Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paper Faces On Parade

My roommates and I have decided that because we only have TWO months until winter semester is over, we really need to step up our game and actually do the fun stuff that we talk about all the time. We realize that we only have those two months before we are all split up and are divided across the country forever!

So, this weekend, we totally did fun stuff! On Friday night Meghan, Rachelle, and I went to the BYU gymnastics meet at the Marriott Center. We love gymnastics. Yay. We had to leave early because Spencer proposed to Kaitlin, and now she is ENGAGED!!! So exciting, but so crazy. I got used to having all my St.G friends get engaged, but with my roommates it's a whole new experience. We are losing Kaitlin and Ashley to husbands this summer. I'm so happy for them, though. We all approve of their boys, so it's all good. :) After our mini engagement party, Rachelle and I went to Katie Barber's house for her going away party. Another friend of mine is going on mission! She leaves in three weeks and is going to Dallas, Texas, Spanish speaking.

On Saturday, I worked until 5, and then the REAL fun began. You know that post from a couple of weeks ago about my spontaneous weekend in St. George? Well, my friends from high school, Keith and Andrew, who just got home from their missions, came up to visit! They stayed with some girls that we all know, so we all hung out on Saturday. Me and Rachelle are working on convincing Keith to come to BYU- he wants to, but we'll see what happens. So, Rachelle and I took Keith on a tour of the BYU campus! SO MUCH FUN, right? I love BYU. We showed him all around the coolest buildings- like the library. I LOVE the library. And I told him about how it is the best thing in the world to sit in the Terrace and eat hot bread and honey butter from the Sugar 'N Spice at the Cougareat while you do sudoku from the Daily Universe newspaper and watch CNN! I don't know if he bought the whole idea, but I say don't knock it until you've tried it.

After the tour, we all had some getting ready to do. Me and Meg still needed to find masks for the MASQUERADE!!! And we only had a short period of time in which to find outfits and make ourselves gorgeous! We finally decided to make our own masks, and I found clothes at Stephanie's apartment. She practically has a clothing store in her closet. I love sisters who have clothes for me to steal. She even let me borrow these super hot green high heels! I left her house with three dress options and a couple pairs of shoes. I ended up in black with the green heels, and I decorated my mask with lots of lime green, teal, and blue glitter. The mask looks really amazing until you put it on, then it just looks silly. The top picture shows my first mask...

The masquerade was at a non-alcoholic club in Provo. When we got there, we got in line for the door. There were two lines: one line was for people who were on the guest list, and the other line was for stand-by. I was special enough to be on the guest list. When we got to the front
of the line the bouncers checked my name, and I got to go in! Just inside the door they were selling WAY COOLER masks, so I bought one of those. It was only $4! And it is AWESOME! There were waiters carrying around trays of hors d'oeuvres and there was an open bar of yummy raspberry flavored drinks that I promise were 100% non-alcoholic. It was so fancy and cool! Everyone was all dressed up and had cool masks, and it was so crowded! There were a ton of people there. They had a DJ and we danced a lot, but the music wasn't that great. We went home around midnight, so we were only there for like an hour and a half, but it was so fun!

See, it was really awesome, because we had a blast, but we also have tons of pictures to scrapbook! And when you scrapbook something, you enjoy the actual act of scrapbooking, plus it's bundles of fun to look at later! It's a plus all around! (P.S. this is a plug for Pebbles. Everyone should scrapbook, and everyone should go to Pebbles.)

These last pictures are me and Kaitlin. She didn't go to the masquerade, so we took pictures on my computer with the masks on. They are like my faves. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Odd Things About Aud.

