is due largely to its reminiscence of the Jackson 5 ("shake it shake it baby...") ALSO, I think that every track EXCEPT ONE says the word, "mistletoe" at least once, which is hot, and frankly, it's what Justin Bieber is all about. My comments on the recent paternity accusations? I'm ignoring the whole thing... until after he takes the test next week. THEN, if he's guilty, there will be some more ignoring. If he's innocent (which I'm betting my copy of "Under the Mistletoe" he is), then I will not shut up about that horrible woman who accused sweet Bieber of such an atrocious thing. And I'll write some nasty letters or something. Or else just tweet a bunch of condolences to JB until I get a retweet. The end.

2. I've been watching The Cosby Show like crazy for about the last two weeks-- since I realized that seasons 1 through 8 are available instantly on Netflix. Holy. That is amazing, right? So in this one episode, Theo goes to the store and picks up a very expensive designer shirt for his upcoming date. Cliff freaks out a little and exclaims, "No 14-year-old boy should have a 95 dollar shirt unless he is on stage with his 4 brothers!" I love that Heathcliff Huxtable.

3. I currently love The Script. They are an Irish band. And they are hot. and did I say Irish? And I melt away into a puddle of nothing every time I hear their current single, aptly named, "Nothing."

4. HOLY CRAP. I'm excited about this movie. And I hesitate posting the trailer here because I'm kind of a weirdy, and this book (and many other books) are such private, emotional, and personal experiences for me that I have a hard time sharing it with the world. Like, I kind of want to see the movie by myself so that whoever I am with can't taint the experience. I think I'll like the movie, though. I have a very poor track record with "books into movies," but this one appears to be everything I hoped it would be. And if not, I'll silently cry myself to sleep and never speak the words "Hunger Games" again in my lifetime. I'll just secretly maintain my devotion to those wonderful books, and write editorials in my head about why it's so good and what it could all mean. I think I should clarify, though, that on Audrey's Scale of Book Loveability, Harry Potter is like 1,000,000 lbs of importance and Hunger Games is like 1,000. They are very uneven--which is why I am even going to attempt seeing this movie (well, and because of this bomb trailer). So... after all the disclaimer and description.... enjoy.

5. I realized today that there is very nearly only one certainty in life. No matter how much EVERYONE hates them, Nickelback WILL ALWAYS manage to have a new song on the radio. Or an old song. Or any song. But you cannot escape them ever. And no matter how much I loathe that man's voice, I still find myself singing along at times (I'm telling you- inescapable), and somehow, it's comforting.

I think that's all.

Oh wait. RIHANNA-- you may have finally fell off the deep of the "too creepy for Audrey" scale with the video for "We Found Love." Buttttttt.......I'm still excited for your new album. Which comes out next week.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beyonce and Bieber

My two new favorites:

Pottermore Update

Uh, it's awesome, and ya'll should be counting down the days until you can join (except that would be really hard, because there isn't a specific date... the beta time was just extended. So. sorry.)

Anyway, I got a wand and everything. It's Unicorn Hair, Rowan wood, 11 inches long. I'm not going to lie-- I was a little sad about the unicorn hair. I mean, who doesn't want a Phoenix feather? I know I did. But then I thought about unicorns, and realized that they are really cool too. And no everyone can have everything that Harry has. Or else then it wouldn't be special. So I'm happy.

The vague "everything" referred to in the latter paragraph includes, most dramatically, the house I was sorted into. If you get on facebook at all, you would have seen that I was placed in the lovely house of Helga Hufflepuff. And I speak honestly when I say "lovely." I truly am proud to be a Hufflepuff. I know that it is generally the house that is cast aside and throw out as boring, lame, stupid, and "the house for all the leftovers" who aren't that smart, brave, or ambitious. BUT, Hufflepuffs are the pure in heart. They are the good ones. The ones that are kind and helpful to everyone (ex. Cedric Diggory). And as Cedric points out in the Very Potter Musical on YouTube (which is hardly canon, might I add), "Hufflepuffs are good finders!" So I'm proud to be a good one. And Hufflepuff colors are yellow and black. And yellow is my favorite, duh. PLUS, I know where the Hufflepuff Common Room is (exactly!), and YOU DON'T!

That is all.

