Monday, September 28, 2009

September 27: Ticket Day

I bought my tickets. One for me, one for Stephanie.

The first showing- 10:00 PM, October 27, 2009.

This Is It.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am True Blue


My first year at BYU I did not have genuine school spirit. I SO do now, and I would argue that I am a bigger fan than you (that excludes you, Dani). I like to like things more than other people like them. It's kind of my theme in life (aka Harry Potter obsession. Please do not tell me that you like Harry Potter more than I do. It gives me great stress. Unfortunately.).

So, here is the story of my BYU school spirit so far this year....

1. The Oklahoma game. Final score: 14-13. Dani and I watched the first half at Kaitlin's house and the second half at Legend's Grill among dozens of other screaming fans. It was a blast and a half, and after the enormous victory, we partied in the streets. I swear, joyful riots broke out all over student neighborhoods, and all down University Avenue. Dani and I parked at the stadium and joined the crowd there. BUT, we didn't stay for long, because THEN, we went to a bonfire in the canyon. YIP. And THEN, at 1:30 in the morning, we drove to the Provo airport to GREET THE TEAM!! There were hundreds of students there, all lined up, waiting for the team to fly. There was much happiness and rejoicing. BTW, winning this game brought us to #9 in the rankings.

2. The Tulane game. Final score: One million to hardly anything. It was a BLOWOUT. Which is SO FUN. I went to the Smith Fieldhouse to watch it on a giant screen with Paul. The student activities people gave out free food. That night, once again, we went to MEET THE TEAM at the airport and join in the celebration of sweet victory. Dani was very excited because she actually touched Max Hall's hand. She tried to pull him in, but he pulled his hand away. I have to remind her, almost daily, that he's married. Bronco gave a little speech thanking us all for being there to meet the team. There were a lot less people than the week before and he said, "You guys are the true fans," because we showed up even when it wasn't the biggest victory of the last 10 years. After this game, we were #7 in the rankings (that's even better than our best ranking at the peak of last year!!!)

3. The pep rally. It was the Thursday before the first home game. Dani and I got sweet seats at the front. The cheerleaders did their thing (which, we really enjoyed because the boy cheerleaders are totally awesome when they dance/sing to the fight song. Seriously, watch them next time you have the chance. It's pretty great.), and then the football team came out and introduced each other. They were funny. And we saw Cosmo. And Dani said, "I love that CAT!"
Please excuse my non-BYU apparel. I had had a very, very busy day. Namely: school, work, Presidency meeting, group project on campus, then straight to the rally.

4. The Florida State game. We don't like to talk about it much because we lost. But Dani and I had a jolly good time anyway because our row was randomly selected, out of every row in that ginormous LaVell Edwards Stadium, to win free pizzas from Papa Johns! Cosmo came and hung out with us for like half an hour, and we were put on the big screen with the pizzas that we won! That night we celebrated our free pizza winning and cheered ourselves up over the loss with Cafe Rio. A perfect celebration/mourning mix. Unfortunately, after this game, BYU went down to #19 in the rankings. :(

5. TRUE BLUE FOOTBALL. What can I possibly say?!?!?! LOVE IT. I have an uncommon love for wrestling around in foreign substances, namely, jello, pudding, mashed potatoes, and now, BLUE FOAM. It's a habit I learned in high school. We did that sort of stuff all the time. BUT SO, I went to True Blue football with Dani, two of our BFFs from our new ward, Kevin and Ted, and then Brad and Andrew met us there. There were masses of people there and masses of blue foam. Someday I'll figure out how to produce such a large amount of foam and host foam parties in my backyard for the neighborhood kids. And we'll have a giant slip 'n slide and everything. Best moment at true blue football: when I smashed a bunch of foam in Dani's face and she started choking and coughing, and THEN, Hannah didn't notice that Dani was already convulsing because of what I did, and SHE DID IT AGAIN with ANOTHER load of blue, soapy foam. Dani, I think, kind of almost died. It was very sad that she was choking, and we all stood there awkwardly while she coughed on the ground, but seriously, IT WAS HILARIOUS. It was also pretty great when we stuffed the foam under our shirts and in our pants and looked like giant, blubber foam smurf people. I crashed into people, splattering foam all over them. It was fantastic.
In case you can't see people through the blueness, from left it goes: Stephen, Dani, Hannah, Andrew, me, and Brad.