1. I can identify any sort of random scrapbook supply by company and time of production/distribution. Barely a day goes by that I don't come across some sort of display at school or in a store that I don't say, "hey, they got that stuff at Pebbles- that's Pebbles' ribbon. And the paper is My Mind's Eye- the first Bohemia line that came out like 2 and a half years ago. They need a new display. This one's out of scrapbooking style. And does anyone really use that ugly cricut font anymore? Puh-lease."
2. I randomly fall into phases where I become kind of obsessed with something. Examples include the Beach Boys, Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Harry Potter, the Holocaust or any other random time in history, Sharon Creech books, Linda Crew Books, iTunes, gymnastics (aka the Magificent 7 from the 1996 games in Atlanta), Veggie Tales, boys bands like Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, an O-town (Ashley Angel, anyone? I promise it's a boy, and he was SO hot), high school football (yeah, I was only in 6th grade when this started, and I went to all the games with my Dad. It was the best thing ever) Harry Potter again, etc.
3. I like to name things like pencils or back massagers or just about anything else you can think of. In 8th grade my lucky pencil was red, made by pentech (because they make the best erasers), and was named Pretzel A+ 2. The best back massager in the world is named Paul Handy. Paul seemed suiting and, well, what is more handy than a back massager that feels good no matter who does it? Paul Handy has been around since 7th grade. We're good friends.
4. I have all sorts of complexes about not wanting to do my best. Because, well, what if your best isn't good enough?
5. I'm kind of a Harry Potter freak. I still check Mugglenet for Harry Potter news almost daily.
6. I really really really like colors. I collect crayons, markers, colored pencils, chalks, etc. because I like the colors. Sometimes I reward myself with a new box of crayons.
7. I put lotion on my hands, feet, and face several times a day. Like probably 8 times.
8. I'm kind of obsessed with celebrities. That's not my fault, though. I blame Stephanie.
9. I like to read autobiographies.
10. I can walk really fast. Not kidding.
11. I have super amazing muscles on my shins. I know, it's weird.
12. I love ducks and I love yellow.
13. I like to make signs.
14. I believe that anyone can be pretty if they are not dirty. Dirty people are not attractive.
15. I shave my arms.
16. Rachelle claims that I am ridiculously photogenic. I say this with a disclaimer because I don't necessarily think it's true. I just like it when people say that. :)
17. I get really really excited about dumb things.
18. I am currently personally angry at Chris Brown. We are totally in a fight.
19. I collect pennies. I have one from every year since 1960. I know, it's not that cool, but when I searched through all the pennies in the Disneyland savings jar when I was 9, I was super impressed with myself.
20. I am kind of obsessed with making lists. This whole thing started when I was 12, and I decorated a notebook titled, "Audrey's Notebook of Lists." I was coming up with too many lists, and it majorly stressed me out not to have them compiled in one place together! Hence the birth of the Notebook of Lists that I still use today.
21. I get super involved in my school work. If you don't buy this one, check out my blog posts from last fall...
22. I am still a Toys R Us kid- I don't want to grow up.
23. I have an enormous collection of keychains. I get one (or several) from wherever I go on vacation. My favorite one is the one I got in Springfield, Illinois: the Land of Lincoln. It says "Lucky Penny" on it and has a penny inside that was made in 1988- my birth year. So, it really is my lucky penny! Plus, a penny has Abraham Lincoln on it, and I got the darn thing in his hometown. And, you all know how I feel about pennies! So, this keychain has FOUR amazing pluses!
25. I have lived in 14 different houses/apartments. If there is one thing that I truly hate it is moving. I HATE MOVING.
26. I classify books as if they are foods. This is partly because the analogy comes out so beautifully and partly because books are necessary for life, just like food is. A book needs to have the right nutrients, just like food does. Example: Silly and dumb books like Twilight are the equivalent of candy- delicious but only briefly satisfying. Good literature is like Pride and Prejudice or A Farewell to Arms (now that's quality), and they equal say, an amazing full course meal. They fill you up and leave you thinking about them for weeks. I also like to compare people to the books they read. If you see someone reading a gas station heaving-bosom romance novel, what does that tell you about them? What about dragon books? (You know, the kind with dragons and fire and damsels in distress on the cover) I'm telling you, the books you read speak VOLUMES about you- no pun intended.
27. I always make chocolate chip cookies without a recipe.
28. Whenever I write a paper for school, I never have a problem with making it long enough. I do struggle, however, with limiting what I write. My papers ALWAYS end up too long.
29. I kind of like to study. I LOVE the BYU library.
30. I know, hands down, without a doubt, that I have the funniest, best family in the world. Anyone who hangs out with all of us together would recognize this statement as fact. Andrew and Stephanie are the funniest people I have ever met. At one point they ackowledged that Elise and Moriah were funny. I'm still the laughing stock because apparently I don't have the funny skills. Andrew suggested that joining the circus would help. He even offered to start a freak show for me when I was 11. Naturally, I declined. I was mad at him for an entire hour after that one.
31. I am incapable of washing my face at night without getting water ALL OVER the counter, the floor, and my shirt. I don't know what the problem is. Elise gets REALLY MAD at me about this.
32. I have recently diagnosed myself with an illness called: I CANNOT, no matter how hard I try, put my clothes away after I change. I am capable of doing it about once a week. I hate it when my clothes are messy and all over my desk chair and floor, but I can't put them away! It's ridiculous. It has been like this for years. My parents told me it was okay because I needed to have some area in my life that I was lazy/bad at. I think that there are a lot of things that I am lazy/bad at, but whatever. It got me out of cleaning my room all during high school. :)

I think I'm going to stop now, before everyone who ever reads this thinks I am the weirdest person they have ever come across. But seriously, a person's eccentricities are what make them interesting (as long as they aren't creepy eccentricities), so I am proud to be an Odd Aud!

