Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Excited for real now.

So... about a week ago I got a new job. A dream job. The exact job that I wanted, actually.

Drumroll please.

Starting on Monday, I will be working at the Church History Library in Salt Lake City.
notice: this building is kitty-corner from temple square and directly across the street from the Conference Center. Excellent location.


I first saw the posting for this job in March, late one Saturday night (when I say late, I mean like 1am), and I knew instantly: this is my job. MY JOB. 

So I applied, and within a week I had a phone interview. The interview went okay... but there were some timing problems. They needed me to start before graduation, and I wasn't even going to be back in Utah by then. 

I was actually a little bit relieved because I hadn't wanted to start working full-time immediately after student teaching. I needed a significant break. And a significant break I have had (try 2.5 months), during which I had great anxiety about getting a job and supporting myself. It's hard to carry out your big plans when you have no money. Seriously.

So I tried to get other jobs. Any job really....But one of the jobs I finally did get was at the church Vault in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I was really excited about that one. BUT. The guy at the library called me last week (before I was supposed to start at the vault) and said he had another spot open up that we wanted me to interview for. So I did. And I got the job. 

Dreams come true.

This is my testimony. Things will always work out. They can be stressful and confusing and give you great anxiety, but the Lord always provides a way. I'm just so grateful that everything has worked out this way. I have loved my time off, but I'm excited to get back to a schedule and start working. And you know what? I think I'm going to love this job.

So. Recap of an awesome yesterday.

1. Jimmer went to the Kings. As quoted by Andrew, "The sky just fell...looks like I'm now a Kings fan."
I for one, am please that he went to the Kings. I mean, I could have imagined a better possibility, but hey, what's wrong with the Kings? Andrew said they were one of the coolest teams ever, and that he was a fan when the Jazz were crappy post Stockton and Malone. So I'm a happy camper. I had a little convo with Andrew via text message yesterday:
Audrey: how are you feeling about Jimmer and the Kings?
Andrew: Terrible.
Audrey: Why?
Andrew: Jazz silly girl.
Audrey: No. We didn't want him at the Jazz. I didn't anyway. But do you have anything against the Kings?
Andrew: How could u possibly speak such a terrible treason?
Audrey: (thinking: woah. are we a wee bit dramatic, brother?) I wanted him to get outside of Utah a little bit. Plus I wanted a new nba team to like. But I don't know if I can like the Kings...
Andrew: He is from New York duppy lions! And one favorite nba team is plenty for a casual fan such as yourself! But the kings are one of the coolest teams in the nba.
Audrey: If the Kings are so cool, then what's the problem?
Audrey: Duppy lions?

end of conversation. 2 things: 1) where did duppy lions come from? and 2) does anyone else feel like this conversation was a little bit circular? Andrew. Why are you so mad about the Kings if they are such a cool team? You make no sense.

2. Pottermore. Yeah, so I set my alarm for 6:55am so I could get up and hear the announcement about Pottermore. And guess what it is? A new interactive Harry Potter website written by JK Rowling. It's going to include all the information that a published encyclopedia would have. I'm still holding out hope for an actual hard copy encyclopedia (dang it, I want one of those). And here's the kicker: the thing that makes me the most excited about it: that JK Rowling is actually going to devise the system that the sorting hat on the website will use to sort people into houses. Do you realize what this means? Everyone actually gets to be sorted FOR REAL. I'm so nervous. What if I get placed in the wrong house? What if I don't get placed in the house that I have been dreaming of since 2001? Again, I refer you to a texting conversation that took place yesterday, this time between my cousin Shawn and I. He is listed in my phone as "Slytherin Sirius."

Audrey: ...but I'm excited! Shawny, this means we get to be sorted for real!
Slytherin Sirius: have fun in Ravenclaw Pot-Pot. (he calls me Potter or Potty or Pot, or Pothead, or I guess, now, pot-pot)
Audrey: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Slytherin Sirius: haha. If you're not, the whole sorting can't be trusted.

Note to Slytherin Sirius: you will eat your words when JK Rowling herself puts me in Gryffindor.

check it out.

3. Lene's birthday: First thing in the morning: we started watching Armageddon, Lene's favorite movie. I had never seen it before, so it was a treat. Then Lene went to lunch at Communal by herself yesterday. I would have gone... but I have no money. But guess who she ran into at the restaurant? A certain Bachelorette jerk head from Utah and his little daughter. Yes. You guessed it. She saw him in person, and I could not be more jealous. I like want to go hang out in front of Communal just in case he comes back. That would rock.

Second, we went shopping and then to the Jimmer draft party with our ward... and then to dinner at Pizzeria 712 in Orem. Yummy margarita pizza please. I could eat one of those everyday. And Lene looked beautiful in her new birthday outfit! We went to Spark for drinks and dessert afterward and lounged on those sweet benches looking cool and gossiping. High class, right? It was a ton of fun (but did anyone else notice that there was no music playing in Spark? It was weird.)

