Thursday, November 29, 2012


How do I forget about blogging so much these days? It used to be like my favorite thing in the universe.

And so begins another blog post in which I don't really have anything to say:

1. ONE DIRECTION. The new album is bomb and I haven't stopped listening to it for 3 weeks. You read that right. Peep this video for a small taste. And if you find yourself suffering from a small crush on one of these darling boys, don't worry, they are all over age. haha.

2. I went ice skating with my roommates last week, and I have NEVER loved ice skating so much. I want to go back like once a week. Because it was such a blast. The skates didn't hurt my ankles, and I didn't even fall down ONE TIME! It was nothing short of a miracle. Look out Gallivan Center--- I'm coming back.

3. My heart is still a little bit stuck in Provo... but I'm slowly transitioning to Salt Lake. I go to Provo a heck of a lot less. That saves me lotsa money on gas. And I'm making more friends in Salt Lake....but still....most of my favorite people are in the land of BYU. And I'm really starting to see Salt Lake City as a place where I could be for a long time. I really do love the city. There is SO MUCH to do around here. So many cool things to be involved in. I'm really starting to see the sort of opportunities that living in a big city can offer. And I've actually made a list of things that I want to have as hobbies someday. Since moving to Salt Lake I've been evaluating my life and my whole person and starting to see exactly who and what I want to be. I have so much to learn and so much to discover! So many people to meet and so many places to see. And so much to grow from in this one place. Utah is such an amazing place. It really is. What else do I actually need? Since my first semester in DC I've had all these ambitions about working at all sorts of cool places and living in famous cities and being this awesome person that people talk about, like, "I know this girl who is so awesome and beautiful and smart and she lives in Boston and works at the Kennedy Presidential Library," because how cool would that be???? But you know what is cooler? Being close to family and the people who love you. And working at a place and doing work that is so important. I had a sort of epiphany about my job last Sunday-- I was kind of struck by how important it is to keep a record of the church. If you think about it, the Book of Mormon was compiled by Mormon, right? And he got all this information from all the historical and spiritual records that had been kept by his people. And who knows how many thousands of volumes and chunks of gold plates he went through to get all the information he needed for this one book. The Nephites kept a record so that one day we would have their history and see the hand of God in their lives. And that is what I do at my job. I make sure that the records are kept and preserved. I keep things organized. And isn't that so amazing. I am forever grateful for a job that I love AND have a testimony of.

4. I had a conversation with a boy at work today which was prompted by him asking the following question: "What is it like at BYU?" This boy went to the U. I don't think he realized what he was getting himself into by bringing up like my #3 favorite topic in the world (numbers 1 and 2 being HP and MJ, respectively). I am a person who likes to talk. And I like to talk about the things that I like, especially when whoever I am talking to doesn't know much about what I'm about to say and/or they are acting very interested. I told him all about what a dreamland BYU is and how the wards work and what it's like to walk around campus and see everyone you know. And all about the HBLL and what kinds of people study on which floors. And I told him about finals week and how I could eat like 3 meals a day on campus and I would just leave my stuff sitting out in the library to go grab food really fast (b/c why would you want to pack everything up when there are people at the table who are perfectly willing to "watch" your stuff??) I told him about how heavenly the summers are and how everyone is involved in Church stuff and how everyone is best friends in the summer. I was about to launch into the story of Epic Summer 2010, but I ran out of time (and that story would have included Slickgangin and the Wink at the Stranger Initiative! the boy missed out). But I guess that the summary of all of this is that I am so grateful that I was able to have the college experience that I did. I met SO MANY amazing people who have changed my life--and will continue to impact me for the rest of my existence. That's what good friends do for you. They change your life--make you see things in new ways and teach you things. I am a much better person for having gone to BYU and for having been involved in BYU wards and with BYU students.

5. And what else is going on in my life? Thanksgiving was rad. 2 days off work with holiday pay!

6. I wish I could go to tomorrow.

7. I miss all my friends that live far away.

8. My siblings are hilarious.

9. I just read Lois Lowry's "Gathering Blue." I liked it. But it wasn't life-changing like "The Giver" is. Oh well. But it made me want to read "Messenger" despite having been warned against that one. Thoughts?

10. Why can't I keep my room clean? It's a disaster so much of the time. I just don't like to put my clothes away.

11. Also I hate doing the dishes. I would like a dishwasher for Christmas, thank you very much.

12. And a washer and dryer would be very nice.

13. What else? We have a next door neighbor who we thought was really nice but recently he started getting super snooty about other people parking in front of his house. We have 4 cars that are all leaving at different times of night and morning, so, naturally, one of our cars is usually parked in one of the spots in front of his house. Just like the corner of his house, really. Our car is mostly just in front of his side yard. For realz though. So anyway, the last couple of days he started parking his own car in that side-house-extra-spot instead of his own driveway (which is now empty, btw), just so we can't park there. For real, dude??? You don't own the street.

Anyway, that is all.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween.

I didn't throw any parties this year. I barely even had a costume. But I made like a million Halloween treats.

And something very traumatic happened to me.

Everyone, vote for the SCARIEST smell in the whole world. What is the last thing you ever want to smell?

The smell that haunts my nightmares; nay, my waking hours, is the smell of BURNT HAIR.

And on Halloween, I smelled it. I was curling my hair for the Institute party, WHAT THE. The stupid curling iron burnt my hair. I saw the patch of burnt brown and shrivelly hair first... and then the smell wafted up to my nose. I started screaming. And then I screamed all the way up the stairs to the other bathroom so show my roommates what had happened. I showed them the burn, and then the unthinkable happened. The burnt hair came off in a clump IN MY HAND. I stood there, in the bathroom, staring (mouth agape) at my handful of luscious, golden locks, and two tears escaped my eyes right before I collapsed onto the sink and counter. A few words were unconsciously whispered... "my crowning glory..." My roommate guided me to a chair in the kitchen and brought me a glass of water.

And so begins the struggle to keep the short and stubby (probs about 2 inches long) chunk of hair tucked into my pony tail. It's going to take MONTHS to grow this one out.

But other than that, Halloween was splendid. I literally went to 2 dances at the institute-- One on Monday the 29th for FHE, and then one on Halloween. And I can just say this: those institute people/the people in slc, throw GOOD parties. There were bounce houses and fog machines and mechanical bulls and good music (namely, Spice Girls, NSYNC, and BSB--- and bieber too) and millions of people galore. I dressed as a hi-liter for Monday's party--

Exhibit A:

And then as a person wearing a batman cape for Wednesday's (I had no creativity. Too many of my Halloween costume ideas just didn't work out... and a small part of me just looks for every and all opportunities to wear that cape. because it's just so dang awesome).

