Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Slipping Away

IT IS JULY 2. What the heck.

When did summer start??? I feel like I was waiting for the weather to get warm for SO LONG, and now it finally is, but I have been so busy that I haven't had time to enjoy it yet. I've only been to 7 peaks TWO TIMES. Okay, maybe 3. but still. It's JULY.

July is my favorite month. Project "Wear only red, white, and blue" for the whole month is currently under way (does it count that I wore the same shirt yesterday AND today?)

And the 4th is coming. SUPES STOKED about that. Hot air balloon festivals and parades and fireworks and sun and (hopefully) sailboats: a perfect combination of all my favorite things in this world besides Harry Potter.

And something changed my life two weeks ago: I got an iphone. Seriously, people. I knew it would be rad, but even boring, ages-old texting is more fun. Everyone: please text me. I want to write back to you, because it is SO FUN.

My life consists of work and relief society, roommates, provo friends, summer adventures, and other sorts of church activities. My ward, for example, has a softball game and bbq tonight, which is going to be rad.

And then there is the Bachelorette. Which I am obsessed with. Does anyone else see a resemblance between Drew (the hotty hottest one) and my dear, darling brother of the same name? I would just start telling people it was my brother, but my Andrew is married, so that would be weird.

And also. I have had TWO Jef with one F sightings since moving to Sugarhouse. One day he did crunches next to me at 24-hour fitness. And then he was present at the Apple Store the day I bought my iPhone. I told the male Apple rep standing next to me:
me: "that's Jef with one f!!!"
apple rep: who?
me: you know, on the bachelorette?
apple rep: no.
me: he, like, WON. but then they broke up.
apple rep: NO. WAY. It's really him??? So he's like famous??

That Apple dude got really excited. I told him to hurry up and program my phone so that Jef with one F could be my first iPhone instagram. He was also excited about that... but then I pretended I was kidding because I didn't want to annoy Jef with one F, and I didn't take the picture.

Have I told you about my book club? I'm obsessed. It is a lovely collection of girls--who I did not know before-- but they are awesome. And I seriously look forward to our meeting every month. I have to pick the book we read next. I'm thinking either The Chocolate War, A Separate Peace, or John Adams. Yeah, I kind of want them to read that massive David McCullough masterpiece. Good idea? Bad idea? It would increase patriotism, and probably force my club members to either love or hate history. But honestly, this is my argument for the book: It's different than anything else we've read. Totally different genre. And it's so interesting. It's so patriotic, and I feel like I appreciated the 4th of July before, but now I'm looking at our Independence Day on a whole new level, and it's really cool. I think there's a lot that we could talk about, too. There are many historical figures in that book that are portrayed a little bit differently than we imagine them to be. So that would be interesting to discuss. Calista, I'm calling out to you --will people even have time to read it? Would it be torture for some people?

I'm ranting. And just so you know, I've got a great post up my sleeve. About my Dallas trip last weekend.... which is the real reason that summer has gotten away from me. I feel like I was waiting for my vacation for so long that I forgot summer was already here. Which is a crying shame. But now I will fully enjoy the rest of it----


over and out.