P.S. Rachelle came up with a lot of these. I kind of just added commentary.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rules For Life

I found this list in all the random files I have on my computer, and I was amazed at my hilarity. I just had to post it!!! This list was made for me, Rachelle, and Ann. Read the whole list. I promise you won't regret it. :)

1. Never wake up in the hour of 6. Any time before 6:59 AM is simply ridiculous and disgustingly early.
2. Always read your scriptures before bed.
3. Always close the blinds when it gets dark to prevent the Mr. Peepings of the world from looking at you. (Yes, Tom, we know you’re out there.)
4. Always lock the door.
5. Never eat anything bigger than your head. This can cause discomfort in the midsection.
6. Ice cream is always a good thing.
7. Cookies are good things too.
8. Being a Vegetarian is not a bad thing. Meat is not a good thing.
9. Never wear shoes that give you blisters. Especially if they are platform tennis shoes.
10. Maximum walking speed should always be reached. (Audrey secretly wants to punch slow-walking people in the back of the head because they are in the way when she is late to class).
11. Try not to stay up all hours of the night reading books that only amount to candy and not a full-course meal.
12. Never ever ever read “Breaking Dawn” again. Don’t even think about it.
13. Never listen to Anti-Harry Potter literature.
14. Always go to church.
15. Always sleep in as late as possible, especially when going to church.
16. Never go a day without showering.
17. Always avoid the creepy boys at BYU. It’s okay to say NO!
18. To protect the roommates, always remember to tell them about the creepy boys at BYU.
19. Only be late for class if you are getting free food.
20. Always make a cake when someone does something cool.
21. Always take advantage of the sun. It won’t always be there to keep you company.
22. Never let your phone die. It could be catastrophic.
23. Never walk home alone in the dark.
24. Always tell your roommates where you’re going on your run.
25. All the fun things in life actually do cost money.
26. Always get off your computer when you are wasting your life on YouTube or Facebook.
27. Friends are real friends even if they are not your friends on Facebook.
28. Yellow highlighters are better than any other color of highlighter.
29. It is better to lose a lover than to love a loser.
30. Always remember to call your mom.
31. Your family cannot live without you.
32. Get your homework done, and get good grades.
33. You really don’t have to be on time for lots of things.
34. Black is a really good color to wear.
35. Heels make you look better no matter what.
36. Sometimes black nail polish is really cool.
37. BYU football is WAY better than ever imagined. Never miss a home game.
38. It doesn’t take any more effort to put on a cute outfit than it does to put on an ugly one.
39. You can wear white after labor day, especially if it’s still sunny.
40. Only check your email a reasonable number of times per day. You can define reasonable.
41. Always record everything in your planner. Without it, you would be lost.
42. Lists are Audrey’s favorite invention.
43. Never forget about the life plan: Rachelle, you will marry Channing Tatum. And yes, Audrey, you will get your Senator’s Son with the last name of Parker who is a distant relative of the Kennedys).
44. Always take a nap on Sunday afternoon.
45. Always cook healthy meals.
46. Go to St. George a couple times every semester.
47. Never forget that it is cold in Provo.
48. Never tell your mom about Mr. Tom Peeping.
49. There is a fine line between genius and insanity.
50. You are always smarter than you think you are.
51. Always go to bed when you’re tired, and sometimes go to bed before you are tired.
52. Even if you can’t remember that far back, going to the gym is ALWAYS a good thing, is ALWAYS worth it, and is actually quite fun.

Welcome to Audrey's life as a spontaneous person!

I never ever do anything that is against the plan. I always have a plan. And it stresses me out when, for some reason, I cannot follow the plan. Every night when I go to bed, I make a plan in my head, and very rarely will I alter the plan.

However, this weekend, I did something SO against the plan! And it turned out great! The plan was to go home President's Day weekend. It made perfect sense to go home when I had three days to be home instead of two. It made perfect sense to go home when I would be able to hang out with Keith, my friend from high school who just came home from his mission, instead of just going to his homecoming. It also made perfect sense to go home with Rachelle so that we could split gas. BUT, I did not do what made sense, and I did not follow the plan! I went home this weekend instead. I don't know what came over me, I just wanted to go home! It was weird. I called and told my mom, and she was very worried. She kept asking me what was wrong because, like she said, "it's just so unlike you, Audrey." Even my Dad called to make sure I was okay. At least I know they care. :)

I was scheduled to work on Friday night, but two hours before my shift started I called around and got someone to work for me. I was packed and out of Provo within a half an hour. My roommates didn't even know I was leaving! I just disappeared! Isn't that great?

