Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Review (3/22-3/28)

Monday through Thursday: nothing exciting except American Idol- Motown week. I am sincerely in love with Motown music. I actually purchased a Motown #1's album on iTunes. I love it.
Friday: Something exciting that I will tell about in a future post, and RACHELLE'S BIRTHDAY! Yay yay yay! She turned the big 21, and that means that I AM NEXT! I am not prepared to be that old! For her birthday, she decided that she wanted to cook everyone dinner, which was fine by me! She made some amazing spaghetti sauce. Yum. And we opened presents, then went Stephanie Abraham's. It was her birthday too, and Megan Knell threw her a surprise party! The night was complete with a movie- "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Love it. I bought Rachelle some books for her birthday. I love buying books, and I love going in book stores. It's totally a win-win.
Saturday: baptisms at the Provo temple, the gym, then THE COLOR FESTIVAL!!! See the next post for this one... I'm building anticipation, see? We had caramel apples for dinner, and then went bowling! I am like the worse bowler in the history of China. I totally lost. Like by far. Sad day.
Sunday: see another post for this one too.

The weekly review idea has grown a little old for me, but it's kind of nice still because I can lay everything out, and I won't forget what I wanted to write about. I can just look at the reviews and see what I am missing! It's really quite handy.

Also, make sure that you scroll down and read the next two posts. They are new, but I did so many right in a row that they might get lost a little. Don't let it happen! They are good ones. Especially the one about Kaitlin's bridal shower. :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Randomness of last week that I need to catch up on.

I swear, I always have way too much to say. Okay, here goes:
1. Remember when I said I had to go back on campus to study for a test last Tuesday?? Well, I barely studied at all, and I didn't do like ANY of the reading. In fact, most of my study session consisted of the girl who I studied with summarizing the chapter we were supposed to read for me. Luckily she did that, because the next day, when I took the test, one of the essay questions was all about one of those chapters. So, I simply wrote down what she told me. And I ESCAPED NOT STUDYING AGAIN! I got the test back, and guess what I got??? AN A-!!!!! Not an A, but still, that doesn't happen to people! I was SUPER DUPER excited. But it is also like REALLY bad, because now I have no motivation to study for the final. Don't worry, though, I will anyway. I am going to stop being such a bad student. It was so unlike me.

2. American Idol: country night. Again, this was not okay. I hate country. It was seriously like the most boring episode of American Idol that I have ever seen, and I hate admitting that. But the highlight to the retchedness: Matt Giraud. He is definitely my declared favorite. I mean, I like Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert as well, they are totally awesome, but seriously, it's all about Matt. Let's look at his past comments from Simon: One week, Simon said he was a little bit like Justin Timberlake. This is ALWAYS a good thing. Another week, Simon told him he was reminiscent of Michael Buble, another comparison that CAN NEVER BE BAD. To add to this, HE SANG A MICHAEL JACKSON SONG BETTER THAN MICHAEL JACKSON! (At least I liked it better, and let's all agree and remember that THAT is saying something). To summarize the phenomenon that is Matt Giraud, he is a mixture of Justin Timberlake and Michael Buble, but he has a little bit of Michael Jackson flare. The only thing he is missing is Rob Thomas, and he would be the most amazing singer in the known world. Just kidding, I wouldn't go that far, but STILL!!!!
3. I am psychic. Seriously, though, I predict things all the time! It's getting a little bit creepy. Here is a list of the things I have guess recently (of what I can remember, anyway).
  • The BYUSA election: Somehow, the moment I saw the posters on campus, I knew who was going to win. It's not like I just guessed, I saw the candidates, and immediately just knew. I didn't know any of them or anything. So, I went to the ballots and voted for them. Why vote for anyone else? There's no use resisting fate. That team of candidates made it past the primaries with one other group, and they were not even the frontrunners. And yet, I knew they would win. And guess what? They did.
  • The Stadium of Fire: the day before the headliner act was announced, I said, "I think the Jonas Brothers are going to be at the Stadium of Fire this year." Bam.
  • American Idol: It was surprising to a lot of people that Alexis Grace got kicked off. When I was doing my weekly run-down predictions, for no reason in particular (I was actually a fan of hers), I picked her to get kicked off. And guess what? She did.
  • Ann's injury: Just this last Friday night, I had a dream that Ann would injure her foot while running. I told her about it that morning. We laughed, and she went on her run. A couple hours later, Ann cam limping home with an injured foot. Creepy, right?
  • In conclusion, I have super powers.
The end.

