Monday, August 27, 2012

So you know what happens?

Summer ends.

And your whole life gets flip-turned up-side-down. Like, wth, Fresh Prince, stop trying to give me your life.

Also, you know what it means when I don't blog, like, ever? It means there's a boy. And I don't ever want to record happenings with said boy on this here blog (you know, because you never know what's going to happen), and then that usually leaves like NOTHING else to talk about. But now there is no boy, so back to blogging. But I will give you this gem from the past 3 months of glee:

Here's the teaser that will never turn into a full-length film. :)

No, I purposefully used a picture where you can't see his face. So there.

But now that the cat's out of the bag, I can give you a summer recap, including some things that I have already mentioned, you know, to give the full picture.

1. YAY trip to Loomis, Sacramento, and San Fran, California. A heavenly vacation with my favorite people, Mike and Drake.

2. In case you didn't remember,  I saw Titanic in 3D for my birthday and it changed my life. Movie ended and Stephanie said, "this movie should win 'best picture' every year since it came out. Because there has not been a better movie."

3. One Direction stole my heart, you know, at the concert.

4. Family vacation to the motherland...aka Lompoc, California. (see another post for pictures)

5. A 4th of July spent with boy, complete with late night parade spot guarding, hot air balloon festival, best parade in America, a lovely nap, ward BBQ, and, of course, watching the fireworks from Squaw Peak (you can see the whole valley from up there! There were magical little poofs of fireworks all over the place!)

6. A haze of tiredness that resulted from late late late nights and early early early mornings. I think my whole summer passed by me in a dim, fuzzy flash---I was having a blast---but I don't remember too much of it, because I was just so tired all the time. But the late nights just somehow kept being worth it. Funny how that works out. :) 

7. Some 7 Peaks. Some hikes. Some hammock time. Some puzzle do-ing. A lottta Bachelorette and nail painting with the one and only Laura Thomas. 

8. Apartment hunting. Oh yes, the ALL-TIME WORST part of my summer. I hate moving and I hate looking for a place to move to, especially when I don't want to move all that much. But I felt like it was time to part ways with my beloved Provo. And now I live in a cute little house with 3 cute girls. They are great. But I really miss all my friends. I really miss my Provo. But Salt Lake will be a good place for me. I signed up for 2 institute classes today... I don't know if I'll keep both of them... but I signed up. I want to make friends. And I want to use all the new-found time that I have (because my commute is OVER) for productive things--- you know, like watching Friends and going to institute and working out and such.

9. Lene came to visit. She was here for 3 weeks, and it was just so great. She was so very kind to help me move, and honestly, I don't know that I would have been able to do it without her. It was amazing. She helped me pack and clean and transport everything, and I was so glad to have her here. And also, me and Lene just got to hang out. And giggle. And talk about boys. And visit boys. Such as Geoff and Kevin. haha we made Geoff and Kevin have the longest group hug with us. It was so so hilarious I was gonna die. And we had a mini picnic awesome with the lovely Amy McDonald (who is one of my favorite darlings, btw), and a trip to Pizza Pie Cafe with Kevin and my favorite Mike. And we shopped a little and got stressful manicures.

10. My Meghan and my Joey got married. To each other. And I was a bridesmaid, and the wedding was lovely and so fun and so wonderful, and I wish I could just live that whole day over again, because it was so fun. 
all the pretty ladies. but mostly meghan, of course.
all the cute boys. edward and ben are my fave.
11. Sara Sara got married too. To handsome Jacob McKell. And they were darling. And I was so happy to be a part of her day. :)

12. Me and Lene went to St. George this last weekend. To visit. And I loved being home. I don't think I can ever express what happiness there is in my little town. I got to hang out with my Moe and Jen and their little babies, who are so so so darling, btw. And me, Lene, my mother, Moriah (who is 17 now, HOLY), and Elise, went to Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and it was like the funniest movie of my whole life. RECOMMEND STAMP. 

So now you're pretty well caught up. I live in Salt Lake. And all my friends are either married, live with me, live in Provo, or live in Norway or Jerusalem (woohoo Lorina!). And things are great--- just different. I'm just excited for FOOOOOOTBALLLLLL SEASSSSSOONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

That Michael Phelps

Conversation with the lovely Laura Thomas this morning:

Laura: Michael Phelps won another gold last night.
Audrey: I love Michael Phelps.
Laura: He's just so darn adorable.
Audrey: I just want him to win everything, forever.
Laura: ..... (thinking about MP)
Audrey: But Ryan Lochte is, like, sooooo attractive.
Laura: Yes.

I haven't changed very much in the last 4 years, apparently. Check out this post from the days after the Beijing Games.