Thursday, November 29, 2012


How do I forget about blogging so much these days? It used to be like my favorite thing in the universe.

And so begins another blog post in which I don't really have anything to say:

1. ONE DIRECTION. The new album is bomb and I haven't stopped listening to it for 3 weeks. You read that right. Peep this video for a small taste. And if you find yourself suffering from a small crush on one of these darling boys, don't worry, they are all over age. haha.

2. I went ice skating with my roommates last week, and I have NEVER loved ice skating so much. I want to go back like once a week. Because it was such a blast. The skates didn't hurt my ankles, and I didn't even fall down ONE TIME! It was nothing short of a miracle. Look out Gallivan Center--- I'm coming back.

3. My heart is still a little bit stuck in Provo... but I'm slowly transitioning to Salt Lake. I go to Provo a heck of a lot less. That saves me lotsa money on gas. And I'm making more friends in Salt Lake....but still....most of my favorite people are in the land of BYU. And I'm really starting to see Salt Lake City as a place where I could be for a long time. I really do love the city. There is SO MUCH to do around here. So many cool things to be involved in. I'm really starting to see the sort of opportunities that living in a big city can offer. And I've actually made a list of things that I want to have as hobbies someday. Since moving to Salt Lake I've been evaluating my life and my whole person and starting to see exactly who and what I want to be. I have so much to learn and so much to discover! So many people to meet and so many places to see. And so much to grow from in this one place. Utah is such an amazing place. It really is. What else do I actually need? Since my first semester in DC I've had all these ambitions about working at all sorts of cool places and living in famous cities and being this awesome person that people talk about, like, "I know this girl who is so awesome and beautiful and smart and she lives in Boston and works at the Kennedy Presidential Library," because how cool would that be???? But you know what is cooler? Being close to family and the people who love you. And working at a place and doing work that is so important. I had a sort of epiphany about my job last Sunday-- I was kind of struck by how important it is to keep a record of the church. If you think about it, the Book of Mormon was compiled by Mormon, right? And he got all this information from all the historical and spiritual records that had been kept by his people. And who knows how many thousands of volumes and chunks of gold plates he went through to get all the information he needed for this one book. The Nephites kept a record so that one day we would have their history and see the hand of God in their lives. And that is what I do at my job. I make sure that the records are kept and preserved. I keep things organized. And isn't that so amazing. I am forever grateful for a job that I love AND have a testimony of.

4. I had a conversation with a boy at work today which was prompted by him asking the following question: "What is it like at BYU?" This boy went to the U. I don't think he realized what he was getting himself into by bringing up like my #3 favorite topic in the world (numbers 1 and 2 being HP and MJ, respectively). I am a person who likes to talk. And I like to talk about the things that I like, especially when whoever I am talking to doesn't know much about what I'm about to say and/or they are acting very interested. I told him all about what a dreamland BYU is and how the wards work and what it's like to walk around campus and see everyone you know. And all about the HBLL and what kinds of people study on which floors. And I told him about finals week and how I could eat like 3 meals a day on campus and I would just leave my stuff sitting out in the library to go grab food really fast (b/c why would you want to pack everything up when there are people at the table who are perfectly willing to "watch" your stuff??) I told him about how heavenly the summers are and how everyone is involved in Church stuff and how everyone is best friends in the summer. I was about to launch into the story of Epic Summer 2010, but I ran out of time (and that story would have included Slickgangin and the Wink at the Stranger Initiative! the boy missed out). But I guess that the summary of all of this is that I am so grateful that I was able to have the college experience that I did. I met SO MANY amazing people who have changed my life--and will continue to impact me for the rest of my existence. That's what good friends do for you. They change your life--make you see things in new ways and teach you things. I am a much better person for having gone to BYU and for having been involved in BYU wards and with BYU students.

5. And what else is going on in my life? Thanksgiving was rad. 2 days off work with holiday pay!

6. I wish I could go to tomorrow.

7. I miss all my friends that live far away.

8. My siblings are hilarious.

9. I just read Lois Lowry's "Gathering Blue." I liked it. But it wasn't life-changing like "The Giver" is. Oh well. But it made me want to read "Messenger" despite having been warned against that one. Thoughts?

10. Why can't I keep my room clean? It's a disaster so much of the time. I just don't like to put my clothes away.

11. Also I hate doing the dishes. I would like a dishwasher for Christmas, thank you very much.

12. And a washer and dryer would be very nice.

13. What else? We have a next door neighbor who we thought was really nice but recently he started getting super snooty about other people parking in front of his house. We have 4 cars that are all leaving at different times of night and morning, so, naturally, one of our cars is usually parked in one of the spots in front of his house. Just like the corner of his house, really. Our car is mostly just in front of his side yard. For realz though. So anyway, the last couple of days he started parking his own car in that side-house-extra-spot instead of his own driveway (which is now empty, btw), just so we can't park there. For real, dude??? You don't own the street.

Anyway, that is all.