Breakfast at Kaitlin's

Me and Kait

Kaitlin and her Mama.

Okay, so it wasn't breakfast, and it wasn't at Kaitlin's apartment. It was a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" themed bridal shower! BEST BRIDAL SHOWER EVER (except for the other two that I threw... Uh, I still love you BSC!).

We all wore black and white and pearls, and it was so fancy! We drank sparkling grape juice in tiny champagne glasses that we bought at the party store for $9. Kind of pricey, but so worth it! And Meghan, Lorina, and I made cupcakes- I made black-bottomed cream cheese (thanks for the recipe, Ash, it's my new fave!), Meg made strawberry shortcake cupcakes (that were ADORABLE, by the way), and Lorina attempted to make red velvet, and they would have been amazing, we just ran out of time to finish them before the shower started. Anyway, it was great. We decorated with black, white, a little bit of silver, and a little bit of Tiffany blue. We had pretty table clothes, and Audrey Hepburn posters, and balloons, and all sorts of festive things.

As for as activities for the shower went, Meg made a movie of Spencer answering questions about himself, and Kaitlin had to guess that answers. She actually did a really good job. :) Props. We also played a new game called, "Name that body part!" We took pictures of bunch of boys' arms, hands, feet, eyes, lips, butts, etc., and then we all guessed which ones were Spencer. Kaitlin, incidentally, was the only one who got them all right. It was a fun game, but a little hard to prepare. It was slightly awkward asking the boys if we could take pictures of their butts. We have cooperating friends, fortunately. I also made a little book for everyone to sign notes to Kaitlin in.

To sum up, it was really fun, but TOTALLY stressful. I forgot until just now how crazy it was that morning before the shower. When we woke up in the morning, we still had to take pictures of boys, print off the said pictures, clean the apartment, grocery shop for our cupcake ingredients, make the cupcakes, decorate the house, go the Pebbles to put together the advice book for Kaitlin, go to the party store to get dishes and such, buy balloons, AND shower and get ourselves ready for the extravaganza. The shower was at 2, and we didn't get to the store in the morning until about ten. To put it lightly, I WAS FREAKING OUT. I think I'm a pretty good party planner, I make things fun, right? But for some reason, this all just fell through until the last minutes. Part of the problem was my burnt hand because it made me do everything ten times slower than normal, and the other part was that I was totally out of party-preparing commission on Friday because my family was in town (which was great, by the way). I also have to say that NOTHING would have worked out if I had been doing it all myself. Meghan, Lorina, and Elise helped A LOT, and Ashley, Rachelle, and Ann did a lot too. Thanks, guys. (Also, I don't want to make this sound like it was my shower to throw- we were all kind of in it together- well, mostly Meghan and me). So, back to me freaking out. I was rushing around trying to do everything, making the cupcakes and throwing pots around, and Ann finally said, "Audrey, how about we put on some relaxing music. That usually seems to help you." So sweet, Annie Bananie. She knows that I can't live without my music. The problem, was, though, that the speakers that would have made the music worth playing were IN THE WAY, and we were trying to clear everything out of the living room, so music was not an option. Sad day.

All of the craziness is a success story, though. We were all totally ready by like 2:15 (so a little late, but everyone arrived late anyway). Miracle of Miracles. And Kaitlin, we love you, and all the stress was totally worth it to throw you an awesome shower. I hope you loved it, because it was pretty dang amazing. :) And Hannah, Dani, and Lauren, I'm so sorry you couldn't make it. :(

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Dangers of Pop-Tarts

First Order of Business: My BURNT HAND. So, on Thursday I came home from class and innocently began preparing lunch. I was STARVING because it was already after 3:00pm, and I didn't get any lunch on campus because of stupid group projects that were pointless and retarded. So, while I was preparing my real meal, I threw a pop-tart into the toaster to hold me over. BAD IDEA, CHIEF! A couple minutes later the pop-tart popped, and I pulled it out. It was very very hot. And honestly, I don't know quite how it happened. I don't know if it was the frosting or the goo inside or what, but while I was transferring the pop-tart from the toaster to the counter, something SCALDED my hand. I kind of started freaking out and waving my hand around trying to get the goo or whatever off my hand. I flipped on the water, thinking that it would just go away in a minute. But no, this was no regular little kitchen burn. This was a 4 inch long, 6 blister affair. How it got so bad, I will never know. When my hand still felt like it was on fire after like five minutes under cold water, I decidedly filled a bag of ice, threw on my backpack and ran to the car. I knew that I needed something to treat my burn- and fast. Also, I was scheduled to work in like a half an hour, and I needed my problem under control. I drove to Macey's, ran in to the pharmacist, stuck my hand out to show the pharmacy tech, and in a very desperate tone, said, "I need something for a burn." I actually kind of started to cry a little bit. Let me tell you, that girl knew that I was in pain, and I was starting to freak out quite a bit. It was just hurt SO STINKING BAD!