Post #264

1. What twitter is good for: Lord_Voldemort7 and Justin Bieber tweets. Why? Who doesn't want endless comparisons between Harry Potter, Mean Girls, and the actual world like they are the same thing? Sporadic comments about "Sparkly Cedric" are also appreciated. And JB? One heart. It's all about the retweets from adoring, obsessive fans who express their undying love daily. And the constant updates on JB's news, and, oh, he doesn't forget to thank his fans and tell them he loves them at least 8 times a day.

2. I think Justin Timberlake is trying to EGOT. He has like 4 Emmys and 6 Grammys. And now he's working on an Oscar (I would conjecture). As much I as I WOULD LOVE to buy another album with his name on it, I want my boy JT to have a shiny silver EGOT necklace just like Tracy Jordan's.

3. If there is one thing I miss about the years 2006-2010 (besides my byu career), it's Hannah Montana.  No longer are there new catchy musical messages to teach girls confidence, hard work, sticktoitiveness, and self-appreciation. If I ever get mad at Moriah for something, she responds, "Nobody's perfect, you live and you learn it." I miss Hannah, and I miss the old Miley.

4. Joe Jonas creeps me out these days. If you haven't seen the "Just In Love" video, don't watch it. I hate it. The Jonas Brothers were partially so great because they wore chastity rings. They would talk about their promise to be chaste and to wait until marriage. Joe, I think, breaks promises. It's disgusting.

5. Brandon Flowers. I am not a professed Killers fan, but I do love Mr. Brightside (it made the list of top 100 songs of the 2000's!), When You Were Young, Human, and Spaceman. I have followed the band throughout the years. And, well, this video is just cool.

6. Oh football season, please never end.

7. Moriah is a tennis star. For real, though. She should win all sorts of awards for looking adorable in a tennis skirt.

8. I went to St. George a couple weeks ago and it was heavenly. So heavenly.

9. Jimmer's Allstar game. I have to admit; I was overly excited to go see Jimmer, I was almost equally excited to see Kemba Walker. I don't know why, but I just think that he is cool. And for real, he had swagger. He was a crowd pleaser. You could see the charisma dripping off of him. Anyway. I went to the game with my favorite Mike Poulson. The boy loves Jimmer more than anyone I know, and is hilarious.

9. Um, Cornbellys? Why have I never been to this place before this year? You GUYS!! It is a blast. It's like beautiful fall and festival fun and cute boys and scary things all wrapped into one. And I think that hay rides are unreasonably fun.

Who is that creeper in the back? Oh wait. We know him.

creepin in the corn.

this is my scared face... yeah. fail.

Photo-ops are in my top 10 favorite things.
Soooooooooooooo. that's a catch up.

And next week is halloween. Which means that I'm having a party. GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Old Maid's Day

(I recently realized that I have a bunch of unfinished drafts of blog posts... so I'm going to publish some of them. This was written in June of this year.)

So I like to throw parties. In a series of fortunate events I learned that June 4 is Old Maid's Day. I decided that there was only one way to celebrate such a great holiday that commemorates so many of my favorite people. Because, you know, if more people celebrated Old Maid's Day maybe it would be more worth it to be an Old Maid. (ps, I don't actually think I am an old maid. But I love in Provo for crying out loud).

Anyway. That one way to celebrate was a monster girl party. The exclusive facebook invite looked a thing or two like this:

So guess what.

June 4th is officially Old Maid's Day (according to some random website I found like 2 months ago).

In Provo world, many of us are old maids. Or even if we are not old maids, we like to have girl parties.

So. Come for girl foods (aka chocolate, ice cream, buttery buttery popcorn, cutie cupcakes, and a veggie tray to make us feel less guilty), girl movies (aka She's the Man, Mean Girls, and/or How to Lose a Guy in 10 days), and lots of gossiping. Come with all your juice (preferably about cute boys).

And the most important part: this party is. a. secret.

It's an exclusive bash. "It's just for a couple of cool people and you better be one of them bio***." (guess)

Bring your pajamas, blankets for comfort and sleeping, possibly your mattress, food, and other necessaries.


I'm so funny.

So we had lotsa food (including chocolate chip cookie covered oreos. yep that's right) and lotsa Mean Girls and then lotsa gossip, which included a spectacular game of "truth or truth." Some of the best "truth" questions included, "who is your most embarrassing ward crush ever?" and "if you had to marry someone in the ward RIGHT NOW who would it be?" 

It was a blast, and after only 4 hours of sleep, all of us showed up at church all hyped up and ready to go.