Lene, you rock my world, and I am so glad we are roommates! I don't think I can survive without you in the fall. Who will I play truth or truth with (for hours on end)? Who will I count on to do sign language to the people in the other cars? Who will I turn to when I can't decide which of all the boys in the ward I would kiss (haha)? Let's face it, my life is going to be a lot less fun when you are gone.

So anyway, Happy Birthday. 

4. We forgot to pay our gas bill. oops.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The NBA Draft is on Thursday

Why do I care? Jimmer.

What else is on Thursday?
Well, I think our gas bill is due.
And. It's Lene's 25th birthday. The party begins at midnight.

Last: Um. HI. JK Rowling is making an announcement on Thursday. The YouTube countdown just informed me that the announcement is 2 days 17 hours 33 minutes and 5 seconds away. For more information see:

I like Thursday.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My life is so much fun.

These days, I can't stop having fun. And it's pretty great too, because I have zero money to spend, but somehow I still get to do all the awesome things I want!

This week included the following:
1. An overnight trip to Grandma Colleen's house in Ogden. It was her birthday. She made me go to her ceramics class with her. For 4 hours. And we had repeated lunches with old people. Who are very sweet... but eat very slowly. I couldn't handle it. Grandma couldn't either.
2. last minute trip to Salt Lake for a job interview. Score.
3. A visit with my parents-- they came up for the weekend, but I only got to see them for like an hour on Friday. We ate at the Santa Queen diner in Santaquin.
4. Lots and lots of laying out by the pool. Like, 4 days this week. I can't get enough.
5. Ward softball. I'm finally starting to stop making a fool of myself every week. Slowly but surely.
6. Sleeping in to about 10:30am every day (except when I was in Ogden. Grandma is a slave driver.)
7. The wedding reception of the one and only Jake Basilius. He was a good friend in my Liberty Square ward. And it was just precious to see him married off to a lovely girl (who is my friend Kate's cousin, btw. which is cool. Kate: I vouch for Jake. He's a good guy). AND, I can't believe that I've known Jake for almost 4 years. Time flies when you're having a blast. For real, though.
8. Strawberry Days Rodeo on Friday. I haven't been to a rodeo since probably age 7. And for good reason. Rodeos are terrifying. Meghan thought I was crazy for being scared of the rodeo and Lene just kept saying, "I LOVE AMERICA!",  but when I told my brother about the rodeo the next day he was like, "oh yeah, I hate rodeos. I went to one last year and the kids ride on sheep! It's awful!" And I was like, "I know! This is real modern-day gladiator stuff right here!" I think we were raised by the same parents.
9. I went to the gym 5 days last week. I rock. Next week it'll be six.
10. Lorina Lee's surprise birthday party. Meghan did a spectacular job with the preparations. She made these adorable lantern things out of mason jars (which broke because boys are children), a delicious cake, and a lovely table setting, and instructed me to make a giant polaroid frame that we could pose in for pictures. Photos to come. It was adorable. Double props. And bonus points.
11. Oh, and last Sunday was Picnic Awesome.Which was awesome.
12. On Wednesday we had ward ice blocking. I haven't been ice blocking since probably age 9. It's a lot more fun when you are 9. Me and Lene tried to do cool tricks on the ice blocks, none of which actually worked. The most hilarious was when we went (kind of) down the hill back to back.
13. After ice blocking we organized a game of fugitive. We played from 7 peaks to Banbridge. This led to lots of cutting through blocks, hiding behind trees, and collapsing to the ground when a car was coming. My favorite was when we ran through the Colony and everyone was out on their porches-- laughing and pointing at us. Yeah, we're cool. But we didn't get caught, so you do what you gotta do, right?
14. Movie Monday at the dollar theater. My girls and I went to see "Prom." yeah. It's a lot dumber than the trailer makes it look. This Monday we're going for "Water for Elephants."

Remember 2 months ago when I was crying about my life in Washington? I am such a whiner. Things are so much better now. I'm the happiest camper there ever was.

Speaking of camping. I need to plan a trip. Probably when I have money.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

J Jonas

think about it. Who does it sound like this song was written by?

Chris Brown.

All the way.

Anyway. I love me some Jonas.

Friday, June 17, 2011


He's suddenly such a little man. That kiss at the end: me and Lene both screamed. Bieber!!!!!! You're still a little baby!!!! STOP!!!

But I love the song. And thank you Chris Brown.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lemon/Lime Picnic AWESOME

Why do I always get to stressed out before events that I plan? I always get all freaky and worry that things are going to go wrong-- that no one will show up (or that the few who do show up will think the party is lame), that I won't have everything ready in time, that the party is boring, or whatever.

But everything always works out. Eventually. And somehow I always have so much fun that I'm dying to plan something else. The stress is always worth it. (timeout: I get stressed when I'm throwing a little picnic because I worry about all the people and all the details. Now imagine what I will be like when I throw my own wedding. I'm going to be a basketcase. A monster bridezilla. And I'll feel so bad!!!)

