Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween.

I didn't throw any parties this year. I barely even had a costume. But I made like a million Halloween treats.

And something very traumatic happened to me.

Everyone, vote for the SCARIEST smell in the whole world. What is the last thing you ever want to smell?

The smell that haunts my nightmares; nay, my waking hours, is the smell of BURNT HAIR.

And on Halloween, I smelled it. I was curling my hair for the Institute party, WHAT THE. The stupid curling iron burnt my hair. I saw the patch of burnt brown and shrivelly hair first... and then the smell wafted up to my nose. I started screaming. And then I screamed all the way up the stairs to the other bathroom so show my roommates what had happened. I showed them the burn, and then the unthinkable happened. The burnt hair came off in a clump IN MY HAND. I stood there, in the bathroom, staring (mouth agape) at my handful of luscious, golden locks, and two tears escaped my eyes right before I collapsed onto the sink and counter. A few words were unconsciously whispered... "my crowning glory..." My roommate guided me to a chair in the kitchen and brought me a glass of water.

And so begins the struggle to keep the short and stubby (probs about 2 inches long) chunk of hair tucked into my pony tail. It's going to take MONTHS to grow this one out.

But other than that, Halloween was splendid. I literally went to 2 dances at the institute-- One on Monday the 29th for FHE, and then one on Halloween. And I can just say this: those institute people/the people in slc, throw GOOD parties. There were bounce houses and fog machines and mechanical bulls and good music (namely, Spice Girls, NSYNC, and BSB--- and bieber too) and millions of people galore. I dressed as a hi-liter for Monday's party--

Exhibit A:

And then as a person wearing a batman cape for Wednesday's (I had no creativity. Too many of my Halloween costume ideas just didn't work out... and a small part of me just looks for every and all opportunities to wear that cape. because it's just so dang awesome).

Exhibit B:

And I danced like a crazy person and flirted with boys and sweated a lot (okay that dance on Wed was like the hottest thing I've ever experienced. I'm pretty good at dealing with heat, but I couldn't make it through more than like 3 songs. It was miserable).

And now that Halloween is over, I just want to come up with excuses to dress up some more. Because it rocks. And all you people out there who don't dress up because you think it's lame or you are just boring people, you are REALLY MISSING OUT. Dressing up is nothing but an opportunity for a super fun time where you get to be yourself in somebody else's clothes.

The end.

but also. I have cool roommates.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pop Perfection.

Chris Wallace.

I bought the whole album.

I really am one of those people who actually just really loves pop. I really, really do.

Plus, the man is a little Freddie Mercury-ish. Voice-wise, I mean. No complaints there.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How does Taylor Swift know the story of my life?? It's getting weird.