Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything is better if you're wearing Harry Potter glasses


Reasons why wearing Harry Potter glasses make life better:
1) They are very funny.
2) Everyone looks at you funny.
3) They help you focus on your homework because Harry does homework too.
4) I happen to have a pair on display right next to my desk.
5) Harry Potter makes me happy.
6) They look kind of like Franklin the Turtle.
7) They look really awesome in pictures.
8) They make it hard to take serious things seriously. But seriously, who likes serious things anyway?
9) They are very very round.
10) They give me the opportunity to take dumb pictures and write a really dumb blog post.
11) They tell the world that I love Harry Potter.

Another thing that makes everything funnier: adding "...if you will" at the end of every sentence. For example: If you are talking about Harry Potter and someone is confused. You say, "Harry James Potter, if you will." Gets me every time.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Love BYU

I love BYU. I love going to school here. Here are a list of my favorite things about BYU:

(This list is actually limited to my favorite things about BYU in the fall- before the snow comes)

1) My roommates. I mean, my SOUL roommates. (We decided that we were more than just regular roommates. Because, you know, some roommates don't actually like each other. And we do. We like each other a whole lot. In fact, we tend to only hang out with each other, because we have so much fun together. MAKARA!!!)
2) Fridays on campus. What is greater than going to campus, knowing that you don't have to go the next day? You get to enjoy the experience. You know the weekend it approaching, so unless you have a test, the atmosphere is a lot less tense. You can take a nap in the Samplar room, or out on the grass between classes after you've decided not to care about homework. You can go to lunch with friends (and get a warm mini-loaf of bread with honey butter at the Sugar and Spice. Yum!!!), and sit out on the grass, with the sun shining on your face, burning a little, but feeling perfect. You can do sudoku in class because suddenly, you don't care about taking notes anymore. You can sit in the library, and actually enjoy the boy sitting across the table from you while studying. Yes, Fridays are great on campus. I love them.
3) Football games. Ok, so I like football games everywhere I go, but when you go to BYU, everywhere you go, everyONE is a fan. The games are very crowded, and every student celebrates like he/she personally recovered fumble, scored the touchdown, made the tackle, received the pass, or intercepted the ball. Seriously, next time you go, watch everyone's faces. It's histerical. I just love football anyway, though. It's a great game.
4) Eye Candy.
5) Those one kids in class that say every answer and drive the teacher crazy. I love them.
6) The book store- everything you could possibly dream of! Lots of books, and lots of school supplies. Can it get any better? Oh, and lots of treats- like candy and fudge.
7) The bowling alley in the Wilk. Good times.
8) The Rugby boys who give you fliers for their games on Friday, and show up to school on Monday with broken arms and such. Those guys are awesome.
9) Professors who are really smart. You can just tell- there is a difference between the smart ones, and the really smart ones. I prefer really smart.
10) History classes.
11) The Terrace in the Wilk. Many good things: strangers sitting across the table from you, newspaper stands nearby, CNN playing NONSTOP, the weirdos who sometimes gives speeches or something (they are actually really annoying).
12) Awkward people who you kind of know, but not really. I love those moments.
13) Walking across the street while fifty million cars are waiting for you. Oh wait, I hate that part.
14) The Quill and the Sword club. Ha! Also, I love those couple you see, and you are grateful that they found each other.
15) Free Food (hotdogs, pizza, hot cocoa in the winter, cookies from those engineering people, ice cream from the women's office, etc.)
16) Trying to improve my time walking to campus. I average 10 minutes. My roommates say that I should enter speed-walking competitions. Apparentely I'm really fast. So, that's a secret talent- I'm a good walker. But seriously, I walked home from the campus to our apartment at Liberty Square in 6 minutes once. That's like 4 blocks, (from the library) in 6 minutes. Can you say incredible??? It was after a test that made me really mad, so I stuck some JT on my ipod and walked so quickly that my calves and shins hurt (plus, that hill was brutal to go down fast without running).
17) Going to church on campus. It's a strange idea, really, to go to school and church at the same place. But you get used to it, and it's great. Campus really kind of becomes your world when you go to BYU.
18) Taking naps after church on the lawn. BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. We have done it two weeks in a row now, and seriously, we layed out there for like 3 hours both times. I can't say that we don't have our share of awkward moments, but....
18) THE HONOR CODE!! Life is so much easier with the honor code.
19) I love that I haven't been to testing center yet this year. And I love that I compare it to Azkaban.
20) This is the last one, so I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the library. I may hate the periodical section (bad memories from last year), but everywhere else is my favorite thing. I particularly enjoy studying on the 3rd floor, right by the bathroom, no shhh zone, drinking fountain, the Sampler, and the outside world. So many people like the study on the first floor, or the 5th, and I swear, those places are just too far away from civilization. I can't handle the deep, dark recesses of that place. If you get in too deep and your there for too long, it's too hard to get out! But altogether, that library is amazing.

Ok, so I have a habit of not posting anything, and then leaving an enormously long post that no one wants to read. Oh well, I enjoyed writing all of this stuff, and now I'll remember it. I have an affinity with making lists, though, so maybe that's my problem.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

All Together Again (minus 2)

10 of the 12! We are such precious roomies, best friends, old pals, and neighbors! If only Meagan and Hannah had been present, happiness would have been complete.

This picture, by the way, is classic. We are not serious folk, so why take a serious picture?