Anyway, last year we had the first "Picnic AWESOME." You guessed it, it was awesome. Lene and Amy threw it. This year, we decided to reprise the awesome. But this time, we added a theme: lemon and lime. We made all our invitations, and they all looked different. The invitation went a little something like this:

when: Sunday June 12, 2011 @2 pm
where: Carterville Park, Orem (the same as last year)
why: because.

Please Wear: green and/or yellow ONLY.
Please bring: green and/or yellow food ONLY.

Those who fail to abide by the rules will be forced to wear a green sign around the neck that reads: "No longer awesome."

Anywho. Lene, Andrea, and I hand delivered all the invites to make sure that everyone understood all the rules. And do you know what's amazing? Almost everyone followed them. There were a few deliquents who had to wear signs. Look for their pictures below.

Anyway. The Picnic was yesterday... and it came together quite nicely after I worried for a couple of hours.

the table setting: compliments of Lene Kristine Botolfsen. The cool one.

Extras. no longer awesome. These two were such good sports. Except not. haha.

deliberately rude. they wore the wrong colors on purpose because they thought the signs were a more awesome option.


uglies. jk.

cute boys.

dani is holding a tupperware of the most delicious cookies in the world.

the birthday girl.

Rachelle: effortlessly beautiful, even when her tongue is sticking out.

specials. rachelle and brad assumed correctly that they could get away with not following the dress code. grrr.

giant game of catchphrase. my favorite. (hint: you make this on the beach...SANDCASTLES!).

requirement: 4 people per snuggie. DANI. get your elbows outta there.

more cute boys. Get a load of the one in the back. we don't know him.
Favorite things about the picnic that I just can't get over:

1. ALL THE MATCHING CLOTHES. You all know that I love it to death when people match. I just got so excited when more and more people arrived wearing green and yellow (okay, mostly green).
2. I just love that when I help plan something, I get to invite a lot of my favorite people. I can assemble the group. In this case it was mostly ward people and old ward people (except the ones who couldn't come). And how awesome is that?
3. The girls did an excellent job bringing delicious yellow and green food. The boys, however, did not shine so well. Some examples: purple peeps (compliments of the 4 cute boys featured above. yes. left over from Easter), tortillas (what were we supposed to do with them?) and PINK watermelon (which was delicious, but really Joe? Against the code.)

So anyway. Picnic AWESOME was awesome.

You guys.

New favorite thing of my life.

Kathy Beth Terry.

Quoted: "Sascha Fierce is to Beyonce as Kathy Beth Terry is to me." -Katy Perry.

Katy Perry has created a 1990s 13-year-old alter ego to promote her new single, "Last Friday Night." And it is HILARIOUS. She even used whatsherface Rebecca Black in the promo.

Kathy Beth Terry's favorite things include beanie babies, Anne Frank stickers, JTT, Jared Leto, Will Smith, Devon Sawa, and Leo.

I remember those days.

Check out her twitter and facebook page. hilar.

That's all.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer is a party

Andrea: my superstar roommate

On Friday I wanted to have a bonfire. So we had one.

My favorite part is that I got to wear my windbreaker.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I think I actually had a tear.

Valentines Day 2012.

New respect for Adam Levine

Lost respect for Christina. And really? Stop singing "We Are the Champions." It's too cheesy unless sung by Queen in its proper context.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


1. Can I please be a member of the Huxtable family? I am in love with Heathcliff Huxtable. I want to marry someone just like him, and then become a Claire Huxtable. I'll be a lawyer while he is a doctor, and we'll have kids who get crazy ideas and ask for money all the time. But we'll put them in their place-- teach them life lessons without the "Full-House" style sappy part at the end (it is for this reason that The Cosby Show is leagues better than its many genre equivalents).

2. I finished "The Book Thief" today, about 7 months in the making. I don't know why I never got into this book. I started in like October and just read it at the gym, then brought it to DC with me, and didn't touch it the whole 4 months I was there. But now I'm done. I finished the last 100 pages today, and you know what? I really liked it. It's a beautiful story about what is important in life-- it's a story of abandonment and guilt, courage and love--- and it's a story about the power of words. I would actually recommend it to anyone. Markus Zusak is somehow able to create small moments that are breathtaking and powerful and stabbing. And meaningful. I'll be thinking about it for a while.

That's all.

Oh wait, we had a party. For Memorial Day. It was crowded. The floor was shaking and I thought it was going to break. We got a lot of highlighter on the carpet (dang it). And there was a girl there (who no one knew) who kept trying to change the music, and I was super moody about it. But there were boys and writing on walls is fun. And as per the Facebook instructions, almost everybody actually showed up wearing white. Yay white-out for Memorial Day and black lights.

See pics below.
isn't this bomb?

Lene is so cool.

some of the early party people.
That's really all.