After stocking up on medical supplies (total: $16.00 that I didn't have in my account), I dashed off to work with tears in my eyes and a bag of much-needed ice in my hand. To summarize the rest of the story, I worked a 5-hour shift with a bag of ice in my hand the whole time. it was HORRIBLE. My only consolation was that I worked with Audrey P, who I love dearly and HARDLY EVER get to work with (go Audrey Squared!). We made 6 trips to Arby's throughout the day to re-fill my bag of ice because me hand wouldn't stop hurting. Every time the ice melted and the water started to get warmer, my hand would un-thaw and feel as though someone lit 25 matches simultaneously by scratching them on my hand and them leaving them there to burn, smoulder, and cook. Not a pretty picture, idea, or feeling. It is now the 4th day after this tragedy occurred, and it is obviously still very sore. I've kept it wrapped a lot, though, so that helped. And, I finally popped the inch-long blister last night. I swear that thing was protuding like a quarter of an inch off my hand. Super gross.
(You can't see the blisters that are closer to my thumb. It was really really hard to take a picture).

Also, everyone that I tell about my burn says that I should sue the pop-tart people. Also, Clint, Audrey P's husband, said that he alreayd knew pop-tarts were dangerous because his house almost burned down once because of a pop-hart. But, I DO NOT have a case. This is the warning on the back of the box: (and I'm serious, it actually says this)

CAUTION: If the pastry is overheated, the frosting/filling can become extremely hot and could cause burns. Do not leave toasting appliance unattended during heating due to possible risk of fire.

hahahahahaha. Oh crap.
Anyway, the adventure of the weekend. :)

The fastest weekly review ever. More details to come.

Weekly Review (and then look forward to some more interesting posts!)
Monday: School, roommate family night at the dollar theater. We went to see "Bride Wars."
Tuesday: School, the library (I actually stayed on campus until 5:30pm! That used to be normal, but lately I've been slacking...), American Idol, country night. Three words: I hate country. (More of this to come). And last, I had to go back to campus to meet with a girl from my history class. We had a Revolutionary America exam the next morning at 8. Poo.
Wednesday: test, class, gym, work.
Thursday: School, I BURNT MY HAND OFF, and work.
Friday: School, Ogden with family, shopping, sleepover with Elise.
Saturday: CRAZINESS, Kaitlin's bridal shower, quick dinner with relatives, the winterguard competition, work, sleep.
Sunday: family, church, nap, Draper temple dedication, traditional dinner with Meghan.

Overall an eventful week. I hope that my little hints of interesting events get you all anxious and excited for the "more to come" stuff!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


The weekly review: (I really like this game, by the way)
Sunday: I spontaneously drove to Huntsville, Utah for my cousin Dallas's ordination to the Aaronic Priesthood. It was great to see my aunts and uncles- and me and Dax are still best friends :) After all the festivities at Dave and Sherry's house, I drove to my Grandma Colleen's house. That was very dangerous because she very nearly convinced me to stay the night. I would have missed my Monday classes, which is not good. I refrained, luckily. And yes, I know that I look pale and gross in that picture with Daxton.
Monday: School, Cafe Rio, and 80's BOWLING!!! YAY YAY YAY! I LOVE Cafe Rio. My St. George Pebbles friend Becky was in town, so she took me, Lauren, and Kelsey all to Cafe Rio for dinner! It was like a mini St. George Pebbles reunion! I love those guys. Thanks Becky! For 80's bowling we dressed up in our favorite 80's attire, and no, it does not get old! Pictures are below! I have to say, though, that I am a very, very, very horrible bowler. I think I've had one strike in my entire life of bowling. But that's okay, because bowling is super fun anyway, and it's even more super fun when it's cheap and you're dressed all crazy! I also have to comment that my side ponytails are AMAZING.
Tuesday: School, AMERICAN IDOL!!!!! Not only do I love American Idol, but I also love Michael Jackson. And guess who was featured on last weeks' episode???!! The one and only! I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I obviously watched with a very critical eye and frowned at the majority of the contestants' imitations (how DARE he try to perform Beat It??), but I LOVED Matt Giraud's version of Human Nature. I actually bought it on iTunes, and I have now listened to it more times than the actual version. I have even admitted to several people (and now the world) that I like Matt's version better than Michael's (collective GASP! here). Also, I think I need to update on the MJ/London concerts/This is it thing. So, there were originally going to be 10 shows, like I mentioned in the last post. However, the demand was SO HIGH, that he actually extended the ten shows in July to 50 shows running all the way into February of 2010. To add to all of that, all 50 shows SOLD OUT in the first 5 HOURS of pre-sale. RIDICULOUS, but SO COOL! So, even if I could afford a plane ticket to London, I couldn't go to the concert anyway. It is simply no longer even possible. :)
Wednesday: School, Work.
Thursday: School, work, employee crop night! This is starting to be a regular every Thursday thing, and I love it. I love scrapbooking.
Friday: School, work, Baskin Robbins with Meghan and Lorina, and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. It took me like a half an hour to even remember what we did because it was so uneventful and SO not exciting.

