Monday, May 23, 2011

To make a living

I remember seeing a lady on Oprah when I was like 10 who made her living by entering sweepstakes and contests full time.

I've decided it's a great idea. Really.

So I've begun my career as a professional sweepstakes participant on the 97.1 ZHT website. I've entered the contest for a free PASS OF ALL PASSES 11 times. And I entered to win tickets to the American Idol tour. Think of how much money I could save if all of my social spending was eliminated because I won so many prizes??

My college degree is already paying off.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ah, Provo.

1. I went to the Justin Bieber movie for the third time. I still love it.
2. I never thought I'd say this, but I really love the brand new Lady Gaga song, "The Edge of Glory." That woman(?) usually totally creeps me out, but this song totally has an 80's rocker/techno vibe, which I love. So it's an exception.
3. I'm also in love with the new Glee cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." Take it away Jesse St. James. And then give your voice to the man I marry.
4. There are four words that have been on repeat in my head (and on my lips) since I arrived in Provo, and they are giving me anxiety: "I need a job." It's hard to enjoy NOT having a job when you need one so bad. You'd think I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want. But really, my time is just consumed by worry, stress, and job applications. HATE.
5. Seeing old friends is a BLAST. Calista, Liz, Taryn, and Paul: you're next. Individually of course.

Friday, May 6, 2011

My big brother graduated.

My big brother graduated from Dixie State today. This means that after this summer, he and his lovely little wife are going to move away from St. George. I'm going to miss those two. I love them so. Featured below are pics of the graduation and of Andrew and Mallory-- just because I think they are so adorable.

In great motherly fashion, my mother arranged for Andrew and I to take pictures together in our caps and gowns. One year, two college graduates!
There once was a man with a wooden leg named Smith.

fyi, at the actual graduation, he was wearing a shirt and tie. Not a v-neck. I thought that was important to note.

 and then Grandma Colleen exclaimed, "I never got to wear one of these when I graduated from high school!" (referring to a cap and gown of course), so then we held an impromptu high school graduation for my grandmother. Ain't she a gem?

Andrew's cap and gown was a little too big for Stephanie.

We tried to recreate an engagement picture pose. It didn't work.

The happy couple. Married 1 year and 7 months. I think they still like each other.

And then there was one.... person looking at the right camera. Dang it me. I always mess up the shot with my wandering eyes.

Andy-roo and Mal pal
If you don't know my brother, you should. He is the coolest. The. coolest. The best big brother a little sister could ask for. For real.

ALSO, my Moe graduated today--- we are now co-founders of the WHEDBDAWTBT Club, which stands for: "we have education degrees but don't actually want to be teachers." It is shortened to " WHBT (first two and last two letters) or, "we hate being teachers." It sounds harsh, but it makes sense.

But Congrats MOE! You are a rock star. And you have a cute little baby that I love to laugh at.

Other randoms:

1. Think of someone who you think might be obsessed with the royal wedding a little bit. If you thought of me, you are right. Yesterday I spent about 2 hours online trying to figure out what I'd have to do to get my masters degree in the UK... so I could go royal hunting on empty afternoons.

2. Can people stop writing song lyrics as their facebook status? It's seriously getting old. But hey, I'm not judging.

Love, Audrey

PS, I had to throw this little guy in, just so you can see how cute me and Andrew are (even though it's blurry).

Monday, May 2, 2011

So Graduation.

I started writing this big, long, sentimental post about graduation, but then I decided that no one wants to read that crap. Plus, my blog has gone up like 10 sentimental points in the last year, and I can't allow that any longer.

Instead I am going to summarize and say, WAHOOOOOOO I'm home from Washington, D.C. and could not be happier about it, I'm moving back to Provo....any day I guess (I can't get enough of St. George for the time being), and I need a job.

Oh, and my cousin Nicole got married the day before graduation, and then, well, I graduated. Two days of ceremonies, reunions with besty friends, and a brief moment with President Cecil O. Samuelson, that homeboy of mine. Graduation was lovely- everything that I could have hoped for. I was sad to be graduating, but I've realized that if I am not forced to move on from something, I won't do it on my own. I just like to hang on to things too much. AND, I'm going to be a BYU alumnus forever, and what could be better than that? So I'm happy.

And now I've been in St. George for about two weeks, and it's fantastic. Get a load of the weather down here!!!! HOLY. I drive through town and I giggle about how great it is.

So here are some pictures:

The beautiful couple--- and my Uncle Mike doing the ceremony. Doesn't her hair look amazing?

I caught the bouquet. For the first time in my life. Please tell me that's a sign. haha.

My history teaching practicum friends. It was a blast to catch up with them-- we exchanged student teaching horror stories.

Jen and Annaka-- two of my history pals. YAY diplomas!

I have a lot of sisters now.

tiptoeing through the tulips. reference, anyone? It's worth about 10 bonus points.

Right after  Rachelle and I took our normal-posed picture, we fell into hysteric laughter over my grandma's picture-taking habits. I like this picture better than the normal one.

O, Cecil. And look at the Mrs. She's looking away.

Oh my, this sign. I couldn't resist snapping a picture.

The adorable graduate. In her flattering hat.

So this awesome newly-married cousin of mine came to my graduation! Two days after the wedding!
I think that's it. And word to soul roommates: if you have a good copy of that picture we took at the end of commencement, send it my way. Por favor.