Monday, April 27, 2015


This year started out very interesting. I was dating a boy who was alternately very sweet and very aggravating. We dated for about 5 months and I almost broke up with him probably 30 times. Next time I'm dating someone and I want to break up with them every other day, I think I'll realize earlier on that I probably actually should just break up with him. So, my bad.

When the relationship did actually end in mid-January, I was very relieved.

But I was suddenly also very intolerant of everything around me. I felt impatient. I didn't want to go to work, talk to anyone I know, or be in Salt Lake at all. The only thing I really wanted to do (and you'll notice this from my previous post) was listen to Taylor Swift's 1989 and drive around in my car.


I decided that in 2015, when adventure calls, I say yes.

The first adventure, then, was to Yosemite National Park. And, well, that place deserves its own thousand posts.

But, as this post is my long overdue 2015 preface post, I will save the luscious details of Yosemite for another day.

Conclusions drawn from my adventurous musings in the more-wonderful-than-words Yosemite National Park:

1. being single is AWESOME.

  • I basically can do whatever I want.
  • I can stay up late if I want, and no one cares, and I don't have to feel guilty. I don't even have to tell my dad. 
  • I can spend my money on whatever I want.
  • I can go out of town every weekend for a year and no one will even get mad at all! 
  • I can get as many National Park stamps in my passport as I can possibly dream up. 
2. Why do I give myself so many RULES? For examples of what rules there aren't, see the list above.

There really are no rules. All the things in life don't even have to be planned out! Why have I not lived my whole life in spontaneity??

3. HEY PEOPLE OF WORLD! You have the right to live your life like you are on vacation ALL the time!

I feel like I suddenly have a thousand things to add to my bucket list and IT'S ALL POSSIBLE.

4. There is just so much time in a person's life. People do so many things in a lifetime. I've always been so stressed about growing up and losing time. I've felt the days pass and mourned over not ever getting them back. But, as I plan to live to be 100, I have plenty of time to do all the wonderful things there is to do. There is plenty of money to save and plenty of houses to buy and plenty of boys to date (and 1 to marry), and plenty of children to have, and plenty of vacations to blow my money on, and just plenty of time to do it all.

5. Vienna waits for you.

That is how I feel about life right now. I'm 27 years old, and I just now figured this out. Life is a vacation.