Saturday: BEST DAY EVER! I slept in until eleven, went to the gym, went to Zupas for lunch with Meghan (I LOVE tomato basil soup), and then went to the BASEBALL GAME! I love baseball games! It was really warm and sunny and beautiful and perfect. We just basked in the sun for a couple hours while we watched BYU kill Utah at baseball. What could possibly be better? And when you look at the pictures, notice the sun in our faces (I love the sun!) and the beautiful baseball field with the mountains in the background. I love BYU. Then, me and Meg went to Pebbles to make invitation for Kaitlin's bridal shower and to Wal-Mart to get groceries (and a key lime pie). THEN, against all rules of Audrey Life, me, Meg, Kaitlin, Paul, Kyle, and Spencer went to Pizza Factory for dinner. I am not supposed to eat out 2 times in one day! I don't have any money! I am on a money spending fast now, and I promise, I can totally do it. I didn't any money except on gas for like the whole month of July because I was saving for D.C. The last event of the day was the PIE PARTY! Because it was March 14th, or 3.14, it was Pi Day, and we ate pie to celebrate. It was very delicious and festive.Kaitlin and Spencer had a fight with their pie. :/ Engaged people. Pah.

So that was my week- the end. And if you read this one, you get bonus points, because I know that my posts are getting more and more boring because my blog has turned into a journal and an account of my life, and not anything that is actually exciting. And, I am starting to write a plethora of run-on sentences, because let's face it, that is how I talk. THE END!

P.S. We finally got our dishwasher handle fixed! It had been like 6 months since it broke!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is it

Several memorable things have happened this week, and several things that were supposed to be memorable didn't happen this week. I will list them and be brief:
1. Monday: my massive British Lit test, 12 hours spent on campus, Meghan's birthday party (that was super fun, by the way), and the HOT SPRINGS in Midway. Elaboration later, and perhaps never. How I had time for all of that in one day I will never know.
2. Tuesday: School, American Idol, and Kyle's surprise party! Yay! I swear, it was like birthday week!
3. Wednesday: School, Pebbles, back to campus for a group project.
4. Thursday: presentation of said group project, Pebbles, and scrapbooking with Audrey P.! I am happy to say that my ugly stage from last week disappeared, and I was able to create 2 fabulous pages! Yay! The thing that went wrong: my ward was supposed to go tubing at Soldier's Hollow that day. First, I couldn't go because I had to work. Second, the Soldier's Hollow people wouldn't let them come anyway because it was too windy.
5. Friday: one class from 8 to 9, and then Audrey relaxation day began. I came home, put my pj's back on, fixed a bed on the couch, set up my laptop on the coffee table, and put in my newest arrival from those nice people at netflix. I love those guys. After the movie, I got ready in what was supposed to be warp speed but ended up taking a lot longer, and Rachelle and I drove to Draper for the temple open house! It took a couple hours, but it was SO beautiful and SO worth it. We loved it. After the temple, we drove to the Fashion Place Mall in SLC. The point of going was to see Stephanie, who was working an event for Lancome, and of course, to shop. The event was the grand opening of the new Nordstrom's at that mall. It was just like Stephanie said: shiny, sparkly, and you kind of want to buy everything. After braving the masses in Nordstrom, we were super tired, and decided to settle down for some cheesecake. At Cheesecake Factory. Lemon Raspberry all the way. Yum. After eating more sugar in one piece of shared cheesecake than either of us had eaten in a week, we attempted to drive home. I really don't know what the problem was. I think I suddenly came down with a disease called, "I no longer know how to follow freeway signs." Actually, I'm just going to blame it all on the cheesecake. In a matter of minutes, we found ourselves at the airport, not on the way to Provo. After a while of examining distant roads and thinking really hard, we found our way to downtown Salt Lake where we KNEW that we could find our way to I-15. Piece of cake. Piece of cheesecake, rather. However, it took us like twice as long to get home as it did to get to Draper in the first place. So dumb. Below is Rachelle and her happy face while eating our cheesecake!

