Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beyonce and Bieber

My two new favorites:

Pottermore Update

Uh, it's awesome, and ya'll should be counting down the days until you can join (except that would be really hard, because there isn't a specific date... the beta time was just extended. So. sorry.)

Anyway, I got a wand and everything. It's Unicorn Hair, Rowan wood, 11 inches long. I'm not going to lie-- I was a little sad about the unicorn hair. I mean, who doesn't want a Phoenix feather? I know I did. But then I thought about unicorns, and realized that they are really cool too. And no everyone can have everything that Harry has. Or else then it wouldn't be special. So I'm happy.

The vague "everything" referred to in the latter paragraph includes, most dramatically, the house I was sorted into. If you get on facebook at all, you would have seen that I was placed in the lovely house of Helga Hufflepuff. And I speak honestly when I say "lovely." I truly am proud to be a Hufflepuff. I know that it is generally the house that is cast aside and throw out as boring, lame, stupid, and "the house for all the leftovers" who aren't that smart, brave, or ambitious. BUT, Hufflepuffs are the pure in heart. They are the good ones. The ones that are kind and helpful to everyone (ex. Cedric Diggory). And as Cedric points out in the Very Potter Musical on YouTube (which is hardly canon, might I add), "Hufflepuffs are good finders!" So I'm proud to be a good one. And Hufflepuff colors are yellow and black. And yellow is my favorite, duh. PLUS, I know where the Hufflepuff Common Room is (exactly!), and YOU DON'T!

That is all.

Post #264

1. What twitter is good for: Lord_Voldemort7 and Justin Bieber tweets. Why? Who doesn't want endless comparisons between Harry Potter, Mean Girls, and the actual world like they are the same thing? Sporadic comments about "Sparkly Cedric" are also appreciated. And JB? One heart. It's all about the retweets from adoring, obsessive fans who express their undying love daily. And the constant updates on JB's news, and, oh, he doesn't forget to thank his fans and tell them he loves them at least 8 times a day.

2. I think Justin Timberlake is trying to EGOT. He has like 4 Emmys and 6 Grammys. And now he's working on an Oscar (I would conjecture). As much I as I WOULD LOVE to buy another album with his name on it, I want my boy JT to have a shiny silver EGOT necklace just like Tracy Jordan's.

3. If there is one thing I miss about the years 2006-2010 (besides my byu career), it's Hannah Montana.  No longer are there new catchy musical messages to teach girls confidence, hard work, sticktoitiveness, and self-appreciation. If I ever get mad at Moriah for something, she responds, "Nobody's perfect, you live and you learn it." I miss Hannah, and I miss the old Miley.

4. Joe Jonas creeps me out these days. If you haven't seen the "Just In Love" video, don't watch it. I hate it. The Jonas Brothers were partially so great because they wore chastity rings. They would talk about their promise to be chaste and to wait until marriage. Joe, I think, breaks promises. It's disgusting.

5. Brandon Flowers. I am not a professed Killers fan, but I do love Mr. Brightside (it made the list of top 100 songs of the 2000's!), When You Were Young, Human, and Spaceman. I have followed the band throughout the years. And, well, this video is just cool.

6. Oh football season, please never end.

7. Moriah is a tennis star. For real, though. She should win all sorts of awards for looking adorable in a tennis skirt.

8. I went to St. George a couple weeks ago and it was heavenly. So heavenly.

9. Jimmer's Allstar game. I have to admit; I was overly excited to go see Jimmer, I was almost equally excited to see Kemba Walker. I don't know why, but I just think that he is cool. And for real, he had swagger. He was a crowd pleaser. You could see the charisma dripping off of him. Anyway. I went to the game with my favorite Mike Poulson. The boy loves Jimmer more than anyone I know, and is hilarious.

9. Um, Cornbellys? Why have I never been to this place before this year? You GUYS!! It is a blast. It's like beautiful fall and festival fun and cute boys and scary things all wrapped into one. And I think that hay rides are unreasonably fun.

Who is that creeper in the back? Oh wait. We know him.

creepin in the corn.

this is my scared face... yeah. fail.

Photo-ops are in my top 10 favorite things.
Soooooooooooooo. that's a catch up.

And next week is halloween. Which means that I'm having a party. GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Old Maid's Day

(I recently realized that I have a bunch of unfinished drafts of blog posts... so I'm going to publish some of them. This was written in June of this year.)

So I like to throw parties. In a series of fortunate events I learned that June 4 is Old Maid's Day. I decided that there was only one way to celebrate such a great holiday that commemorates so many of my favorite people. Because, you know, if more people celebrated Old Maid's Day maybe it would be more worth it to be an Old Maid. (ps, I don't actually think I am an old maid. But I love in Provo for crying out loud).

Anyway. That one way to celebrate was a monster girl party. The exclusive facebook invite looked a thing or two like this:

So guess what.

June 4th is officially Old Maid's Day (according to some random website I found like 2 months ago).

In Provo world, many of us are old maids. Or even if we are not old maids, we like to have girl parties.

So. Come for girl foods (aka chocolate, ice cream, buttery buttery popcorn, cutie cupcakes, and a veggie tray to make us feel less guilty), girl movies (aka She's the Man, Mean Girls, and/or How to Lose a Guy in 10 days), and lots of gossiping. Come with all your juice (preferably about cute boys).

And the most important part: this party is. a. secret.

It's an exclusive bash. "It's just for a couple of cool people and you better be one of them bio***." (guess)

Bring your pajamas, blankets for comfort and sleeping, possibly your mattress, food, and other necessaries.


I'm so funny.

So we had lotsa food (including chocolate chip cookie covered oreos. yep that's right) and lotsa Mean Girls and then lotsa gossip, which included a spectacular game of "truth or truth." Some of the best "truth" questions included, "who is your most embarrassing ward crush ever?" and "if you had to marry someone in the ward RIGHT NOW who would it be?" 

It was a blast, and after only 4 hours of sleep, all of us showed up at church all hyped up and ready to go.

Man. I love being single.