Monday, January 26, 2009

More Christmas...

I forgot about these pictures and I decided that they were too good to pass up! I always like to post pictures of my family because they are so adorable and I just love them SO much! I also had to post a picture of my besties in St. George. They are too too awesome, and I want them to know how much I love and adore them. Moe and Jen are the best friends a girl could ask for, even if they ditch you for a husband. I understand. Okay fine, I don't really understand, but I'm good at pretending that I understand. And pretending will have to do until I get a husband and actually understand. But anyway, I love you guys.

The pictures of my family are from Christmas Eve. It is tradition to get new pajamas, put them on, and then all pile in the van that we are too big for and drive around looking at Christmas lights and singing the "Candy Free Christmas Tree" song. It is, by far, the best Christmas song ever.

I didn't even put a list in this post! Yay me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

80's Skating: very fun but very painful.

Reasons Why:
1) Uh, it was 80's night! What is more fun than poofy hair, hot pink lipstick, minis, and leggings?
2) My girls are awesome, and now we are real friends with Amy and Lindsay downstairs. We are no longer just Sunday friends- we made the transition.
3) Classic roller skates are the until you fall. That's where the painful part comes in.
4) I fell TWO times. First, I landed on my side and got a big bruise. Second, I fell straight backwards and smacked my tailbone on the floor. It hurt so bad I couldn't move for a minute, and I seriously almost cried. I never cry. We went skating on Saturday. It is now Wednesday. My tailbone is STILL sore. And I swear that I got whiplash from the experience. My neck was killing me afterward!
5) The skates scraped the skin off of my right ankle. That was particularly painful in the shower the next day.
6) Requesting "Billie Jean" and dedicating the song to Ashley and Devon in honor of their recent engagement...
7) Attempting to dance while skating. That may have been the reason for all the pain.
8) Well, that's about it. The night was fun until we put the skates on, and then it was too painful to be fun anymore.
9) But how about this one: when I realized that the 3" silver heels that I was wearing with my outfit were more comfortable than the skates I was wearing. It was honestly a relief to put them back on at the end of the night.
10) Singing in the car on the way to classic skating and back. I always love singing in the car.

PS- I have a shout-out for my Ash Baby. I love you, darling! And congratulations on the diamond! SCORE!!!! I'm so excited for you. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Holidays in the St.G

Nicole, Stephanie, Grandma Colleen, Me, Elise (at the family Christmas Party)
Me and Dax in the center, Elise and Heeather are off to the sides.
Moriah and Andrew. I promise, Andrew really does know how to smile. And Moriah is being a reindeer at the moment. It was a game. She doesn't wear that all the time.
Elise, Daxton, and Me. Daxton was the reindeer on our team- and he did it grudgingly.
Katie Barber, Me, Danielle Wolverton, and Rachelle on New Year's Eve. Those bottles are Martinelli's, promise.

Best things about Christmas and New Years:
1) Family Christmas party and the Reindeer Game.
2) Sleeping in my own bed.
3) Having a bathroom counter that actually fits things.
4) Singing the "Candy Free, Christmas Tree" song on Christmas Eve.
5) Christmas Adam and Christmas Carol.
6) Pretending that we went to several New Year's Eve parties with our other pretend friends.
7) Treating New Year's Eve like not a big deal.
8) Eating Grandma Colleen's peanut brittle. Sorry Andrew, I know you didn't get any. :(
9) Sleeping in EVERY DAY.
10) Going to High School Musical 3 at Flood Street with ALL of my siblings. It was highly enjoyable, and we developed two new lines for our family vocabulary: 1) If you are describing some attractive boy to someone else, but he is less attractive than Zac Efron, you say, "Well, he's no Troy Bolton, but..." Note: This is the situation in most descriptions of attractive boys. 2) "Slow down, Lebron!" Andrew practically fell off his chair when Troy said it to Chad.
11) Going to Pizza Factory and Dairy Queen with Moe and Jen. It was SO GOOD to hang out with them. So refreshing. I love those guys.
12) Um, Presents, duh!
13) My Mom's lasagna.
14) Christmas cinnamon rolls.
15) Staying up and watching TV with Elise every night.
16) NOT worrying about school.
17) Being in St. George- not wearing a jacket some days, hiking in Snow Canyon, sitting on the Sugarloaf, driving around St.G, etc. I just love St. George.
18) The excursion Rachelle and I made to look at the stars and drink hot cocoa. The stars part didn't work out too well, but the hot cocoa did!