Also, my plan for yesterday depended wholly on sunny, very warm weather. There was a double header yesterday at BYU, and ALL week I was determined to go to one of the games. I wanted to SO BAD. But who wants to sit as a baseball game when it is like snowing outside?! No one. So we stayed home. I ended up going to "Bedtime Stories" with Meg and Lorina, which was great, but still. I was muy disappointed.

6. Saturday: Pebbles all morning and afternoon. We counted inventory. Fun! I worked on Pebbles, Inc., which is a massive job. Ashlee laughed at me when I said I wanted to do that company today. haha. I had a plan for today too, that DID NOT work out. I wanted to go to the basketball game REALLY BAD. I wanted to all week. But when it came down to it this evening, no one wanted to go. Sad day. Instead, we went to Kneader's for dinner (instead of Zupas, which was my one heart's desire since I couldn't go to the basketball game), Baskin Robbins for some delicious pistaschio almond ice cream (yay Audrey Squared!), and then came home and watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The exciting thing of the day came after the movie, and Rachelle, Paul, and I were just sitting around listening to our favorite songs. Paul mentioned something about Michael Jackson and his upcoming tour. This is when my jaw dropped and an explosive "WHAT?!!!?!??!" came out of my mouth. I immediately did the research. It is not actually a tour :(, but, he is performing 10 concerts in July, in London. LONDON??!! Why not New York, or WASHINGTON D.C.??? What is wrong with you, Michael?? Do you not care about your American fans?? Also, the concerts were announced as his final bows- the last curtain call- a retirement from the entertainment business for good. The tour is actually called, "This is it." And it is. Anyway, I looked up flights to London in July, and they are like 900 bucks. So it's a no go. But for a small, glimmering instant, I thought I was there. I will never ever see MJ live. No longer possible. (Unless I can win some sort of sweepstakes and fly to London for free. Keep your eyes out, everyone.) I know I'm a weirdo, but wouldn't you go if you could? I mean, who wouldn't? No matter how creepy he is, remember what he was. If you want to see the announcement, here is the link.

That's the end of this week. Hopefully next week will be more eventful. This weekend was definitely a dry spell. Too bad. I'm running out of weekends to spend in Provo, so next week has to be super double amazing to make up for it. You hear that peeps? Make it up to me.

So much for trying to be brief.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Basketball games are inTENTSe!

Once again, I had a very eventful weekend. One, I'm sure, everyone wants to hear about. So, pretty much, I have the coolest friends ever. A bunch of boys in my ward are HUGE BYU fans, and because the BYU-Utah game was this weekend, they decided to camp-out for tickets. The game was on Saturday, but the tent went up outside the Marriott Center on Wednesday. They brought their mattresses to sleep on, their TV, a space heater, and three different gaming systems for entertainment. Coolest ever, right? So, the deal was that if my roommates and I wanted to be able to get in line with them on Saturday when the actual tickets were disbursed, we had to do tent duty. Jeff made out the schedule, and Meghan and I were assigned Friday afternoon. Big problem. I really wanted to hang out in that awesome tent, but I had LOADS of homework to do. So I did something that a year ago I never would have done. I blew off my homework and opted for a day in the tent. I spent 5 and a half hours on tent duty, but don't worry, it totally paid off when it came to game time. One might have suggested that I do my homework while I sat in the tent for that long while. Doing homework in a tent, though, is not realistic. Especially not when you are sitting with Paul and he makes you play Mario Cart and Blackjack. Yes, I lost my car, phone, wallet, camera, highlighters, lotion, and lip gloss. Being the gentleman that Paul is, however, I got it all back. :) I do have to say that I owned his Audi and iPhone for a significant portion of the game, though. And those two things are worth WAY more than all of my stuff plus the tent and everything in it. So all in all, I think I won. Anyway, it was a day of tent adventures and no homework. I just wish I wasn't so wired to do homework, because I had a knot in my stomach about it all day. I swear, I'm not going to do well on my British Lit midterm tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a day for some hardcore studying. :(
Once 4:30 hit, we managed to pull ourselves out of the tent, and Meghan, Paul, and I went to Costco to buy candy. The idea was that we were goint to play candy poker in the tent. I know that is kind of technically against the rules, but Paul is kind of the devil, and he convinces us to do all sorts of sketchy things like play poker and break the midnight curfew by 5 minutes. We got LOADS of candy, but when we brought it back to play poker, Drew was entirely against the idea, and the game never happened. Now we are stuck with $17 worth of bite-sized candy bars and laffy-taffy. Oh dear.

