Friday, January 29, 2010

Blogging Block. So. Life.

Warning: This post is super boring. It doesn't even have a point. So you don't have to read it. 

So. Blogging. This is only my second post this month. Which is weird, because I usually have at least a weekly post, or if happens to be December 2009, somehow I manage to post 11 times. Don't know how that happened. But now, I don't even know what to write about. And it's not that my last couple of weeks haven't been awesome and exciting and great, I just don't have anything to say. Which is weird for me, because I always have loads of things to say. In fact, most of the time, I have WAY TOO MUCH to say, and that leads to really, extra long posts that nobody but me wants to read. Yes, I do go back and read old posts quite often. Rachelle thinks that's weird.

So. School. Love/hate relationship. I came into this semester thinking that I was going to love my classes more than ever before. But honestly, it's really hard to love your classes when you a) don't do your homework, b) don't listen in class, c) don't do the assigned reading (most of the time) and d) do kind of poorly on 50% of the quizzes that you take. It's a problem. But not an unsolveable one. I've just been... distracted. That's all. I'll get back on the good student train soon, I think. Starting with tonight. It is a Friday night, and you know what I'm doing? Staying in and doing my homework. Or blogging, whichever one seems most important (you can see that my blog is winning that battle...).

So. Work. Love/hate relationship. I really do love my job. Promise. But lately, I've just been getting bored and so excited to get out of there at the end of the day. I think it's because I'm nearing the end of the first stage of a big project, and I'm a little uncertain about what is going to come next, how time consuming it will be, and how difficult and challenging it will be. Just a little nervous, and just a little bit lazy. Such is life. But Nellie Gubler and the St. George stuff is coming along quite nicely. Love the old wedding announcements. And the LOVE LETTERS. I've been reading love letters for the last 2 weeks, and they are super fun. Most are just normal and cute at the end, but some are SUPER SUPER SAPPY, and it's hilarious- I actually felt bad for the guy writing the sappiness. So fun to read, though.

Aaaandnnddd... I just want to read good books and hang out with people all the time. That's all I want! I don't want to read stupid online articles from the English Journal for all my English teaching classes. They are boring and pointless, and let's face it, the goal isn't to teach English ANYWAY! I'm just so annoyed about having to buy textbooks and then only using them for 1/4 of the class reading assignments. HEY. English teaching department. FIX THIS.

I am wanting to be a teacher less and less. Mostly I just want to be a wife and PTA mom. But I still want to go to library school and be an archivist. I would just love doing that for my life- after my kids (whenever they and a husband choose to come along--obviously in reverse order) are grown up and everything and I get bored with cleaning, scrapbooking, shopping, playing kid games, blogging and cooking all day.

So that's it. A boring post. Hopefully this will get me thinking about blogging again, and the good idea train will come back around the bend. But if not, this was at least an update on my life.

And by the way, Percy Jackson comes out soon. February 5.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Current Playlist

So, for the past two years, my music listening has been devoted almost entirely to Michael Jackson. There have been some obsessive peaks and some lulls, but most of the time, the song I want to listen to when I get on the computer or need to pick some laundry-folding music was written and/or recorded by the one and only. I had a Beat It phase, a phase of the whole Bad album, a Dangerous phase, Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana, Earth Song, Jackson 5 phase, The Jacksons phase, a phase of collaborations with people like Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney-- I even had phases for similar types of music that didn't feature Michael- like Prince, Janet Jackson and other Motown artists like Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, the Temptations, Smokey, and Stevie. It has just been never ending.

BUT, I am currently in a lull. Michael has been gone for six months now, and I am slowly moving on. Don't think I'm forgetting about him, though. I'm still the number one fan in Provo. And I'm still going to buy the DVD of "This Is It" at midnight when it comes out on January 26.

But there is proof of this movement in my current playlist of "have to listen to all the time" songs. I mean, check out the variety!!! This is totally a new thing for me.

They are as follows (keep in mind, I would definitely recommend any of these. But you may have to find the clean version)
1. Bigger, The Backstreet Boys
2. Shattered, The Backstreet Boys
3. Cold Case Love, Rihanna
4. Firebomb, Rihanna
5. Crawl, Chris Brown
6. So Cold, Chris Brown
7. Time for Miracles, Adam Lambert
8. Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys (look for the clean one)
9. Call the Man, Celine Dion (an old classic!)
10. He Could Be The One, Hannah Montana
11. Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus (It's taken a long time for this one to get old!)
12. Wait For You, Elliot Yamin
13. Fifteen, Taylor Swift (yeah, I NEVER thought she would be on my playlist, but I kind of think this girl is AWESOME.)
14. Unbelievable, Craig David
15. Touch My Hand, David Archuleta
16. Down, Jay Sean
17. Whatcha Say, Jason DeRulo
18. Knocks You Down, Keri Hilson feat. Ne-Yo and Kanye (get the clean one!)
19. Run This Town, Jay-Z feat. Kanye and Rihanna (it's this one, specifically, that requires a clean version. Be careful.)

Below is a phase of songs I JUST RECENTLY got over. This marks the end of all the phases I'm talking about above.

1. Purple Rain, Prince
2. When Doves Cry, Prince
3. Escapade, Janet Jackson (LOVED THIS SONG.)
4. Miss You Much, Janet Jackson
5. Blame it on the Boogie, The Jacksons
6. Cheater, Michael Jackson
7. This Place Hotel, The Jacksons
8. The entirety of the "Off the Wall" album, Michael Jackson- particularly the song, "Girlfriend" (written by Paul McCartney for Michael) This album literally got me through finals. We made it through some tough times together...
9. This Is It, Michael Jackson. (So emotional!!)

You can all now clap your hands for me. I'm expanding my music-listening. It's great news, really. Just don't think that I like Michael any less, because that kind of betrayal is NOT going to happen. But seriously, good good songs on this list. Look them up. I'm particularly into the new Rihanna ones at the top. And the new Backstreet Boys CD. I love those guys.

By the way, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy back to school, and everything like that. I've been MIA for a while, but I'm back on the blog. YAY.