Thursday, September 27, 2012


Staying up late and sleeping in make you feel crappy. You are more tired in general AND psychologically, it just makes you feel like a lazy person that accomplishes less in her life. These are facts.

But staying up late and sleeping in are seriously the definition of Freedom.

There is something so amazing about being able to control, completely, when you can sleep and when you can't. It's amazing to stay up later and later just because you want to. Nobody tells you when to go to bed. Nobody hides your computer or the TV remote so that you can't watch TV.

And sleeping in!!! Oh the heaven that is sleeping in!! You wake up, and there is absolutely no reason to get out of bed. You can read or eat or fall back asleep or really anything else you want to do... but you're just all cozy and warm and comfortable and there is nothing better.

Maybe it has something to do with conquering one of those things that is a basic human need---you know, adding your own control to it or something. Or maybe it just has to do with all the years of being coerced into going to bed when it's still light outside because it's summer, and then being woken up way too early because your dad is singing songs with all the words wrong.

But either way... I'm just excited that I'm awake right now and that it doesn't matter. And I'm even more excited that in the morning, I will wake up, and then fall back to sleep. And then maybe I'll just lay there for a while. Who knows?


Monday, September 17, 2012

4 possibilties

Today there was an unusual occurrence. I drove to work today, went into the Conference Center parking garage, pulled into the usual parking spot, and then BLACKNESS. The lights went out in the whole parking garage. with no windows. it was very dark. Four thoughts immediately popped into my head:

1. Is this the part where they kill me?
2. It must be Dumbledore with his Put-Outer.
3. BATMAN!!! (you know the part when the lights go out in dark knight rises?)

And last:

4. maybe the power just went out.

And then I got out of my car. The emergency lights came on, I was able to get to the elevator, and I went to work.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thoughts of a Monday

1. I lost my first week of fantasy football.
2. You know why I like my new big bed? Because I can leave all sorts of books and clothes and craps on it and I still have PLENTY of room.
3. Because I have no friends in Salt Lake and I'm suddenly afraid of all single adults except for the ones I already know, I feel like I am decreasing in coolness by the day.
4. Cher Lloyd is bomb. And so is the new Matchbox Twenty ballad, "Overjoyed." I have always loved me some Rob Thomas. And Phillip Phillips is very yummy this time of year (post-American Idol, I mean). And last but not least, Ryan Tedder and my OneRepublic. You did it again. "Feel Again" is a mood-brightener if I ever heard one. And I CAN'T WAIT for the new album.
5. I'm going to be Smurfette for Halloween. nobody who reads this is allowed to steal that idea. I'm serious.
6. It's rainy today.
7. I need some new hobbies.... so any ideas? And don't say cooking. That still doesn't appeal, even though I now have plenty of time for it. Why am I such a lame-o?? I'm supposed to work on my housewife skills.... but cooking just takes SO DANG LONG. I want my food NOW.
8. I'm reading Harry Potter 5 again. Because it is my favorite.
9. I wore purple corduroy pants to FHE tonight. And Dawna said I looked like a rockstar. I felt like Willy Wonka. We'll try again next week, I suppose.
10. I talked to my brother on the phone for an hour last night. He has got to be the best brother in the world.
11. I'M GOING TO ST. GEORGE THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! I just love that place so much. so so so so so so so much.

yep. I think that's it!