Man. I love being single. 

Friday, September 23, 2011


I just got the welcome email from Pottermore. You guys. It's just as good and as cool and we thought it would be. I've just barely cracked the surface, and I'm trying to figure it out. But it's awesome. I cannot even handle it. And once I get my wand and get sorted, I'll be sure to tell ya'll about it.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Yeah, I don't know how either.

Usher. I usually don't like him that much. Except that I think he's just really cool. Like really cool.

Okay. So here's the kick. The reason why I love this song.

It reminds me of Michael.

Not the music. The voice. It's like Usher has been listening to Michael for the past year and been focused solely on trying to imitate Michael's vocal stylings. He has taken on some of the artistry that until today, I thought belonged only to Michael.

Respect, Usher. Respect.

That is all.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So I was at the gym the other day...

... And while on the elliptical, I almost peed my pants while watching Ellen. You guys, it's hilarious.

I was laughing my head off and all the people around were looking at me funny. But I didn't care, because it's just that hilarious.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wow it's been a long time

I think about blogging all the time. Really, I do. I walk around at work or at home or I'm on the bus and I think about what I want t blog about.... but for some reason, in the last month, the fingers to keyboard part has not happened. And it's like the longer I wait the more I have to say, and the more overwhelming it gets. So I'm going to do a sum-up of the last month or whatever, and then we're just going to move forward.

1. I moved out of my lovely home in Banbridge Square. It was more heartbreaking than expected. I really thought of that place as home. But now I live in Victoria Place II-- about a half a block away from BB. And I really do like the apartment. And I love my roommates (Meg, Lorina, and Rachel). But I sincerely miss Lene, Sarie, and Andrea. And I miss my Fivers. My ward. Anyway. Goodbye forever Banbridge. It was a great place to live--- my favorite as BYU by far. Two best best summers took place while living in Banbridge. And the other best summer (in DC), took place right before living in Banbridge. I've had a good couple of years, I think (minus student teaching, of course. But even that has it's merit. I like to think I'm a better person for having done it).
Lene's going away party.

2. Lene left forever. Well, I'll see her again. I have to. But she's student teaching in DC and a little part of me left with her. I tried to convince her to say, citing all of my reasons for hating student teaching, but she didn't listen to me. She's going to learn on her own that it is awful. haha.

3. My Fivers won the stake kickball tournament. We won it last year too. We are so stinking cool I can't even stand it.
Kickball champions. We're holding up fives because we're the fivers. We rock.

4. We kind of hiked Mt. Timp. When I say kind of I mean that we didn't actually get to the top this year. Well, most of the group did. There were 19 of us, and the wise and happy 6 stayed behind in the meadow and then headed down early to go to the pool. It was lovely. I have to admit that I was exhausted and a little bit miserable and didn't want to take another step, but I could have (which is evidenced by last year's hike of Mt. Timp that I lovingly compared to climbing Mt. Doom into Mordor. See THIS post). And really, without finishing the whole thing, the hike didn't knock me out for the next three days like it did last year. I actually came home, went to the pool, took a nap, and was good to go. And I still completed like a 14 mile hike! That's already an accomplishment. And it was very beautiful.
the losers who came down early.

me and my pal Sara. We're excited. Meghan gave me that cute flower.


5. I still love my job. But I love it a lot more when I get lots of good sleep. I have a hard time going to bed on time. big surprise. At first I just loved going to bed because I was so excited about the next day of work (plus, nothing too exciting was going on anyway). But the month of August was particularly hard. I didn't get to bed until after midnight a lot of the month (which is very, very bad when you have to get up between 5:30 and 5:50). I barely survived on 5 hours of sleep a night, but slept on the bus there and back. Let me tell you a bad story: sleeping on the bus is one of the more miserable things in life. Here is a simple equation to summarize the wretchedness: tiredness so complete that keeping your eyes open is self-imposed torture and you want to cry+no place to rest your head except the window, which is greasy from the head of the last person who tried to sleep there in addition to being made of hard glass, and somehow exceptionally sensitive to the jolts and bumps of the bus that is moving at (hopefully) 65 mph in the carpool lane+excessive stopping and starting due to rush hour traffic+the large stinky man sitting next to you+the bags, jacket, lunch, etc., that you are trying to balance on your lap. It's not a good experience. SO. The conclusion that rational thought leads us to: SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT SO YOU CAN STAY AWAKE ON THE BUS AND DO PRODUCTIVE THINGS LIKE READ YOUR SCRIPTURES OR CONFERENCE TALKS OR ANY ONE OF THE 4 NOVELS THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FINISH FOR LIKE 4 MONTHS. Yeah, I'm working on that. So anyway, I love my job. I've really been thinking about hurrying up and getting my masters so I can move up in the library-- work in collection development or something and do real archive work. I miss processing. I miss doing the research and the writing. And holy heck, I miss school (see below).