Exhibit B:

And I danced like a crazy person and flirted with boys and sweated a lot (okay that dance on Wed was like the hottest thing I've ever experienced. I'm pretty good at dealing with heat, but I couldn't make it through more than like 3 songs. It was miserable).

And now that Halloween is over, I just want to come up with excuses to dress up some more. Because it rocks. And all you people out there who don't dress up because you think it's lame or you are just boring people, you are REALLY MISSING OUT. Dressing up is nothing but an opportunity for a super fun time where you get to be yourself in somebody else's clothes.

The end.

but also. I have cool roommates.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pop Perfection.

Chris Wallace.

I bought the whole album.

I really am one of those people who actually just really loves pop. I really, really do.

Plus, the man is a little Freddie Mercury-ish. Voice-wise, I mean. No complaints there.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How does Taylor Swift know the story of my life?? It's getting weird.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Staying up late and sleeping in make you feel crappy. You are more tired in general AND psychologically, it just makes you feel like a lazy person that accomplishes less in her life. These are facts.

But staying up late and sleeping in are seriously the definition of Freedom.

There is something so amazing about being able to control, completely, when you can sleep and when you can't. It's amazing to stay up later and later just because you want to. Nobody tells you when to go to bed. Nobody hides your computer or the TV remote so that you can't watch TV.

And sleeping in!!! Oh the heaven that is sleeping in!! You wake up, and there is absolutely no reason to get out of bed. You can read or eat or fall back asleep or really anything else you want to do... but you're just all cozy and warm and comfortable and there is nothing better.

Maybe it has something to do with conquering one of those things that is a basic human need---you know, adding your own control to it or something. Or maybe it just has to do with all the years of being coerced into going to bed when it's still light outside because it's summer, and then being woken up way too early because your dad is singing songs with all the words wrong.

But either way... I'm just excited that I'm awake right now and that it doesn't matter. And I'm even more excited that in the morning, I will wake up, and then fall back to sleep. And then maybe I'll just lay there for a while. Who knows?


Monday, September 17, 2012

4 possibilties

Today there was an unusual occurrence. I drove to work today, went into the Conference Center parking garage, pulled into the usual parking spot, and then BLACKNESS. The lights went out in the whole parking garage. with no windows. it was very dark. Four thoughts immediately popped into my head:

1. Is this the part where they kill me?
2. It must be Dumbledore with his Put-Outer.
3. BATMAN!!! (you know the part when the lights go out in dark knight rises?)

And last:

4. maybe the power just went out.

And then I got out of my car. The emergency lights came on, I was able to get to the elevator, and I went to work.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thoughts of a Monday

1. I lost my first week of fantasy football.
2. You know why I like my new big bed? Because I can leave all sorts of books and clothes and craps on it and I still have PLENTY of room.
3. Because I have no friends in Salt Lake and I'm suddenly afraid of all single adults except for the ones I already know, I feel like I am decreasing in coolness by the day.
4. Cher Lloyd is bomb. And so is the new Matchbox Twenty ballad, "Overjoyed." I have always loved me some Rob Thomas. And Phillip Phillips is very yummy this time of year (post-American Idol, I mean). And last but not least, Ryan Tedder and my OneRepublic. You did it again. "Feel Again" is a mood-brightener if I ever heard one. And I CAN'T WAIT for the new album.
5. I'm going to be Smurfette for Halloween. nobody who reads this is allowed to steal that idea. I'm serious.
6. It's rainy today.
7. I need some new hobbies.... so any ideas? And don't say cooking. That still doesn't appeal, even though I now have plenty of time for it. Why am I such a lame-o?? I'm supposed to work on my housewife skills.... but cooking just takes SO DANG LONG. I want my food NOW.
8. I'm reading Harry Potter 5 again. Because it is my favorite.
9. I wore purple corduroy pants to FHE tonight. And Dawna said I looked like a rockstar. I felt like Willy Wonka. We'll try again next week, I suppose.
10. I talked to my brother on the phone for an hour last night. He has got to be the best brother in the world.
11. I'M GOING TO ST. GEORGE THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! I just love that place so much. so so so so so so so much.

yep. I think that's it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

So you know what happens?

Summer ends.

And your whole life gets flip-turned up-side-down. Like, wth, Fresh Prince, stop trying to give me your life.

Also, you know what it means when I don't blog, like, ever? It means there's a boy. And I don't ever want to record happenings with said boy on this here blog (you know, because you never know what's going to happen), and then that usually leaves like NOTHING else to talk about. But now there is no boy, so back to blogging. But I will give you this gem from the past 3 months of glee:

Here's the teaser that will never turn into a full-length film. :)

No, I purposefully used a picture where you can't see his face. So there.

But now that the cat's out of the bag, I can give you a summer recap, including some things that I have already mentioned, you know, to give the full picture.

1. YAY trip to Loomis, Sacramento, and San Fran, California. A heavenly vacation with my favorite people, Mike and Drake.

2. In case you didn't remember,  I saw Titanic in 3D for my birthday and it changed my life. Movie ended and Stephanie said, "this movie should win 'best picture' every year since it came out. Because there has not been a better movie."

3. One Direction stole my heart, you know, at the concert.

4. Family vacation to the motherland...aka Lompoc, California. (see another post for pictures)

5. A 4th of July spent with boy, complete with late night parade spot guarding, hot air balloon festival, best parade in America, a lovely nap, ward BBQ, and, of course, watching the fireworks from Squaw Peak (you can see the whole valley from up there! There were magical little poofs of fireworks all over the place!)

6. A haze of tiredness that resulted from late late late nights and early early early mornings. I think my whole summer passed by me in a dim, fuzzy flash---I was having a blast---but I don't remember too much of it, because I was just so tired all the time. But the late nights just somehow kept being worth it. Funny how that works out. :) 

7. Some 7 Peaks. Some hikes. Some hammock time. Some puzzle do-ing. A lottta Bachelorette and nail painting with the one and only Laura Thomas. 

8. Apartment hunting. Oh yes, the ALL-TIME WORST part of my summer. I hate moving and I hate looking for a place to move to, especially when I don't want to move all that much. But I felt like it was time to part ways with my beloved Provo. And now I live in a cute little house with 3 cute girls. They are great. But I really miss all my friends. I really miss my Provo. But Salt Lake will be a good place for me. I signed up for 2 institute classes today... I don't know if I'll keep both of them... but I signed up. I want to make friends. And I want to use all the new-found time that I have (because my commute is OVER) for productive things--- you know, like watching Friends and going to institute and working out and such.

9. Lene came to visit. She was here for 3 weeks, and it was just so great. She was so very kind to help me move, and honestly, I don't know that I would have been able to do it without her. It was amazing. She helped me pack and clean and transport everything, and I was so glad to have her here. And also, me and Lene just got to hang out. And giggle. And talk about boys. And visit boys. Such as Geoff and Kevin. haha we made Geoff and Kevin have the longest group hug with us. It was so so hilarious I was gonna die. And we had a mini picnic awesome with the lovely Amy McDonald (who is one of my favorite darlings, btw), and a trip to Pizza Pie Cafe with Kevin and my favorite Mike. And we shopped a little and got stressful manicures.

