Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor.

So I know that Hunger Games mania has crawled to a walking pace, but I never posted these pictures, or about my wonderful weekend in St. George when I saw that movie the first time.

That weekend, which was like 2 months ago now, included the following:

1. Matching mockingjay shirts. Compliments of Stephanie Lin Spainhower.

2. All the cool people in my family. Which, interpreted, means everyone, because we all qualify as cool.
3. A flag-football tournament that my rockstar brother played in with his buddies. It was a tournament put on by some summer sales company as a recruiting thing. The boys didn't want to be recruited-- they just wanted to win the grand prize: 32" flat-screen TVs for each of them. Question for you: what do you think the chances are that they would win? Answer: very high. They even named their team the "32 inch FLATTYS." And then they won. And joy and happiness was to be had by all, except the losing teams, who should have been celebrating their chance to play against such an amazing flag-football team. Jk, but it was really fun to watch. And Andrew got a free TV that he promptly sold to Stephanie at a highly discounted price. win-win.
4. A really, really great movie. That I have now seen 3 times. The 3rd time was probably a mistake... I was totally bored and sleepy... but the first time I saw it, it was epic. I sat between my father and my sister-in-law, that lovely Mallory. We screamed and gasped together and it was great. And my verdict on the movie: I feel as though that movie is not trying to be a copycat of the book. It's like a companion piece. It adds to the story, rather than detracting, which is rare rare rare for a book-into-movie scenario. I loved the extra insight into Seneca Crane and the gamemakers. It was incredible. And the whole tone of the movie was appropriate. It was serious and conveyed the right message, but it's wasn't too dark and creepy. Well done Lionsgate. Well done.
5. This weekend, as all St. George weekends do, included a trip to Durangos. I seriously make an appearance at this eatery every time I go to St. George. Last week when I was in town, I was really busy with all sorts of stuff, and I forgot about Durangos until my mother casually mentioned it. And then it was over. There was no going back. I had to have Durangos. Within the hour.

You know, more and more, I realize that my life revolves around food. When and where I am going to get it. I eat out too much. I spend way too much money on delicious food that someone else cooks for me in an instant with next to no effort on my part. It's a miracle, really. Eating out, I mean. But I need to stop. :) It isn't healthy for my body or my wallet. But it's just so fun!!

Well, so anyway. I have been bad at blogging lately. really bad. But I'm going to try and catch up. This is the start. The events in this post happened in March.... but now they have been recorded. So three cheers for Audrey.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

today already.

Things that happened today

1. I was stuck in traffic for 3.5 hours. And got sick of all the radio songs. and the morning zoo on 97.1.
2. Talked to Andrew for exactly 100 minutes and 52 seconds.
3. Heard "Truly Madly Deeply" on the radio.... this is when the day started to get better.
4. Had Chick-fil-A for lunch.... with a cute boy. And it's not the cute boy you think it is.
5. finished the work day... which was shorter than usual because of the traffic delay. And when I say delay, I mean I got to work at 11:00am. I left my house at 7:26am.

But I'm going to go shopping and I'm going to dinner with some coworkers, and life is just peachy.

Also. Yesterday I met the most beautiful little 1-day-old girl. Check Rachelle's facebook page for pictures. But seriously, I teared up a little when I met her. Child birth is such a miracle. I just can't get over how amazing it is. Brad and Rachelle have been trusted with a sweet, special spirit to take care of. And they get to teach her and love her and protect her, and that is just so lucky. And so I just want to say congratulations to the happy couple and baby. :)