Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness

I am obsessed. For the past three days, I have been obsessively keeping track of the scores and checking my bracket. And guess what. I am still tied for first place in my brother's bracket group. And day four is over. And I'm still on top. I am the master at March Madness.

I took a lot of hits, though. BYU. Kansas. Villanova. Georgetown. So much loss, misery, and pain. My potential score is super low now. Upsets. WHY, oh why!??! And poor BYU. I wish we wouldn't have lost. They would have played in Salt Lake last week. That would have been AMAZING. And poor Jimmer. Broken nose. That beautiful face, marred.

I LOVE MARCH MADNESS. And I want to win. But I just don't know if that is still possible.

Also, the round one BYU game was on Thursday morning, and I was at work. So.... I watched it in my office, on my computer, on a live feed. With head phones. And I switched the windows back and forth when people walked by, so I wouldn't get in trouble. These are the sorts of sacrifice a BYU/basketball/march madness fan must make. Risky business. Would have been awful to lose my job. AND, I had just recently asked my boss for a letter of recommendation...


I am just really excited that I will be at BYU for another year, will be able to buy another year's worth of a sport's pass, and go to football and basketball games for another year. New quarterback. More Jimmer. What could possibly be better? I have no clue. I love BYU sports. LOVE them.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I want to Blog.

But I don't know what to blog about.

Let's talk about the uncertainty of the future.
Or about how much I don't want to do assignments for my English classes.
Or about how I wish I could just be taking Greek History, and that's all. Because I love it.
Or about how I can't decide how I feel about change. 

1. I am brutally honest. Major. Sometimes I say mean things on accident. So, sorry in advance.
2. I want a bike. A yellow one. And I'm going to call it Lightening Thief. Or Mr. Thief for short.
3. Duckie from "Pretty in Pink" is my secret crush. Favorite movie character ever. By far.
4. Paul got a blog. Check it out.
5. I want to go to Washington again. I daydream about it every day. All day.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


1. I bought the Adam Lambert CD. A little sketch, but SO WORTH the $7.99 on iTunes.
2. I've been eating a lot of brownies for lunch.
3. BYU beat #1 ranked Pepperdine in men's volleyball yesterday. woot woot.
4. I want to go shopping. A lot. But I don't have any money.
5. I have to read "Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones" for my Adolescent Lit class. It's about a 16 year old girl who gets pregnant and then she marries the father- Bo Jo- who's 17. Kind of horrible and kind of fascinating. It was published in 1967, so don't worry, no dirty stuff. Plus, it's required reading.
6. I slept in until 11:30 today. Nice.
7. I dream of not waking up for church tomorrow- accidentally- and then driving to Temple Square and absorbing the North Visitor's Center instead.
8. I want sunshine.  boo snow.
9. I have eaten at In 'N Out twice in the last 3 days. YUM.
10. Me and Audrey finally went to see "Percy Jackson." I actually liked it. For a book turned movie deal. The two of us actually didn't remember the book that well, so it would've been hard to be disappointed.
11. When I took a nap the other day, I noticed the roof on my apartment building (I could see it out the window). There are big wooden slats that are SO long, three of them overlap somehow before one of them ends.
12. We added a new quote to the quote wall in our apartment. It's from me: "I live inside a build-a-bear world." You know, because everything is happy and you leave with something to snuggle with.
13. Michael Jackson still makes me very happy. I listened and sang to Dirty Diana the other day- best 3 minutes of the last 3 days of my life.
14. I like going to the gym. But it makes me tired.
15. Evan Lysacek is my hero. Such an attractive ice-skater man.
16. American Idol. Why don't I like you that much this year?! Something is wrong with me. But I'm working on it. And Ellen is not even funny on it. Rude.

Anyway, sorry about the "I didn't blog for a whole month" thing. But have a lovely day.