Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ok, so I have several "dreams of my life", but this summer, one of them was fulfilled. I went to WASHINGTON DC! It probably wasn't the best decision of my life (because I spent ALL of my money), but it was probably the most memorable, educational, and enjoyable decision of my life. So it all works out, right?

I went on my little vacation with Rachelle and we stayed with her sister, Andrea- who is really awesome, by the way. We stayed for six very busy, action packed days, and had a blast every moment besides those moments when we succumbed to the pain in our legs and feet from walking so much.

There is just too much to tell, so I'll just include a few (15 to be exact) of the most memorable moments:
  1. When the man on the plane asked me if I worked in DC (During our flight I had been shuffling through tourist guides and finding tour information in the packets that Senators Bennett and Hatch had sent me). I wish with all of my heart that I could have said yes. And someday, I promise, "yes" will be the answer.
  2. When we accidentally stalked the same family all around Arlington National Cemetery.
  3. When the security guards at the National Archives stopped the line (that was several hours long) so we could come in through the exit and go the gift shop. See? I already have Washington wired. I had to go back to the gift shop because I desperately wanted a giant replica of the Declaration of Independence.
  4. When we saw a group of anti-abortionists petitioning outside the Supreme Court. They had tape on their mouths to represent those who "don't have a voice." (We talked to the spokesgirl).
  5. When we FINALLY found the footbridge to Theodore Roosevelt Island after over an hour of wandering. (That Island is made of wood!!)
  6. When we did cartwheels on the Capitol's lawn (and took pictures)
  7. When we rode the Merry-Go-Round at the National Mall with all the little kids.
  8. When we seriously considered buying rainbow tie-dyed t-shirts that said, "I <3>
  9. When we fed the squirrels in the park by the Senate office buildings (Rachelle kept calling them chipmunks!). Those squirrels were crazy- practically sat on the bench next to us.
  10. When we saw the camera crews who, just moments before, had filmed the press conference announcing the end of the Anthrax case from several years ago. Apparently we walked by the FBI building just a couple minutes too late!
  11. When we just missed being able to witness a Republican House of Reps meeting in the gallery at the Capitol. Our senate-scheduled tour dashed down the stairs to get in on the floor to watch, but the meeting ended right before we got in there. :( We were lucky that any of the Reps were even in Washington because Congress isn't in session in August. It is for this reason that we thought the anti-abortionists were so odd- didn't they know that no one official was even in the Supreme Court building?
  12. When Rachelle and I pretended to be poor homeless people with the statues at the FDR Memorial.
  13. When we saw the "Caution: low-hanging branches" sign only like a foot in front of the actual low-hanging branch.
  14. When we got breakfast at the Eastern Market with Andrea, and the man at the register bluntly told me that I couldn't order ham eggs benedict. I looked at him, amazed, and didn't quite know what to say. He proceeded to order me french toast with pecans instead. BEST BREAKFAST EVER.
  15. When we took pictures in front every reflective surface we came upon. It was hard to take pictures with both of us in them, so whenever a mirror-like surface presented itself, we took advantage of it.
And my all-time favorite part- being on the National Mall and looking one way to see the U.S. Capitol, and looking the other to see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. It was just breathtaking and beautiful and wonderful to be in a place that has such a history. I love history, and I love Washington D.C.

I'm going to live in Washington D.C. someday.

Michael Phelps's abs might be made of batman, but Ryan Lochte is way Hotter

You see? Ok, so that is a really good picture of Michael Phelps, but he usually looks a lot goofier. Ryan Lochte, on the other hand, looks good all the time- with short hair, or with longer curly hair. It's all good.