5. Even though I still live in Provo and am desperately clinging to any semblance of my old BYU life as a student, I am left out of BYU world (for good reason), and that makes me very sad and very nostalgic. Sometimes I drive around Provo and just look at all the buildings-- virtually everything withing a 2 mile radius of BYU is labeled "cougar" or "byu" something or other, or else students live there-- and I remember what it was like when I was new to this world. I was still a very excellent student who did all her homework with great care and precision, who went to bed at like 10 and didn't do things with friends on week nights, and spent weekends doing homework. I was stressed, but I loved it. And do you know what I loved the most? The thing that I noticed the very most about this new world that I was immediately sucked into? That everyone was kind of like me. Everyone cared about school and grades, at least to some extent. It was such a drastic change from Dixie that I was in awe of these hordes of students who all went to class and who all did their homework with the same vim and vigor that I did. The library was FULL of students studying and reading and writing papers and I was amazed. I was so happy to be part of a world where I felt I belonged. And do you know what they did to this girl who loved BYU so much? They kicked her out. They made her graduate and supposedly move on to bigger and better things. I'm supposed to "go forth and serve" And I think I have. And I will. I'm loving life now-- working at the church--  but I still miss school. I miss it a lot. I want to get food in the Cougareat and then eat it in the terrace while watching CNN and doing the sudoku from the Daily Universe that day. I want to read the police beat and run into random people on campus that I kind of know but kind of don't. I want to walk by all those annoying dancer people in the wilk and then go to the bookstore and look through the journals (for the 4th time in a week) and the YA books (which I always knew more about than the girls that worked there), and then buy one of the delicious cookies from the candy counter that were only 33 cents and if you bought 10 then you got one for free. I want to take fliers from the hot rugby boys and then go to their games. I want to go to class and take lots of notes and use highlighters and post-it notes. And I want to spend reading days and finals weeks at the library for hours and hours and take breaks only for meals, three times a day. I want to make my own schedule all day every day and have group meetings and big projects and horribly annoying but kind of awesome papers to write. I want to do my reading and take breaks in the sampler room of the library to either take a nap or read my favorite parts of a Tennis Shoes Adventure Series book. I want to laugh at the annoying couples in the library, and I want to whiz right past all the people in line for computers and use the secret computers and printers that only the experiences BYUers know about. I want a hot bread and honey butter from the sugar and spice, and I want to walk to devotional, and I want to eat lunch on the grass and observe the quill and the sword club. I want to walk up to campus in the terrifying but magical snow. There is hardly anything more peaceful than an early morning walk to campus on untouched snow with light flurries still falling around you. Heck I loved being a student at byu.

 6. We went to Rachel's fairy tale cabin for a night. With probably too many people. But there was lots of flirting and eating of delicious food. And it was fun.
I can't see this picture without cracking up. Why are we all hiding behind Meg? And Seth and Drake-- what are you even doing back there?

7. Paul FINALLY took me sailing. It was magical. There should be another word that means the same thing as magical but better to describe sailing. I knew I would love sailing. I already knew that I love boats and water and sun and everything happy, and sailing could just easily be added to the list. Thanks for taking me Paul!! You're the best.

whoa excited.

8. Last Monday was Labor Day and me and Meg had a very full day. The Schedule included: hike to Stuart Falls, 7Peaks for the last time this calendar year, Volleyball, Sailing, and then the NFL fantasy draft party. Yes, I have a fantasy team this year. I've been wanting to do it for years, and this year when I was invited into a league with all sorts of cute boys, I finally committed to doing it. And let me tell you what, that draft was one of the more stressful things I've experienced since student teaching. We just took turns picking players, but it moved so fast, and I had to reevaluate my picks all the time, and I wasn't really sure what was going on anyway, that it turned out to be very... exhausting. But I'm excited. I got me some great runningbacks, a fabulous tight end, and very strategic receivers, qbs, and team defense. It's gonna be awesome.
stuart falls.