10. My Meghan and my Joey got married. To each other. And I was a bridesmaid, and the wedding was lovely and so fun and so wonderful, and I wish I could just live that whole day over again, because it was so fun. 
all the pretty ladies. but mostly meghan, of course.
all the cute boys. edward and ben are my fave.
11. Sara Sara got married too. To handsome Jacob McKell. And they were darling. And I was so happy to be a part of her day. :)

12. Me and Lene went to St. George this last weekend. To visit. And I loved being home. I don't think I can ever express what happiness there is in my little town. I got to hang out with my Moe and Jen and their little babies, who are so so so darling, btw. And me, Lene, my mother, Moriah (who is 17 now, HOLY), and Elise, went to Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and it was like the funniest movie of my whole life. RECOMMEND STAMP. 

So now you're pretty well caught up. I live in Salt Lake. And all my friends are either married, live with me, live in Provo, or live in Norway or Jerusalem (woohoo Lorina!). And things are great--- just different. I'm just excited for FOOOOOOTBALLLLLL SEASSSSSOONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

That Michael Phelps

Conversation with the lovely Laura Thomas this morning:

Laura: Michael Phelps won another gold last night.
Audrey: I love Michael Phelps.
Laura: He's just so darn adorable.
Audrey: I just want him to win everything, forever.
Laura: ..... (thinking about MP)
Audrey: But Ryan Lochte is, like, sooooo attractive.
Laura: Yes.

I haven't changed very much in the last 4 years, apparently. Check out this post from the days after the Beijing Games.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


It's been, yeah, a month since I've blogged. That's terrible.

But I have been a busy girl. I promise. I barely sleep.

But I have to post now... mostly just because I love the Olympics.

That's all.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lene Kristine Botolfsen.

I purposefully ignored this girl's birthday. Because I was on vacation and didn't really have a way to wish her an appropriate happy birthday, and if you know Lene Botolfsen, you know that she needs an appropriate happy birthday.

Lene's birthday is one of the most important days of the year. Lene is not ashamed to celebrate! (See Lene's Birthday 2010). And so, because I could not celebrate with her this year, I thought I would list 26 reasons why Lene Kristine Botolfsen is one of my favorite people in this whole wide world.

at her going away party.
1. She is extremely--but not mistakenly--confident in herself and what she wants. She's not afraid to be herself, and she's not afraid to show who she is. This quality ultimately brought a change in my through my association with her. Why should I be nervous to call a boy? Ask him to hang out? Lene isn't. She's cool and collected and very sure of herself.

2. She is very loyal and really cares about people. If you are Lene's friend, she will keep in touch with you, and you will be her friend forever. She devotes a lot of time and money to the people in her life, and that's exactly how it should be. Lene works hard to maintain the relationships that she cares about, and that is admirable. It's exhausting to have as many friends as Lene does, but she takes it in stride.

3. Lene is just so cool. This is what I tell people. That she is literally the coolest person I know.

4. Lene shops and spends money more than anyone else I know.... which makes it a blast to shop with her. One time we were in Banana Republic and she found, and this is a true story, a velvet, purple blazer on sale for a decent price-- but not a fantastic one. And she bought it. Because, what if she needs it when she teaches elementary school? She just might. Or, imagine Lene as a farmer's market. The average customer wanders around and looks at things, talks to the people at the booth, buys maybe a little bit of fruit, and then goes home. Or, if you are me, you buy nothing. ever. But Lene buys....lots of things. Not an unreasonable amount. Not like she's a crazy person. But I was always just in AWE of the way she could talk herself into buying things. :) It was adorable.

5. Lene. likes. kissing. I'm fairly certain that anyone who has ever MET Lene can attest to this fact, because she happens to bring it up quite frequently. Not inappropriately, but contextually and hilariously. In our apartment we had not one, but two mistletoes hanging from the ceiling-- year round. Around Valentine's Day we had a Kissing Booth... that stayed up until August. We had, in one area of our living room, what we like to call the "kissing corner." There was a small poster with kiss marks all over it. We each kissed the poster to signify each boy that we, as 4 roommates, had kissed. When Lene comes into town this August, I think we've collectively got like 4 to add... maybe more.

6. Lene takes an absurd amount of time to do homework. It's not because she's slow. or dumb. The contrary is true, actually. It's because she likes to watch TV or a movie while she does her homework. Why not get some enjoyment out of it, right? When Lene reads this she will protest. She will say that watching something did not make her take longer... but I swear it did.

yes. lene is the one on the left. and yes. she looks terrifying.
7. Lene is very independent and very tough. She does what she wants, when she wants. Not to inconvenience people or anything, but like, if she wants to walk to the grocery store at midnight to get some milk by herself, she will, despite the repeated and emphatic objections of her roommates who care about her and her safety. She also, one time, rode her little red beach cruiser to the Provo Towne Center movie theater for a 7:00pm showing. And then she wanted to watch another movie. so she did. and then another one. a midnight showing. SO. She rode her bike home, by herself, across the SKETCHY bridge on University Avenue that goes over the railroad tracks, at like 2 AM! Crazy woman. But that is Lene. And that is why we love her.

me and lene, pretending to be dating Kevin and Geoff.
8. Did I mention that Lene LOVES Robert Pattinson, the Twilight movies (even though she knows that they are dumb), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dawson's Creek. She loves them. Last summer she watched Buffy and Angel in order, alternating shows every episode, because apparently they connect and happen concurrently, which actually is kind of cool. But who else besides Lene even knows that?

9. Lene has amazing style. She is the queen of accessories, and when we shop together, she is somehow able to buy pieces that I could never see fitting into anyone's wardrobe, but somehow, they do. And they are awesome. Like the velvety purple blazer. I would never, not in a million years, consider spending money on something so impractical. But when she wore it.... I found myself a little jealous. Like, why can't I see things the way she does when I'm trying to build a wardrobe? I see solids and basics... and that my friends, is why my clothes are so boring, but Lene's are so awesome.

10. Lene has a collection of Chuck Taylors. Like a gazillion pairs. When I say gazillion, I mean probably like 15. I really have no idea how many. But that's pretty rad.

11. The first day I met Lene, I was trying to move into my new apartment at Banbridge. I found the apartment, but I had no idea where the management place was. That means I couldn't actually get checked in or get my key or anything. So I knocked on apt 12. The one right across the hall. And Lene answered. She seemed very nice, and very helpful. I noticed that she had a little bit of a strange lilt in her accent. But I didn't think anything of it. Why would I? I didn't find out for like another two weeks that she wasn't from our country. (Which leads me to #12) But she gave me the info that I needed, and little did I know that she would change my life. :)
oh yes. excitement over the little things. you wouldn't guess, but we were at IHOP in this picture. At the traditional finals week dinner.