6. The Colorado State Game. A lazy win, a predictable game. But it was super great anyway. I sat with Dani at first (but then she went home because she wasn't feeling good), then with Kaitlin, Spencer, and Kyle. Kaitlin was my football buddy for the last couple years, so it was just peachy to be with her. I miss my old girls. (Meg, come back to me!!!!) I don't care if a game is exciting (I mean, an exciting game is preferable, but not required), because I just love to sit in the sun, be in a football stadium, and be matching with everyone I see. (I LOVE it when things/people match. Some people don't like to match. I LOVE IT. That's why I love weddings so much. Because everything matches.)

In conclusion, I am true blue and proud. School spirit is one of my favorite inventions.

To sum up last Saturday, there are two other events I must mention.

1) The rope swing. I went with our ward BFFs, Kevin, Ted, and Josh, and our FHE mom, Jessica, to a rope swing in Mona. The weather was perfectly warm, but the water was FREEZING cold. But it was really pretty, and the rope swing was awesome. There were platforms built up in trees like treehouses to jump from. It was quite elaborate. I want to go back.

2) I went to "Up" with Cameron and his gang on Saturday night. LOVE THAT MOVIE. It's just precious. Dug, Kevin, Russell, and Mr. Frederickson: you rock.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Straight Through My Heart.

The Backstreet Boys say, "This Is Us." The new album will be in stores October 6, 2009. Before I get to the main point of this post, I just have to say that I will forever be a loyal fan of the BSB. Their music has been a large part of my life for the past decade (what other music group could say that? Okay, besides NSYNC and the Beach Boys), and I truly do still love their music. No matter what they do, I am still a fan.

But their new music video and album title are trying my patience and fanhood. I have to say that while I am excited about the album, I am disappointed in their unoriginality and conformity to the masses. Let me illustrate.

1. This is it. This is us. I cannot have any Michael copying around here. I'm serious about this. But if that wasn't enough...
2. The music video for "Straight Through My Heart" has VAMPIRES IN IT. I hate all the vampire stuff. I'm sick of it, it's gross, it's tacky, it's cheesy, it's NOT attractive, it is NOT cool, and I'm mad about this. I expected more of my Backstreet Boys who supposedly turned into men.

But for now, here is the first single, in music video form. The song, I like. The dancing in the video, I like. The concept of the video, I loathe. Now, enjoy.

That music video sent a pain straight through my heart. In a bad way.

A Fundraiser for J. Timberlake

I wish to attend the "Justin Timberlake and Friends" concert in Las Vegas on October 17, 2009. I am even already going to be in St.G that weekend for my brother's wedding. It would be perfect.

Key words here: WOULD BE.

I have no money. The tickets are $100.

And so, here, I am putting out an official declaration/plea. If anyone would like to help me, a poor unfortunate soul who's only desire is to see Justin Timberlake in concert, please donate to the cause. Comment with your pledges.

Sidenote: If you have a really good idea for a fundraiser that is legal and safe and fun, let me know.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I didn't go on a mission. Yet.

As many of you have probably noticed, I didn't go on a mission. Yes, it was part of my plan MY WHOLE LIFE. But, when it came time to turn in my papers, it simply did not feel right. I am very happy to be back at BYU (if you didn't already gather from my other posts: I LOVE BYU), in Provo, close to my family, with my roommates, etc.