9. My friend Christopher took me to a concert. But not just any concert. A Parachute-Michelle Branch-GOO GOO DOLLS concert. So he mostly went to see Parachute. One of his buddies from home is their roadie. But holy heck, I went for the Goos. I don't know if you remember, but I love them. Mostly I love "Iris." When they played that song I practically had a spiritual experience. It is one of the best songs of our generation, and I will stand by that statement until the day I die.

the goo goo dolls man. who has the voice of an angel.

10. Also, I just realized I am so dumb. I have not even blogged about the 4th of July, or anything that happened in July for that matter. Maybe I'll just post some pictures, and you'll have to take my word for it that July was amazing, as per usual.
we sat outside during the stadium of fire to watch david archuleta. It was awesome.

11. I loved this summer. I am still so happy to be back in Provo, and so happy to never have to student teach again. I talked to Lene for like an hour today and she had very similar complaints about student teaching that I did. This just reaffirms my suspicion that student teaching is awful all the time. HATE.

12. You guys. The Church Office Building cafeteria is Disneyland for adults. I went there for the first time last week. And now I want to go there everyday. Luckily I have a little bit of discipline and still bring my lunch... sometimes. But seriously. This place has everything you could want or imagine and it is SO CHEAP. And by cheap I mean inexpensive but delicious. Some other great things about the cafeteria: 1) you can get there by going through the tunnels under temple square. I do it everyday. 2) An old guy plays the piano for all to hear while they enjoy their yummy food. 3) yummy food includes cookies and frozen yogurt. 4) there is a bar against the wall in the dining area, and there are newspapers hanging on the wall. People who sit in their desks all day stand at the bar and catch up on the national news. You can't get more productive than that. Man I love the Church. Plus all the people are just so jolly all the time. 

I don't remember what else I was going to write about, so I guess that's all!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm finally registered.

It took a couple of days, a lot of research on Mugglenet and (a new fansite for HP and other fandoms made by my friends at Mugglenet), a 3AM wake up call, a dash out of the center vault on the first floor following an informative tweet (I took my break early), a quiz question (that was easy), a changed URL, a Magical Quill, and finally, a confirmation email.

It was a process.

But I got in.

Now I just have to wait for the welcome email, which will come in the next couple of weeks, and will FINALLY allow me to view the site. I guess they did the welcome email thing to that everyone wouldn't try to log in at the same time and crash the site.

But can you tell? I'm excited. I want to read that bonus material!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My new job.

I love it. In fact, I love it so much that I kind of forgot that I have a blog. I am suddenly soooo busy. But good busy. Really good busy.

And now, I have something to say that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.


I go to bed at 10:30pm, and I LIKE IT!

I am at work or on a bus for 12 hours of my day, and I find so much fulfillment out of it, that I don't care. I come home and am literally awake for 4 hours before bed. But I feel healthy and good.

And that is my life.

And it's so great. 

Reasons why I love my job:

1. It doesn't involve students or teaching.
2. I get to hang out with senior and service missionaries all day. One of the young man service missionaries plays Lord of the Rings from his computer in the morning. It is my heaven.
3. There is a senior sister with fiery red hair that actually sticks out like flames. She never stops talking, and it wastes half my lunch time, but I love her.
4. I sit at my desk/cubicle for probably an average of 45 minutes per day. The rest of the time I am chilling (literally. at 55 degrees fahrenheit) in the vaults. There are 12 of them in the library. And it rocks.
5. I have amazing co-workers.
6. I have a name tag.
7. I get to say that I "work for the church."
8. I hang out on temple square before, during, and after work.
9. There are sometimes cute boys on the bus.
10. I love to organize things-- you know, put them in alphabetical or numerical order. I like to count things. I like to keep things straight and perfect. And that's what I do all day. Plus, they put me in charge of inventory of all archival supplies.
11. There are opportunities for growth. I can certify in certain areas and build my resume.

And the number 1 reason:

I am so sick of working for free its insane (internships and student teaching). And the best part about that is that I DON'T HAVE TO ANYMORE. Life is good. 

So last weekend I got my first pay check. 

First stop: TARGET.

I spent $100 on cosmetics, accessories, and dress pants in literally 30 minutes. It was the happiest 30 minutes of.... I don't know. the month. 