12. Lene is Norwegian. She is, by far, my favorite Norwegian. Last year when I was student teaching, there were some visiting students from Norway for like a day. And the girls reminded me of Lene-- probably just because of the way their English sounded. :) But anyway, she is very proud of her Norwegian heritage. I have, because of Lene, celebrated the Norwegian national holiday, May 17, 2 times, and with much vigor and vim. Lene makes Norwegian food, decorates, invites everyone that we know to come over, and then on occasion, makes everyone learn and sing the Norwegian National song. It is so great. And so Norwegian. And omg, Lene and her Norwegian skin gets sunburned worse, and more often, than anyone I've ever seen.

13. Lene speaks English better than most Americans. This is partially because she's just so darn intelligent, but also partially because she was always meant to be an American, I am sure of it. On the 4th of July, she just goes around, with her patriotic shirt, waving her little American flag, and saying, "I LOVE AMERICA!"

14. Lene is not shy.

15. Lene celebrates everyday more, and better, than most people. She is always up for planning more things, doing things elaborately, and making excuses to see her friends-- to spend time with people that she likes. In the last 3 years (since I've known her) she planned a significant number of events for everyone to enjoy. And sometimes, she very gracefully let me help her. We planned a lot of things together, and I don't think I've ever had more fun-- or seriously---been more stressed. The short list includes: 2 For Like Ever parties, 2 Picnic Awesomes (I have, so far, dropped the ball on that this year, ps... maybe we'll do it when you come to visit), 1 bomb halloween party, smoothie nights, 2 17 Mai parties, several events on the roof of banbridge, the Old Maid's Day extravaganza, lotsa blacklight dance parties, countless summer weekends of fun, 2 fully-orchestrated birthday bashes, an excellent going-away party, dinner nights for friends, and omh one time we had a bike gang that had this really hierarchical leadership struture that Lene was the master of-- and we would go Slickgangin like once a week and it rocked...etc., etc., etc.
black light madness. Yes, Lene's arm says, "I <3 MEN."

I was in DC student teaching, but I had to make a presence at the For Like Ever. And Amy did to, of course. So Lene made signs. :)

Halloween 2011. At our epic party. And these are my girls. honestly, it's a miracle we were able to gather everyone for one picture. a miracle.

Our collection of summer '11 friends. you know, the summer crew.


16. Everyone wants to be Lene's friend.

17. Lene is very, very smart. And very dedicated to her school work (most of the time). She went into elementary education because she genuinely cares about children and wants to make sure that they learn all the important stuff-- and that they are comfortable at school and have a safe place to go.

18. Lene is very nurturing, and she is going to be an awesome mother. She'll be the cool mom, but also the mom that her kids trust and depend on. I'm so excited to meet her children, btw. because they. will. be. rad.

19. Lene is very organized. She keeps binders full of all her things, and they are all labeled.

20. As a transient college student, Lene still made it a point to collect house decorations-- things that she will want in the future, too. I do not have that mindset, at all, so it was always surprising to me. But awesome. Our apartment was adorable, because of Lene and her decoration collecting habits.

21. Lene likes really manly, manly men.

Our relief society sleepover. We were obviously up to no good.
22. Lene treats our church, and the gospel, as her highest priority. She loves to serve. And she has a testimony, that while serving as her 1st counselor when she was Relief Society President, I learned a lot from. She taught me how to serve with love and kindness, but with firmess-- and she always allowed the Spirit to guide our actions as a presidency. We had loonnnnnnng Sunday meetings. But they were awesome. I looked forward to them every week. I loved the girls in our presidency, but I also loved learning from Lene. We followed the Bishop's counsel to a T. Lene had deep respect for Bishop Brough. She was also always very concerned about our girls. More than the rest of us. She made extra visits, and did what else she could, in her limited time, to serve them. She was an amazing example.

you know, just a small collection of boys.

another small collection. both of these groups of boys came over for dinner as a farewell to Lene, fyi.
23. One time, Lene texted all her favorite boys something akin to the following: "come over so we can cuddle." (that is not a direct quote. I don't know what it actually said... I just know it said something about cuddling). Within like half an hour, there were 12 boys at our house. 12.

24. Lene has excellent picture taking skills. She takes pictures that actually capture moments, and she's not awkward about it. For some reason, I have a hard time making people pose for pictures. I just do. But Lene doesn't. She makes people pose, and they want to. And she makes people take self-portraits, which are always hilarious. And then she posts the pictures. She has over a hundred albums on facebook. They document her college life, and that's amazing. You only have to look at her pictures to realize what a cool person she is. She experiences new things and she's not afraid. And she documents it, and it's just so great. I think that like 70% of all my pics on facebook are from Lene. :)
the 4th of July. Night before. camping out for the parade. Because in the words of Lene,  "what is more American than a parade?"

iceblocking. together. it didn't work. and no, we didn't mean to match that day.

we thought this pic was going to turn out cooler than it did. dang it.

25. Lene gets excited for people. She very appropriately reacts to news that you have. She cares about what you are doing and how you are, and she gets excited. And sometimes, you just need someone to act on the outside exactly what you are feeling on the inside, but just can't let it out.
In San Diego. At the beach. 

26. Lene has a goal to eat a meal in the smallest and largest cities in every state. Who else thinks of something like that besides Lene?

And last: Since Lene left Provo, there have been many occasions when our friends-- or other people-- have made comments about her absence. They tend to say things like, "you can't replace Lene. there is only one Lene." and it's true.

Our last picture together, before she left forever. 

I love you Lene! Happy happy birthday. And thanks for being my bestie. :)

And also. I'm so excited to see you on August 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California Dreaming and I love the Beach PART 2

My recent family vacation to the lush, wonderland that is Southern California.

Our family vacation had a little bit of a rough start-- Stephanie got sick and bailed on the whole thing...which meant that the family vacation became a family vacation-Stephanie vacation. And let's be honest, Stephanie is the heart and soul of the crew. She's the loud and funny one. I mean, they are all loud and funny, but as the oldest, she is the ringleader.

The following is a list of things that occurred on said family vacation:

1. IT TOOK A SOLID 10 HOURS TO DRIVE FROM ST. GEORGE TO LA.  This is supposed to be a 6 hour drive. The logical person might conclude that something terrible must have happened for it to have taken so incredibly long to arrive at destination b. No. Nothing happened. except my father. who was in an unusually good mood and decided to stop a total of 6 times. 3 of those stops were in LAS VEGAS. you read that right. He had also wanted to stop in Mesquite... but I was able to convince him not to. It was a miserable drive. But my father was like singing and whistling to himself the whole time, like there could not be a better drive, ever. Adorable.