And I had such a good weekend! St. George is seriously SO therapeutic. It was amazing. I slept in and caught up on American Idol (I made sure everything was recorded for me), scrapbooked at Pebbles for a while, had dinner with Moe, and played Scrabble with my family. And then, on Sunday, Me, Moe, Anisa, and Rachelle went to Keith's homecoming! It was like a high school drama people reunion. Great! I love those guys. The pictures were taken at Keith's house after the homecoming.

All in all, I did something spontaneous this weekend. It was very unusual for me, but I think it might start happening more often. Yay for being spontaneous, yay for Keith, and yay for Moe! (just because I love her so much).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Gangstas+Tie Dye Masters= MAKARA

Tie-Dye Masters!!!

So I had a BLAST of a weekend, and I want to tell you all about it. On Friday me and my roommates decided to make tie-dye shirts. Meghan, Ann, and I went to Smith's to pick out dye. The plan was to tie-dye one of our white v-neck shirts, and then bleach out a peace sign (a huge one in the center). Great plan, right? When we started dying, I was very skeptical about how they would turn out. This skepticism was mostly because the dye was RETARDED. We picked purple, teal, and gold. The purple dye looked like tar, but the other two turned out okay except that the salt WOULDN'T DISSOLVE! So annoying.

We layered newspaper on the table, heated the dye, rubber-banded our shirts, then just went to town. In the process, we got dye just about everywhere. On the walls, all over our hands, and at one point, the whole purple pot fell on the floor, splattering dye all over the linoleum and table chairs. Panic ensued, and rags were thrown to the ground. Imagine if, at the end of the year, when we had cleaning inspections to move out of our apartment, and we had dyed our kitchen floor purple!!! Bad idea, chief! Luckily, we got it all cleaned up. No harm done.

We rinsed our shirts and threw them in the washer, so excited to see how they would turn out! I was worried that they would all turn out brown, but it was fun anyway, right?

In the meantime, we began our week-long planned Gangsta Part-y. I just have to make one thing clear: there is hardly anything more fun than dressing up in stupid clothes for no reason. I'm not going to describe our outfits, the pictures say it all. But once we were all ready, we started playing our gangster music and dancing like crazy people in the kitchen. My faves to dance to were "Fergalicious," and of course, some good old Kanye with "Stronger." It was a B-L-A-S-T! We took LOTS of pictures, and danced for a long time.

When our shirts were done, we put them on and took more pictures. And guess what? They turned out AWESOME!!!! The colors are a little duller than we would have liked, but overall, they turned out amazing. Since we like our shirts so much, no one dared to bleach out the peace sign! What if it didn't work??!! What would we do then? We would just have ruined shirts, and that is no good! Altogether, it was a blast of a night. I love chilling with my girls. Ladies nights are seriously usually the most fun that can be had.

Then, on Saturday, Meghan, Paul and I went to Park City to go shopping! I shouldn't have spent any money, but seriously, it was inevitable. I ended up spending like a total of $90.00. Sad day. But it was actually such a HAPPY DAY! I got such good deals. I got this awesome etnies t-shirt at Pac-Sun that has legs in high heels on a skate board on it! And I got a really nice shirt to wear with dress pants at Banana Republic for 10 bucks! It was at J. Crew, however, where I really hit jackpot. I got some gray dress pants for $19! AMAZING! They wer supposed to be like $89.99 original price! And last, I got the MOST AMAZING thing. I have, for like my whole life, wanted a pretty yellow 3/4 sleeve length cardigan. AND I GOT ONE!! AT J. CREW!!! FOR $26.00!!! I'm am SO excited about this...

The last day of the weekend: Sunday. And THE SUPER BOWL!!! Okay, so I wasn't too into the super bowl this year, because let's face it, who cares about the Steelers or the Cardinals? No one. But football is still fun to watch, especially when you're with friends.

So a good time was had by all. :) Yay for weekends, yay for roommates, yay for gangsters, yay for tie-dye, yay for good deals at expensive stores, yay for the super bowl, and yay for fun.

We took this picture while we were cleaning up the spilled pot. You can't see any of the spill because it was almost clean by this point. We really regretted not getting the whole thing. It was pretty bad, dude.