Second stop: I paid back all the people I borrowed money from (aka my family members. Thank you btw) to survive the last month or so.

Third stop: PASS OF ALL PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right. I am the proud owner of a pass of all passes to 7 peaks, Trafalga, and Orem Owlz and Utah Flash games. 

I can hear the fun train coming around the bend.

(yeah, so last Saturday, I went to the Mt. Timp Temple, 7 Peaks, Pizza Pie Cafe, and "Thor" at the dollar theater. It was a good day)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chris Brown

I feel like he's back to stay.

exhibit A: Justin Bieber collaboration.
exhibit B: the Joe Jonas song.
exhibit C: Michael Tribute. That rocks.

The backtrack, PS, is from 1983's "Human Nature." And part of the melody is even the same.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Excited for real now.

So... about a week ago I got a new job. A dream job. The exact job that I wanted, actually.

Drumroll please.

Starting on Monday, I will be working at the Church History Library in Salt Lake City.
notice: this building is kitty-corner from temple square and directly across the street from the Conference Center. Excellent location.


I first saw the posting for this job in March, late one Saturday night (when I say late, I mean like 1am), and I knew instantly: this is my job. MY JOB. 

So I applied, and within a week I had a phone interview. The interview went okay... but there were some timing problems. They needed me to start before graduation, and I wasn't even going to be back in Utah by then. 

I was actually a little bit relieved because I hadn't wanted to start working full-time immediately after student teaching. I needed a significant break. And a significant break I have had (try 2.5 months), during which I had great anxiety about getting a job and supporting myself. It's hard to carry out your big plans when you have no money. Seriously.

So I tried to get other jobs. Any job really....But one of the jobs I finally did get was at the church Vault in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I was really excited about that one. BUT. The guy at the library called me last week (before I was supposed to start at the vault) and said he had another spot open up that we wanted me to interview for. So I did. And I got the job. 

Dreams come true.

This is my testimony. Things will always work out. They can be stressful and confusing and give you great anxiety, but the Lord always provides a way. I'm just so grateful that everything has worked out this way. I have loved my time off, but I'm excited to get back to a schedule and start working. And you know what? I think I'm going to love this job.

So. Recap of an awesome yesterday.

1. Jimmer went to the Kings. As quoted by Andrew, "The sky just fell...looks like I'm now a Kings fan."
I for one, am please that he went to the Kings. I mean, I could have imagined a better possibility, but hey, what's wrong with the Kings? Andrew said they were one of the coolest teams ever, and that he was a fan when the Jazz were crappy post Stockton and Malone. So I'm a happy camper. I had a little convo with Andrew via text message yesterday:
Audrey: how are you feeling about Jimmer and the Kings?
Andrew: Terrible.
Audrey: Why?
Andrew: Jazz silly girl.
Audrey: No. We didn't want him at the Jazz. I didn't anyway. But do you have anything against the Kings?
Andrew: How could u possibly speak such a terrible treason?
Audrey: (thinking: woah. are we a wee bit dramatic, brother?) I wanted him to get outside of Utah a little bit. Plus I wanted a new nba team to like. But I don't know if I can like the Kings...
Andrew: He is from New York duppy lions! And one favorite nba team is plenty for a casual fan such as yourself! But the kings are one of the coolest teams in the nba.
Audrey: If the Kings are so cool, then what's the problem?
Audrey: Duppy lions?

end of conversation. 2 things: 1) where did duppy lions come from? and 2) does anyone else feel like this conversation was a little bit circular? Andrew. Why are you so mad about the Kings if they are such a cool team? You make no sense.

2. Pottermore. Yeah, so I set my alarm for 6:55am so I could get up and hear the announcement about Pottermore. And guess what it is? A new interactive Harry Potter website written by JK Rowling. It's going to include all the information that a published encyclopedia would have. I'm still holding out hope for an actual hard copy encyclopedia (dang it, I want one of those). And here's the kicker: the thing that makes me the most excited about it: that JK Rowling is actually going to devise the system that the sorting hat on the website will use to sort people into houses. Do you realize what this means? Everyone actually gets to be sorted FOR REAL. I'm so nervous. What if I get placed in the wrong house? What if I don't get placed in the house that I have been dreaming of since 2001? Again, I refer you to a texting conversation that took place yesterday, this time between my cousin Shawn and I. He is listed in my phone as "Slytherin Sirius."