2. The first day we went to the wonderful land of Lompoc. My father's dreamland (that must have been why he was so jolly the day before). My dad went to high school and left on his mission from this little California coastal town, and it holds a very special place in his heart. We had never been there before this trip-- and we were all actually very excited to visit too. We wanted to see it. And it was lovely. We loved Lompoc. We were there for the annual Flower Festival. We went to the parade (I LOVE parades) and the festival (oohhh and I love festivals), and then we drove around and he showed us his old house and everything. It really was a dream. :)
what a lovely bunch of parade goers.

3. After much discussion and persuasion (and there might have been a pickled herring involved), my mother and I were able to convince Andrew and father that driving to Neverland Ranch was in their best interest. A difficult feat, mind you. My brother and dad are two of the most persuasive people I have ever met, so they know all the secrets and getting them to do what you want is very hard. BUT, I think my puppy dog eyes are finally what did it (at least I'd like to think so). Andrew realized that driving the extra half hour to Neverland would be a dream come true for me. And it was...even though we could only see the gate. And it wasn't even the same gate that was there when Michael was in residence. But it was still great. Pictures are below, never fear.

The new gate.

4. Many of the car rides included rousing games of "Arthur Trivia" or "Boy Band Trivia." Elise and I make up the best games in this world. These 2 games consisted of everyone taking turns asking questions about Mark Brown's television show, "Arthur" or else questions about 90's boy bands. Both are excellent games. Elise won Arthur Trivia by a long shot (even though we didn't keep score), and I think I take the cake on the boy band one. Boy bands, if you didn't know, are my specialty.

5. Sunday was spent at a church in the LA area and at the LA temple. We walked around the grounds and then hung out at the visitor's center. We also made an appearance at this one terrifying beach... you know, just to splash around and see all the freaks and weirdos on the boardwalk. I was very uncomfortable, actually. Not that great.

my darling baby jo... who is going to be 17 next month. WHA???????
I told elise to get rid of that butt crack part like 12 times, just so you know.

6. Santa Monica beach on Monday. I love the ocean. so sososososoososososo much. The beach was beautiful and warm (except kind of not really. I think I was cold for like a solid three days on this trip. California is super tricky... because you think it's supposed to be warm... and then it's SOO not.) and I went a little too far into the ocean, I think. The lifeguard got a little angry with Andrew and I. I was just annoyed because the lifeguard assumed I wasn't a good swimmer. I am, okay? I just get in that there ocean and want to go out farther and farther and farther. It feels so amazing to get swallowed up in the waves. You feel so small and insignificant-- and so in awe of the wonder of the ocean. How the waves break and then disappear. How they create chaos and then an instant calm. it's amazing. But so anyway, there was an adorable pier on the beach. We rode the ferris wheel and had amazing hamburgers. Holy cow.

yummmm they love that ice cream. my parents are more adorable than yours.

7. The trip included a lot of bonding. We really had so much fun as a family, but I really missed Stephanie. There was definitely a hole. We love her.

8. I read a book, mostly on the road. Divergent. Not that good. Many people had recommended it... but I didn't like it well enough to even read the second one, so there.

9. My father snores, fyi.

10. My mother wore tie-dye sunglasses.

11. Andrew and Mallory were continuously adorable.

12. Moriah kept trying to take naps on me in the back seat. The back seat is mine, okay Baby jo?

13. And Elise just kept getting mad every time I tried to read. So rude.

14. An unexpectedly small amount of arguing and/or stressful decision making. We were all very chill. Unusually so. I feel like there is generally this expectation in my family that we all always have a say in everything. And we all care where we eat, every time. We each, individually, care so much, that it takes a lengthy, full one discussion about where to stop the car for lunch. It's so ridiculous. But there was very little of that on this trip. I think it's partly because I chose to keep my mouth shut (let's face it...I'm probably a large part of that problem), and because we've all matured quite a bit since the last go-around. Anyway, it was lovely.

So thank you, mom and dad, for taking us on this heavenly, peaceful, and lovely vacation. Love you tons.

ID Stole My Heart

Thus begins a tale of a self-indulgent, expensive, quick trip to sin city to see the hottest new boy band that I've been a fan of for, oh, like 4 months.

Was it worth it?

Yes. Definitely yes.

I drove down to St. George with my friend Candace on June 8--- you know, to prepare for the concert on June 9. We slept at my house and then spent the next day making our shirts and then driving down to Vegas. We got there a couple hours early, and there was already a massive line of SCREAMING girls. Yes. They were already screaming. Why? Because that is what teeny boppers do. They scream. We cut in line with some other Provo girls that we know--who had also made some rad shirts--and commenced our own screaming. Girls came running down the line to tell everyone to sing "What Makes You Beautiful" as a group, or else they just came down the line to scream, and for no other purpose.
yes, that is still on my car.

But everyone in line, and near our seats (once we sat down like an hour late) was very friendly and very nice. And I was led to the conclusion that teeny boppers-- and Directioners in general--are a great kind of people. You know, when you are sitting there screaming with someone, a special kind of bond forms.
Megan, Karen, Candace, Me. Yes, her shirt says, "It's Gotta Be Harry Styles." I was jealous.

At one point, before the concert started, there was a commotion in the lower bowl (yes, our seats were at the tippy top. Did we care? no no no no). We looked down but couldn't really tell what was going on. It looked as though the One Direction boys were down in the crowd! Taking pictures with people. So. Candace used her super duper camera to zoom in on the crowd and take some super-up-close pictures.And guess what we found?? THEY WERE IMPOSTERS!!! There were 5 fake look-a-like imposter One Direction boys down in the crowd causing mass hysteria. How rude, right? The 11 year old girls behind us were FREAKING OUT. The one girl started crying. So we turned around and showed them our pictures. They calmed down a lot once they realized that the people in the lower bowl weren't meeting the real thing. But how evil and tricky of those imposters, right?

So there were 2 opening acts. One random girl who was really lame and not even a good singer. And then this dude, Olly Murs, who was also on the British X-Factor, who was so rad I couldn't even stand it. He was awesome. And his background singers were GROOVIN'. Seriously. He was kind of '50s old style with a modern twist-- a little Bruno Mars-y, but no gross. You know what I'm saying. He was adorable and just precious. And he could move. Man, he could move.
A VERY blurry Olly Murs and his rad backgrounds.

Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall
AND THEN. Enter One Direction. They were so so great. You know, I can't even remember what they started the show with. Honestly, I've never experience such screaming in my entire life. Even the boys kept saying, "YOU GUYS ARE LOUD!!" And then they would just scream louder. And then Harry would say something, and screaming would block out any possibility of any other sound. It was deafening, and actually very hard to hear the music. But those One Direction boys are so funny. They made all sorts of jokes and they were adorable, and they sounded GREAT live. Great. And Niall was always off on the side of the stage doing his own thing-- I don't even know. And Louis and Harry were just so funny! Zayn probably didn't talk the whole time. I don't think he said a word. But he sang. And it melted our hearts. I think that Zayn has the best quality to his voice, and s probably, technically, the best singer. I mean, I prefer Harry's voice, because it is deeper and super manly (and the kid's got massive amounts of swag), but Zayn is cool. He's a cool kid. Liam is the adult. Somehow it seems like he's the leader, like he's in charge. That might be because he acts a lot older than the others-- but he also sings like every first verse. He the first voice you hear in all the songs, there's probably some sort of subliminal message in that. Anywho, the whole thing was magical. Candace recorded like all the songs on her awesome camera. I have yet to acquire those videos into my collection of awesome things. But I will.
some mid-concert excitement, if you will.

Other fans, in the crowd,  to note:
The family in front and to my left. It was a mother, 2 daughters, and probably a 9 year old son. The mother was more excited than anyone. And after downing a couple of beers she gettin' down more than anyone else around. It was quite a spectacle. And the kids were just taking pictures of her like they thought it was hilarious! I would have been so terribly embarrassed. If my mother acted like that, I would not go out with her in public. Period. haha.

There was a couple directly in front of me that was utterly atrocious to behold. They were dressed in formal clothes. Like, prom dress and tux. For the One Direction concert. And the girl would like, try to get excited, but the boy was like all up in her grill like the whole time. I would have been like, "dude!! ONE DIRECTION! Get off me!!!" At least I couldn't hear the slurping noises over the screaming.

So my favorite parts of the show were during "One Thing" and "What Makes You Beautiful." As per their request, I called the Jessica Bodily during "One Thing" and Adrienne during "Beautiful." It made it at least a gazillion times more fun to know that I was sharing the joy with others. :) And they loved it-- they said they could hear every word and that it was amazing. Because it was.

After the supposed "final song," the boys left and everyone started crying. Okay, not really, but kind of. People started yelled "encore" or else rushed toward the exits. And let me just tell you, those people who rushed toward the exits MISSED OUT. Those One Direction boys came back on stage in SUITS. people, I'm telling the truth. Harry had a bow tie. This is real life. And they sang another song, and then the crying began in earnest (still, not really, but I assume some people cried...)

Everyone left in such a rush that there were screaming girls packed in the hallways and main entrance area to the arena like sardines. We were all smashed up against each other. So hilarious. And then, in true One Direction spirit, a rousing rendition of "What Makes You Beautiful" arose from the crowd. It was magical. And so hilarious. obv.

There was joy to be had all around.

All I can say is, after seeing One Direction, I HAVE to see Bieber. I would be a crazy person if I missed the Believe tour. So now, I just have to save my pennies and buy tickets before they get too expensive--- which was, like, a month ago. Who knows, maybe I'll win tickets on the radio or something. A girl can hope.

Cause I might be a Directioner, but I'm a Belieber first.

Loomis, CA

Will include my trip with Mike and Drake to their homeland: Loomis, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

And how it changed my world.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor.

So I know that Hunger Games mania has crawled to a walking pace, but I never posted these pictures, or about my wonderful weekend in St. George when I saw that movie the first time.

That weekend, which was like 2 months ago now, included the following:

1. Matching mockingjay shirts. Compliments of Stephanie Lin Spainhower.

2. All the cool people in my family. Which, interpreted, means everyone, because we all qualify as cool.
3. A flag-football tournament that my rockstar brother played in with his buddies. It was a tournament put on by some summer sales company as a recruiting thing. The boys didn't want to be recruited-- they just wanted to win the grand prize: 32" flat-screen TVs for each of them. Question for you: what do you think the chances are that they would win? Answer: very high. They even named their team the "32 inch FLATTYS." And then they won. And joy and happiness was to be had by all, except the losing teams, who should have been celebrating their chance to play against such an amazing flag-football team. Jk, but it was really fun to watch. And Andrew got a free TV that he promptly sold to Stephanie at a highly discounted price. win-win.
4. A really, really great movie. That I have now seen 3 times. The 3rd time was probably a mistake... I was totally bored and sleepy... but the first time I saw it, it was epic. I sat between my father and my sister-in-law, that lovely Mallory. We screamed and gasped together and it was great. And my verdict on the movie: I feel as though that movie is not trying to be a copycat of the book. It's like a companion piece. It adds to the story, rather than detracting, which is rare rare rare for a book-into-movie scenario. I loved the extra insight into Seneca Crane and the gamemakers. It was incredible. And the whole tone of the movie was appropriate. It was serious and conveyed the right message, but it's wasn't too dark and creepy. Well done Lionsgate. Well done.
5. This weekend, as all St. George weekends do, included a trip to Durangos. I seriously make an appearance at this eatery every time I go to St. George. Last week when I was in town, I was really busy with all sorts of stuff, and I forgot about Durangos until my mother casually mentioned it. And then it was over. There was no going back. I had to have Durangos. Within the hour.

You know, more and more, I realize that my life revolves around food. When and where I am going to get it. I eat out too much. I spend way too much money on delicious food that someone else cooks for me in an instant with next to no effort on my part. It's a miracle, really. Eating out, I mean. But I need to stop. :) It isn't healthy for my body or my wallet. But it's just so fun!!

Well, so anyway. I have been bad at blogging lately. really bad. But I'm going to try and catch up. This is the start. The events in this post happened in March.... but now they have been recorded. So three cheers for Audrey.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

today already.

Things that happened today

1. I was stuck in traffic for 3.5 hours. And got sick of all the radio songs. and the morning zoo on 97.1.
2. Talked to Andrew for exactly 100 minutes and 52 seconds.
3. Heard "Truly Madly Deeply" on the radio.... this is when the day started to get better.
4. Had Chick-fil-A for lunch.... with a cute boy. And it's not the cute boy you think it is.
5. finished the work day... which was shorter than usual because of the traffic delay. And when I say delay, I mean I got to work at 11:00am. I left my house at 7:26am.

But I'm going to go shopping and I'm going to dinner with some coworkers, and life is just peachy.

Also. Yesterday I met the most beautiful little 1-day-old girl. Check Rachelle's facebook page for pictures. But seriously, I teared up a little when I met her. Child birth is such a miracle. I just can't get over how amazing it is. Brad and Rachelle have been trusted with a sweet, special spirit to take care of. And they get to teach her and love her and protect her, and that is just so lucky. And so I just want to say congratulations to the happy couple and baby. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Tomorrow I will celebrate my 24th birthday. It will be full of laughter and merriment... although I will be woeful about my increasing age.

