Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools

A day which will live in infamy:

The top 3 worst April Fools jokes of all time:

1. When a friend from high school posted an obituary-like status update on facebook. I literally cried. Don't ever try this one. It is not funny at all.

2. When Mugglenet pretended that a marriage between founder Emerson Spartz and the founder of the Leaky Cauldron website, Melissa Anelli, would create a marriage between the two sites. It was called "LeakyMug" and I nearly cried. All the good content was gone! There was a reason why I was not a Leaky Cauldron fan, but a Mugglenet fan!! It is a better website! And the editorial section that I was so enthralled with had been compromised as a result of the marriage. I was devastated...until April 2nd.

3. LENE BOTOLFSEN PRETENDED THAT SHE WAS COMING BACK TO BYU. That happened today. And I didn't believe her and I am still sad. She got me to imagine what it would be like and I was starting to get excited and hopeful and.....then I crashed.

Some other things:

I am IN LOVE with the new OneRepublic album, Native. Listen to it. On repeat. Oh how I love that Ryan Tedder. Some of my favorite songs: "Counting Stars," "Preacher," "Life in Color," "I Lived," and "Can't Stop." And literally I could just name all of them. Because I love them all. Totally worth the wait and the mystery and the suspense.

Also, Party plans for my birthday are in full swing. I have already booked the bounce house.

And that's it.

Stay tuned for a post WITH PICTURES.