Audrey: ...but I'm excited! Shawny, this means we get to be sorted for real!
Slytherin Sirius: have fun in Ravenclaw Pot-Pot. (he calls me Potter or Potty or Pot, or Pothead, or I guess, now, pot-pot)
Audrey: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Slytherin Sirius: haha. If you're not, the whole sorting can't be trusted.

Note to Slytherin Sirius: you will eat your words when JK Rowling herself puts me in Gryffindor.

check it out.

3. Lene's birthday: First thing in the morning: we started watching Armageddon, Lene's favorite movie. I had never seen it before, so it was a treat. Then Lene went to lunch at Communal by herself yesterday. I would have gone... but I have no money. But guess who she ran into at the restaurant? A certain Bachelorette jerk head from Utah and his little daughter. Yes. You guessed it. She saw him in person, and I could not be more jealous. I like want to go hang out in front of Communal just in case he comes back. That would rock.

Second, we went shopping and then to the Jimmer draft party with our ward... and then to dinner at Pizzeria 712 in Orem. Yummy margarita pizza please. I could eat one of those everyday. And Lene looked beautiful in her new birthday outfit! We went to Spark for drinks and dessert afterward and lounged on those sweet benches looking cool and gossiping. High class, right? It was a ton of fun (but did anyone else notice that there was no music playing in Spark? It was weird.)

Lene, you rock my world, and I am so glad we are roommates! I don't think I can survive without you in the fall. Who will I play truth or truth with (for hours on end)? Who will I count on to do sign language to the people in the other cars? Who will I turn to when I can't decide which of all the boys in the ward I would kiss (haha)? Let's face it, my life is going to be a lot less fun when you are gone.

So anyway, Happy Birthday. 

4. We forgot to pay our gas bill. oops.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The NBA Draft is on Thursday

Why do I care? Jimmer.

What else is on Thursday?
Well, I think our gas bill is due.
And. It's Lene's 25th birthday. The party begins at midnight.

Last: Um. HI. JK Rowling is making an announcement on Thursday. The YouTube countdown just informed me that the announcement is 2 days 17 hours 33 minutes and 5 seconds away. For more information see:

I like Thursday.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My life is so much fun.

These days, I can't stop having fun. And it's pretty great too, because I have zero money to spend, but somehow I still get to do all the awesome things I want!

This week included the following:
1. An overnight trip to Grandma Colleen's house in Ogden. It was her birthday. She made me go to her ceramics class with her. For 4 hours. And we had repeated lunches with old people. Who are very sweet... but eat very slowly. I couldn't handle it. Grandma couldn't either.
2. last minute trip to Salt Lake for a job interview. Score.
3. A visit with my parents-- they came up for the weekend, but I only got to see them for like an hour on Friday. We ate at the Santa Queen diner in Santaquin.
4. Lots and lots of laying out by the pool. Like, 4 days this week. I can't get enough.
5. Ward softball. I'm finally starting to stop making a fool of myself every week. Slowly but surely.
6. Sleeping in to about 10:30am every day (except when I was in Ogden. Grandma is a slave driver.)
7. The wedding reception of the one and only Jake Basilius. He was a good friend in my Liberty Square ward. And it was just precious to see him married off to a lovely girl (who is my friend Kate's cousin, btw. which is cool. Kate: I vouch for Jake. He's a good guy). AND, I can't believe that I've known Jake for almost 4 years. Time flies when you're having a blast. For real, though.
8. Strawberry Days Rodeo on Friday. I haven't been to a rodeo since probably age 7. And for good reason. Rodeos are terrifying. Meghan thought I was crazy for being scared of the rodeo and Lene just kept saying, "I LOVE AMERICA!",  but when I told my brother about the rodeo the next day he was like, "oh yeah, I hate rodeos. I went to one last year and the kids ride on sheep! It's awful!" And I was like, "I know! This is real modern-day gladiator stuff right here!" I think we were raised by the same parents.
9. I went to the gym 5 days last week. I rock. Next week it'll be six.
10. Lorina Lee's surprise birthday party. Meghan did a spectacular job with the preparations. She made these adorable lantern things out of mason jars (which broke because boys are children), a delicious cake, and a lovely table setting, and instructed me to make a giant polaroid frame that we could pose in for pictures. Photos to come. It was adorable. Double props. And bonus points.
11. Oh, and last Sunday was Picnic Awesome.Which was awesome.
12. On Wednesday we had ward ice blocking. I haven't been ice blocking since probably age 9. It's a lot more fun when you are 9. Me and Lene tried to do cool tricks on the ice blocks, none of which actually worked. The most hilarious was when we went (kind of) down the hill back to back.
13. After ice blocking we organized a game of fugitive. We played from 7 peaks to Banbridge. This led to lots of cutting through blocks, hiding behind trees, and collapsing to the ground when a car was coming. My favorite was when we ran through the Colony and everyone was out on their porches-- laughing and pointing at us. Yeah, we're cool. But we didn't get caught, so you do what you gotta do, right?
14. Movie Monday at the dollar theater. My girls and I went to see "Prom." yeah. It's a lot dumber than the trailer makes it look. This Monday we're going for "Water for Elephants."