But tomorrow I will also celebrate something else... that is even more glorious and wonderful and supremely delicious. And do you know what that is? The one year anniversary of my last day of student teaching. I can commemorate the end of all sadness and stress in my life. The past year has been blissful, comparatively. I have a great job outside of the teaching profession. I have great friends. And great possibilities for my future. And I never have to set my eyes on that school again. I still have nightmares about it, honestly. It tortures me. But at least in real life, I don't have to go there. ever. And that is simply the best thought I could have, on my birthday, every year for the rest of my life.

ALSO. Tomorrow pre-sale begins for the epic US concert tour of the one and only One Direction. July 25, 2013, I will be there. And I will buy my tickets tomorrow.

And a random thought:

So I love it when people allow the post on facebook that says they got a new high score on angry birds. I'm like, "CONGRATULATIONS! What a load of time you are wasting on facebook....and angry birds! Your life must be so cool!" and then I remember that I was probably on facebook for the same amount of time... I was just looking at other people's pictures... and then I realize that trying to beat a high score on a dumb game is probably higher than photo stalking on the productive scale. But only just barely.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Who Says

1. raise your hand if you think JLo should stop recording music. I see that everyone's hands are raised. (I bow).

2. I am not ashamed to admit that I listen to "Boyfriend" on repeat daily. I haven't synced my ipod to my itunes in a couple of days, but the play count just in itunes is 36. The song is 4 minutes long. that's a lot of bieber time.

3. One direction. Have taken over and consumed my life, in a really great way. I never thought the boy band would be super cool again (at least for a really long time), but I was very wrong. One Direction has it all. And I am in love. with their whole album. and their cute little 18 year old faces. love them. Go to, type in "one direction," and watch all of their videos. You will not even be able to hear the music "over their gorgeousness" (glozell).

4. See future post for my weekend in St. George--- a couple weeks ago. I have realized that my stg weekends are the most eventful recently... I hope that means it's just getting close to finals and all my friends who are students are occupied and that once summer starts my social life will start to get fun agan. I hope i hope i hope i hope. Because I miss my friends.

5. I just finished reading Mockingjay again. And it is so beautiful. I enjoyed it a lot more the second time-- I mean, I still have my complaints. But that's because the book is about a war. It's not going to end neatly and perfectly, exactly the way you want it. It's about pain and struggle and suffering, and somehow, it feels very real. Suzanne Collins gave the world a gift. And I hope people realize what she is trying to teach us. I love the way she paints life, imperfections of humanity, painful hope for the future, and how overwhelmingly, there is always something to live for-- even in the most desperate of situations. People go on living. They survive. And it's beautiful. It's colorful and dramatic and anxious and real.

6. When I read those books I have dreams about them all night--- for days. And it's not pleasant, but I like it. I feel like, if I have dreams about something, it means it has really left an impression in my brain. And that's cool. I want to be able to do that for people one day. Teach what I want them to know--- so that they think about it hard enough that it pervades their mind in sleep. But how do I do that? That, my friends, is the lifelong pursuit. Finding a way to make an impact on people. Teach them what I know. And I'm not talking about brainwashing, obviously. I'm talking about inciting crucial critical thinking.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A few words

On Hunger Games mania.

Have you seen this video?

This is exactly what the book is about. Did anyone else read the book and have the following two thoughts enter their brain simultaneously? 1) THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! The pacing is phenomenal. It's so fast, but slows down beautifully to capture moments (like Rue's death, para examplar). I love the first person perspective-- I feel like I am in the book! And why doesn't she love PEETA? and 2) WHOA SOCIAL COMMENTARY.

'Tis the social commentary part that I want to discuss here.

The book is merely a futuristic gladiator-based society. The rich live in luxurious wealth and they do strange things to their bodies for beauty, fashion, and ever-changing trends. The poor live in subservience to the wealthy-- not necessarily because the wealthy watch them all day and tell them what to do-- but they are prevented from making any forward progression, and their supplies are so limited that they have no choice but to do only what they can to survive (not get ahead). The rich (and poor for that matter) all watch the gladiatorial Hunger Games competitions. They are fascinated by the drama, the suspense, the violence, the potential romance, the larger-than-life situations combined with human reality.

Any of this sound familiar? Does it, perhaps, sound eerily similar to our world?

Americans pride themselves on the American Dream; the idea that in America one can accomplish his or her dreams through hard work and endless opportunity. I believe that still exists-- I really do. But I think that too often the American Dream is crippled by government aid and lack of education, among other things (including, but not limited to, the ruination of the nuclear family and basic morals). Poverty runs in a cycle, and there is a reason for that. People have a hard time getting out--- just like the citizens of District 12.

We follow gimmicks and trends so closely these days that a one-finger nail-a-different-color trend can begin on Pinterest and be nationwide in like a month. The model on the Pitbull "Rain Over Me" video even subscribes. Music trends move so quickly that a UK-based boy band can enter the United States one week and have their album debut on Billboard at #1 the next (speaking of which, that One Direction broke all kinds of records this week. They were the first foreign entity to debut at #1. Not even the Beatles did that). It's miraculous. And not all bad. The information revolution is amazing. It has given a lot to the world. I'm just saying that we are slaves to trends. And they are often body-changing kinds of trends. Remember when it was cool in the 90s to have 2 earrings? That hasn't been cool (even outside of Utah) for the past 10 years. Little boys even used to have 1 earring. No longer. And people have surgeries to change their bodies. They get tattoos and piercings all over the place-- because they want to look different and they want to look cool (I am by no means supposing that I know and/or can identify all the reasons that people alter their bodies. All I'm saying is that they are often for shallow and/or self-conscious reasons). There is a standard for beauty in our society just like there is in Panem. And Suzanne Collins is able to lay out the situation in Panem in such a way that it seems totally realistic-- but altogether so far-fetched that many people (particularly the series' target audience, YAs) would not compare the Capitol to our society. But is that what Ms. Collins is trying to do? I think so.

And then we come to the Games. Have you ever watched Reality TV? Is it not virtually the same thing? Have you ever been to any sort of entertainment event (live) where the potential of someone participating could get hurt? And when they do, you stare, fascinated, and can't look away? Examples: rodeos. extreme sports. the average American football game. boxing. wrestling. anything that incudes stunts-circus acts, acrobats. gymnastics. The list is endless. And most of the time, it's pure fun. No one gets hurt, and it's just cool. But at the same time. We stare. We watch. We love it. And we follow reality shows--and talk about them--like they are part of our lives. Like we know the people involved. And it's so fun. The Hunger Games are OBVIOUSLY MUCH MORE BARBARIC AND MUCH MORE DRAMATIC. I don't deny that. But they are a type and shadow. They are an exaggerated example. Our society is obsessed with drama, violence, and sex. And Ms. Collins typifies that. She illustrates it. Paints a lovely little picture.