Anyway, there was a barbeque back at the tent at 6, so we bought some hotdogs and pringles and enjoyed a little feast of unhealthy, questionable food. There was also a slight hitch in the plan for the evening. THE FUSE BLEW. That meant that our tent no longer had power, which also meant that we no longer had a space heater. Earlier in the day Meg and I decided that we would sleep in the tent too, and just have a huge slumber party. It would be perfectly appropriate and okay because there would be lots of people, we could sleep on one of the matresses in one of the side rooms of the tent, and we probably wouldn't get any sleep anyway (that was the boys' reasoning anyway. I told them that we should just name the tent "den of iniquity" since we were going to play poker AND have a co-ed sleepover. Luckily, neither of our scandalous activities ever occurred). But, without the heater, it was definitely a no-go. I did not want to sleep in the cold, and BOY WAS IT COLD! We hung out in the tent until about midnight, and froze the whole time.

One last thing- throughout all of our tent experience there were two things that were pervasive and consistent. First, the tent next door BLASTED music, some of which was not entirely wholesome and appropriate. But, they did play some good music, and we educated Paul on the world of hip-hop and rap. Good times. Also, there was a constant joke about things that are intense (camping, circuses, weddings, etc). It was muy hilarioso.
So that is the tent story. The actual basketball game story begins at 12:30pm on Saturday. We had to line up by then beacuse they opened the doors at 1, and the game started at 3. The tents were all cleaned up by this point, and the line stretched VERY FAR. I don't really know where it ended because I was at the front... All I can say is that when they finally let us in, the entire all-sports pass section filled up within like 30 minutes. We were about mid-court, 6th row. It was nice. The game was very INTENSE, very loud, very exciting, and very crowded. Rather than summarize the whole game, lets just say that we were down by 6 at one point, got fouled alot, I ate a Cougar dog at halftime because I was starving to death, we said, "whoosh, Cecil!" everytime we made a foul shot (to honor the Pres.), Cosmo came and cheered with us for a couple of minutes, and we WON BY THIRTEEN!!!! It was quite incredible, and very exciting. I love basketball games. I feel like I haven't talked about them at all, but I promise, I do love basketball.

After the game I went to Pebbles. No, I didn't have to work. I voluntarily went to scrapbook on a Saturday night! Yay! Audrey P. and I had a scrapbook party! We signed up and went to the Moonlighter! It was super fun until I got super burnt-out, and I made the UGLIEST scrapbook page ever. Audrey can attest to the ugliness of my page. But it was fun anyway. I love scrapbooking. And Heather saw a picture in my scrapbook and asked if it was of one of the engaged couples. Um no, Heather, it is a picture of me and my roommate. I said, "Are you saying that I look like a MAN??!!!" True, I was wearing an ESPN hat with a ponytail and a black T-shirt, but still. It was like the funniest thing ever. The whole class of like 18 people heard our whole conversation, and it was SO FUNNY. Me and Audrey were practically peeing our pants laughing. Also, Audrey and I have decided that before I leave for D.C., we are going to make twinner mini albums all about "Audrey Squared." We will include all of the strange things that we have in common, including our awesome name. I'll keep you posted on that, because it's going to be AWESOME.

Now, I'm sorry this post in FOREVER long. I'll try not to do that in the future. But props to you if you read the whole thing. You get bonus points. When you leave a comment, tell me if you get the bonus points, and I'll keep a talley. :) Until next week, have a lovely day!

Oh wait, I also want to ask for advice. I need help with motivation. For some reason, I have been having a really hard time being a good student. I officially NEED HELP!