Remember 2 months ago when I was crying about my life in Washington? I am such a whiner. Things are so much better now. I'm the happiest camper there ever was.

Speaking of camping. I need to plan a trip. Probably when I have money.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

J Jonas

think about it. Who does it sound like this song was written by?

Chris Brown.

All the way.

Anyway. I love me some Jonas.

Friday, June 17, 2011


He's suddenly such a little man. That kiss at the end: me and Lene both screamed. Bieber!!!!!! You're still a little baby!!!! STOP!!!

But I love the song. And thank you Chris Brown.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lemon/Lime Picnic AWESOME

Why do I always get to stressed out before events that I plan? I always get all freaky and worry that things are going to go wrong-- that no one will show up (or that the few who do show up will think the party is lame), that I won't have everything ready in time, that the party is boring, or whatever.

But everything always works out. Eventually. And somehow I always have so much fun that I'm dying to plan something else. The stress is always worth it. (timeout: I get stressed when I'm throwing a little picnic because I worry about all the people and all the details. Now imagine what I will be like when I throw my own wedding. I'm going to be a basketcase. A monster bridezilla. And I'll feel so bad!!!)

Anyway, last year we had the first "Picnic AWESOME." You guessed it, it was awesome. Lene and Amy threw it. This year, we decided to reprise the awesome. But this time, we added a theme: lemon and lime. We made all our invitations, and they all looked different. The invitation went a little something like this:

when: Sunday June 12, 2011 @2 pm
where: Carterville Park, Orem (the same as last year)
why: because.

Please Wear: green and/or yellow ONLY.
Please bring: green and/or yellow food ONLY.

Those who fail to abide by the rules will be forced to wear a green sign around the neck that reads: "No longer awesome."

Anywho. Lene, Andrea, and I hand delivered all the invites to make sure that everyone understood all the rules. And do you know what's amazing? Almost everyone followed them. There were a few deliquents who had to wear signs. Look for their pictures below.

Anyway. The Picnic was yesterday... and it came together quite nicely after I worried for a couple of hours.

the table setting: compliments of Lene Kristine Botolfsen. The cool one.

Extras. no longer awesome. These two were such good sports. Except not. haha.

deliberately rude. they wore the wrong colors on purpose because they thought the signs were a more awesome option.


uglies. jk.

cute boys.

dani is holding a tupperware of the most delicious cookies in the world.

the birthday girl.

Rachelle: effortlessly beautiful, even when her tongue is sticking out.

specials. rachelle and brad assumed correctly that they could get away with not following the dress code. grrr.

giant game of catchphrase. my favorite. (hint: you make this on the beach...SANDCASTLES!).

requirement: 4 people per snuggie. DANI. get your elbows outta there.

more cute boys. Get a load of the one in the back. we don't know him.
Favorite things about the picnic that I just can't get over:

1. ALL THE MATCHING CLOTHES. You all know that I love it to death when people match. I just got so excited when more and more people arrived wearing green and yellow (okay, mostly green).
2. I just love that when I help plan something, I get to invite a lot of my favorite people. I can assemble the group. In this case it was mostly ward people and old ward people (except the ones who couldn't come). And how awesome is that?
3. The girls did an excellent job bringing delicious yellow and green food. The boys, however, did not shine so well. Some examples: purple peeps (compliments of the 4 cute boys featured above. yes. left over from Easter), tortillas (what were we supposed to do with them?) and PINK watermelon (which was delicious, but really Joe? Against the code.)

So anyway. Picnic AWESOME was awesome.