Reasons why I am glad that I stayed home:
1. My brother is getting married. I could not/would not have ever missed this anyway, but I am very glad to be around and involved with the whole thing. Many of you know how much I adore my brother. It's like A LOT.
2. Dani and Rachelle are awesome to live with. Why would I risk living with companions that I didn't get along with when I have these awesome girls to grow with and learn from? They are amazing girls. PLUS, Lauren and Ann are right across the street!
3. BYU football is currently my favorite thing on the planet (except, of course, the important things like church and family and Harry Potter and the Michael Jackson movie...) In all honesty, one of the first things I thought of once I had decided to stay home was that I was going to be able to watch BYU football games. Football season makes me really happy. And having school spirit makes me really happy. Dani and I have made a goal to learn all the players names, recognize them by sight, and memorize all the referee signals. I'm pretty football literate already, but these are some necessary improvements. Look for a post detailing the BYU football experience later. I know I posted one last year, but I love it too much to let the first couple games go unrecorded.
4. I got a job at the Special Collections in the BYU Library. I am VERY excited about this idea. I actually start the job tomorrow. So... BYU jobs are very competitive because everyone on campus is looking for a job at the same time. I was one of the lucky ones who got the only job that I applied for. And that doesn't mean that I'm super cool or anything, it just means that my network was powerful enough. The people that I worked with in Washington, particularly Alison, knew a man at the Special Collections, talked to him about me at the SAA conference in Houston a couple of weeks ago, and then he emailed ME asking if I was interested in a job he had available. I said yes, interviewed, got the job, and am now officially an employee of the L. Tom Perry Special Collections at the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University. Yay!
5. I think I'm really going to like my ward. The bishopric is very organized, the people are fun, it doesn't feel like a meat market, and I have a real calling! The ward has three relief societies (Yeah, I had never heard of that either), and I'm in the presidency of my relief society. I am really grateful for the opportunity and excited to get involved. It's really a blessing.
6. I get to live in Northern Utah with Stephanie AND Elise.
7. I can talk to my Mom and Dad whenever I want to, and not just on Mother's Day and Christmas.
8. I get to be around when Jenny has her baby. I think about that baby quite frequently, actually. I'm excited to have a best friend baby. Maybe I'll get to be a godmother or something! Hint, hint Jenny.
9. I didn't have to say goodbye to my Washington friends and be forgotten forever more. I still see Kate, Cameron, Erik, and sometimes Taryn on a regular basis. And we are planning parties and reunions. I'm so glad that I got to know all these people. They are amazing. (But I miss Genevieve, who is still living the dream life in Arlington, VA.) I actually think about the District a lot. I really do miss it. Somehow, someway, I am going to find a way back there. I'm toying with the idea of going to grad school at Maryland or something. Then I can live in College Park and do a fellowship with the Library of Congress or something (I met the people in charge of that program this summer, and my friend Matt from the Museum That Must Not Be Named wants to apply too!)
10. If I went on a mission I would miss my Sugardoll, Moriah, too much. She's too precious to be away from for too long.

In closing, I have not completely thrown out the idea of going on a mission, obviously. That is what the "Yet" part was for in the title of this post. But, for now, I feel very good about being home. I will think about a mission again later. AND, if it so happens that I don't go on a mission while I'm young, I have several years of being an old person to serve a mission in. It's something that I want to do eventually, it is the WHEN that I have to concern myself with.

Goal for next semester: Be a history TA.

How Could You Be So Heartless?

I loved Kanye West, and I still love Kanye West. BUT, I am very disappointed, and I am placing him on probation from my fanhood. Beyonce may have deserved that award, but heck, he didn't have to embarrass poor Taylor on national television. It was her first Spaceman! Dumb.

On a related note, Beyonce is one classy lady. She gave Taylor her chance to talk. I support that woman.

Also, Chris Brown is still on probation but is slowly making his way back to my good graces. I liked his interview with Larry King a couple weeks ago.

Last, "Run This Town" is a super awesome song- Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye scored big time. BUT, make sure that if you are going to listen to it, you get the CLEAN version. That is muy importante.

This Is It. I'm counting down the days.

I have no words.

I haven't been this excited for something since Harry Potter 7 came out!!!

No wait, I'm not nearly that excited. What am I saying? I nearly went into a coma I was so excited about HP7. We're not going to go that far. But yeah, I'm excited.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I miss Washington.

Together Again #2, minus 3 this time.

We gathered on Monday night- our first FHE night back in Provo, for Hannah's birthday. It was the perfect event for a reunion! Once again, Crystal was host to this event and provided spectacular refreshments. :) And I can summarize the evening in just a few words: WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!

Those missing in action: Meghan, Lorina, and Meagan. But everyone else was there! Even the marrieds!

I love these girls.