And her point is proved-- wait for it--- with the success of these novels. We absorb and love it. Drink it all up-- and because of the way it's displayed, it seems okay-- which exaggerates her point even more. This is portrayed, quite comically, in the video embedded above. It is also starkly visible in the fact that my baby sister is currently at what my mother called a "reaping." I'm not sure what this entails. All I know is that a "reaping" as described in the Hunger Games is something that no one should ever want to attend.

And these are my few words. on hunger games mania.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The blessed return of the boy band.

One Direction:

The Wanted:

this is why we love pop. and summer. and boys. and bands. and music in general. And let's not forget the greats: Jackson 5. The Beach Boys. The Beatles. Backstreet Boys. New Kids. NSYNC.

And now we have entered a new era of boys bands. and they are smoking up the charts. and blowing up Itunes. AND they are foreign. English and Irish, yes please.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm going through that kind of phase where I think about blogging just about everyday, but then when I sit down and have time to blog... I forget everything that I wanted to say.

I keep forgetting what I want to catch everybody up on.

My life consists of going to work and then coming home. And then it's either FHE, institute, the temple, the gym, The Bachelor, American Idol, roommates, fan club, Friends (I borrowed a favorites collection from my neighbor), shopping, or any other social event that happens to be scheduled to which I decide to make an appearance, fashionably late of course.

1. Speaking of the Bachelor, if you haven't seen this already, then you should see it now. I can't believe I didn't notice this from day 1:

It's funny because it's true. They even have the same hair!!!! ALSO. I've lost so much interest in the show recently that I didn't watch last week's episode except the rose ceremony, and I missed most of the girls tell all from this week. I mean, I'll watch the finale, but it's just not nearly as fun when Courtney isn't being mean. Sheesh.

2. I have decided that pop culture consumes WAY TOO MUCH of my life. And honestly, I have cut back SERIOUSLY on my iTunes usage lately. And I haven't watched American Idol in two weeks. The last song I purchased on iTunes was Chris Brown's "Turn Up the Music," and that was released the day after the Grammys.... so what was that, like mid-February!?! It's been like 3 weeks! And so... maybe I'll get a real hobby if I actually cut down on my media time. That would be cool. Maybe I'll go scrapbooking. Or else learn how to... I don't know... cook. I actually did make a resolution this year to learn more housewifery skills. I'm just betting they will come in handy someday. I mean, they've got to, right?

3. Speaking of Chris Brown, I'm loving R&B lately. I mean, I love it periodically, but there has been some magic going on in the R&B world as of late. See below. I watch the first video nearly everyday when I get on the bus. Why do I love Ne-Yo so much? And Jennifer Hudson is like the epitome of girl power. I swear.

And then HI. Brandy and Monica. Welcome back.

4. Work is alternately really awesome and/or actually kind of stressful. We get really busy sometimes. And sometimes I really just get sick of fetching things for people and/or shifting columns and stacks of books so that new items will fit on shelves. Amanda, I know you will be reading this, and you can attest to my grumpy demeanor on Monday when we were shifting. This is my formal and public apology for that...I was a snot. But seriously.

Sometimes I dream of the other kinds of jobs I could have at the Church History Department, and that makes me really happy. And sometimes I can't imagine staying in the same place for so long. As students and/or children we are hardwired for change. Every semester. Every year. Every other week for crying out loud. We have new classes, wards, friends, boys, etc., all the time. And the idea of committing to one thing for an extended period of time FREAKS ME OUT entirely. I'm guessing this is something I am going to have to get over very shortly. Nobody will want to marry a committment-phobe... and I'm hoping to get married, I don't know, within the next 5 years. That would be ideal.

5. Not being in school stresses me out for many reasons--- one of which--- is that I feel like I am getting dumber by the day. I know... it's probably in my head. But without academic reading, brain exercises, studying, memorization techniques, critical thinking, research, and writing, I think that neurons and synapses and craps in my brain are dying in truckloads. I just don't feel smart anymore. I think that probably has to do with the fact that I was never that smart to begin with-- I think I was just spectacular at fooling a lot of people (including teachers and administration at Dixie High School), but I did work pretty hard, and I miss that. I know, I could study on my own. I could do my own research, and I could write my own stuff. But where is the time and motivation for that? I spend a whopping 12 hours a day either working or commuting (or at lunch :)), and when I get home I am starved and brain-tired, and the evening's activities and TV sound like the best option... but really... I'm getting dumber. I am killing my brain more and more each day. And yet... the desire for grad school has all but left me. I mean, I want to do it eventually, but right now, I don't know, it just doesn't feel right. For crying out loud, I feel like a crazy person. I think this is a good time to use one of my favorite words- CONUNDRUM. This is a conundrum. One of those problems that I will complain about forever... but never seek a solution. Because deep in my heart of hearts I know there isn't one.

6. Speaking of no solutions, I think this is a concept that the male species does not understand. They like to solve problems. They like to hear the problems and then find solutions immediately. Without wasting any time. What I hate most about this is that it sounds 100% logical. Why wouldn't you immediately want a solution, right? Why not? Because sometimes you know the solution-- or else you don't know and you really don't care what the solution is-- and you just want to talk about it. Note to future boys (and current) in my life: don't try to solve my problems. Just say "wow. that's awful. [insert appropriate question here]." Because when you try to solve my problems and offer solutions, it just makes me feel like you think I'm dumb (see #5), because obviously, the answers to all my problems are just that easy. Anyway. 

7. I need more Harry Potter in my life. It's been a solid year and a half since I read one of those blessed books. I think that's the longest I have gone since reading Harry Potter 1 December of 2001. Harry Potter has been in my life for a solid 10 years. And what a good 10 years it has been. :)

8. On Sunday night I played mash with the fan club. It was one of the best moments of the year. The three of them picked all the stuff-- for themselves and their future potential life with me. They were basically fighting over marrying me (it originally started as a competition for a trip to the kissing booth, but I squashed their hopes and dreams rather harshly), which is something that a girl will always appreciate, I can assure you. In the end I married Ben, but lived the life that Drake wanted for us, and Mike was left out of the whole deal. I felt kind of bad. But ladies, if you ever need a boost of good feelings about yourself, just call up your fan club and they will make you feel better. They are excellent for intense Saturday night chats, runs to the Creamery for Graham Canyon ice cream (which is a delicious combination of graham flavored ice cream with chocolate covered honeycombs... basically frozen heaven), and on-the-spot games of clue and/or banana grams. And, I promise you, they will make you laugh. Harder than you have... since the last time you saw them. I love these boys. :)

9. I JUST REMEMBERED WHAT I WANTED TO BLOG ABOUT!!! holy!!! except... it's too late now, and I need to sleep. SO. Here's a hint... and maybe I'll write about it tomorrow. One word: grandpa.